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Spore: General / The technical side of Spore expansion
« on: September 16, 2008, 05:03:24 pm »
Okay, since first hearing about Spore, this has been on my mind, and now that I've experienced Spore, I know I'm on to something here.  Personally, I would love to see Spore expand, not in terms of adding new gameplay elements to the existing game (though I am firmly behind that, too, of course), but in terms of the technology behind it.  What I mean is, by the time you've reached the space phase, you've essentially taken part in creating content for an entirely different game.  You design creatures, vehicles, buildings, etc., and in the space phase, you actually play a game with everything you've designed, as well as stuff that other people have designed.

So I got to thinking - what if we had other games where user-generated content was so easy to design?  Imagine an FPS where in just a few clicks you could aliens to populate your space station for your hero to fight.  Or an RPG wherein you populated the dungeons with creatures of your own making?  Or a racing game where you built your own car from the ground up?  I know this has probably been mentioned before, but I think it'd be incredible if Spore ended up being used in this way.  I mean, I'm blown away by diversity of what people are able to create easily - and this is something lacking in the modern modding community.  I just really think it would be awesome if we saw Spore games that weren't based on the whole evolution concept, but rather, used the Spore tools to allow users to generate content for completely different scenarios.

Spore: General / Passing the time
« on: June 16, 2005, 11:07:44 am »
Okay, this whole waiting-for-Spore thing has driven me nuts.  Especially since I used the screenshot of the planet as my wallpaper, all I want to do is play it.  And then I keep wanting to go play a similar game, but then I realize that no game like Spore has ever been made before, and so it's really quite pointless.  So does anyone have ANY ideas about any games/whatever that might satisfy me and help me to pass the time until Spore arrives?

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