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when I try to colonize a planet in a system that already has an alien colony the game stops me so if I had 2 planets colonized in one system would it mean that the AI would be unable to take over ether planet unless it first totally destroyed all life on the other something I'v never had the AI do yet to me admittedly the GROX might do this but surely none of the other races would be this evil. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this method of keeping enemy aliens from taking over colony world and if so does it work?

Spore: General / magnetic card reader/printer for spore
« on: April 29, 2007, 04:44:17 am »
I think it would be a great idea if you could buy a magnetic card reader/printer for spore the sporepedia will look like a set of cards and there are sugestions that there will be an asociated card game I think it would be great if you could not only print out these cards as a picture but also add a chip to them so they could carry the in game data of the creature so if you had one of these cards you could add the data on them to your sporepedia and then recreate the creature in game. so I can then have my friends creatures without having to search for them among many worlds with them as a favorite. I could also have them even if nether of us had an internet conection.

if you placed the chip somewhere on the card that no other company used you wouldn't have the problem of people using the printer to clone other types of cards such as phone cards.

I have a reader writer for a mobile phone card chip this cost me less than £10 think it was about £3 so if you had a reader/writer designed with this level of data in mind it wouldn't cost much if the cards could be desighed to be printed using a standard printer and just have the data added using the card reader you would probably be paying about 10p for a sheet of about 10 cards so it probably wouldn't cost a lot.(100 for £1/$1)

If spore started using this system we would probably see a lot of other games start using this system to alow easy transfer of charecters and data from one game system to another, much the same way that the unlock codes from the sims 2 pets are used.

I'm trying to work out if this is usuall behavior for fans to create videos before the release of the game or if this is the beginings of Will Wright's plans to spark creativity in the players if I'm missing any options please tell me.

Spore: General / preordering spore in Game shop in the uk
« on: January 10, 2007, 04:23:35 pm »
I just went into game in the UK and was able to preorder spore to get points on my game card today. I have to admit I was very surprised as they hadn't heard of it before. The release date they had from their had office was the 30Th of march. The question is do they know something or is their head office just guessing randomly. I have to say most of the time the in-store dates seem pretty accurate unlike the website dates. gamespot also has this date as one of the 2 release dates they quote for it the other they quote is Q3 2007

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