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Spore: Creation Corner / The Triguls...
« on: January 20, 2007, 11:48:43 pm » full 3D! :o
Front view.
Side view.
Kinda-up-a-bit-and-to-the-side view.

Name: Triguls. 'Tri' for there three legs (and dimensions).'Guls' because the hands kinda make me think of birds.

Homeplanet: KRKS. (Post a render later(or, more accurately, when I make it).)

Size: 1.5 meters from foot to elbow.

Diet: More or less anything. Including rocks! Especially rocks!

Anatomy: The Triguls have three legs, between which their mouth is located. On the bottom, that is. They have four eyes placed so that they can see 360 degrees around themselves. Three arms are placed on top of the Trigul with graspers on the end. They are made up simply of two opposed digits, the top of which evolved from a fin.

Due to it's shape, a Trigul can move in any direction at the same speed as any other direction. However, they only have one nose (that little bud-esque thing between the eyes at the "front"). Because of this it is widely regarded that the nose in is on the front, and that moving in this direction is to be going forward. Like I said, they can move in any direction, but

Trigul colouring is similar to a tree, or a bush. Combined with the Triguls ability to stay extremely still for long amounts of time, this makes for very good camouflage. Unfortunately for Triguls, there are no trees or bushes on KRKS. The Triguls have wondered for a long time why they evolved like this.
When asked, Evolution had this to say: "Errr...Shut up! That's why!". Evolution has been described as stressed, insane and scared for it's own existence on account of it's arch enemy; Creation.

Mating:Like all Spore creatures, all a Trigul has to do to mate is rub against another Trigul in a fashion dictated by a series of mathematical formulas.

Spore: Creation Corner / Sketch-bookery.
« on: November 17, 2006, 08:44:46 pm »
Here is some Spore concept from the deep, dark, and dank (especially dank) depths of my sketchbook.
Please note: I do not have a scanner, so I had to take some (crappy) photos of these.

This is just a sketch which I don't think turned out too well. :-X

This fella is the only one with any real thought put into it. :P
It doesn't require a mate to reproduce. It's born with a bunch of special cells that hold identical DNA to itself that are encased in a special membrane. As the creature feeds of trees, some of the nutrients from that is diverted directly to the special cells. The cells will split in two (mitosis), creating more and more cells. Eventually this will form an embryo inside the membrane, which will harden and become an egg. The egg is then laid and buried, where it is then incubated and hatches.
Between those tentacles is a mouth, in case anyone was wondering.
There is also some nostrils on the top, there. And the big thing on the front is a large eye, that can see infra-red light, so it can see predators at night.
The bloke's there for a size reference.

Ja-ja-ja. Guess what he needs?  :D

Thoughts? Comments?

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