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Spore: General / Swimming Creatures (Not Water Stage)
« on: February 19, 2007, 04:06:05 am »
Yes Hello Everyone this is my first post  ;D!

First off, i'd like to say i have used the search button to see if this had been discussed, so excuse if it already has. ;)
I was just wondering, every one's heard that water stage has been or is being taken out of the game. right? thats a yes!
Ok so you're now in creature're wandering about with your new creature which you're very proud of, woo go you!
You notice that your creature has started off on a very small island surrounded by alot of water, you can see alot of land beyond that water.
lol down to the point...I'm wondering if your creatures that you make can swim...cause if you remember when Will took his creature in the water stage (which might've been taken out) and gave it legs. How many of you noted that it sank to the bottom of the sea...and he had walked out onto do you think that our creatures might be able to swim from places ??? Unlike what happened in the video (srry that i can't remember what one it was)

Thnks for listening...and sorry if it didnt make much sense :P

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