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Everything Else / Warhammer
« on: October 20, 2006, 12:50:38 pm »
This is for anyone out there collecting Warhammer. Here you can discuss armys, tactics, units, rules, etc. etc. etc.

I myself collecting Bretonnians and are planning to collect Orcs and Goblins. I haven't got round to making my army but i disgress.

Discuss and go forth in Warhammery goodness.

The World Dominators Party

Candidate-The Tormentor
Running Mate-Yet To Be Filled
Campaign Manager-Yet To Be Filled
Unity, Freedom, Peace.

If anyone wants to join ask and I might put you in.

*Sickly old man in the corner of the room stands up and feebly raises hand*

"Err... hello? Err, my old goverment hasn't really helped me get the medication I've needed.
They didn't help fill out my forms,
or pay for my bills,
And their dangflabbit eschewed retirement plans left me penniless...
... and senile. Will you renew social laws for us geriatrics?
Will you provide us with dozens of advanced watcha-ma-call-its?
What will YOU do to help people like me?

Ok, if you want my vote you have to earn it:

1) what will your party do to help people in situations of crisis such as floods, drought, bushfire etc?

Lifekits will be sent out to disaster areas. Robotic firemen will be installed and as for drought, There is a water supplie in every residential area. Flood barriers will be put up and notices put indicating that it is a flood area.

2) how can you improve the economy?

Cyborg workers will be produced and automised factories will be installed. Also, intercontinental trade will be made easier with NetBuy: An interactive buying network.

3) what will you do to reduce unemployment?

There will be Job Recruitment buildings in every residential area. Also more producment areas and army bases will be built. And there will be more sport stadiums.

4) education for the poor. At present publicly run education systems are often inferior to private schools. How can you improve education in public schools to give them an equal chance to those going to privately funded schools?

Firstly, there will be no such thing as private and public schools: they will all be same level. And everyone will be given the choice to go to college and university at no cost.

5) repeat offenders are very common. There are many small time criminals who repeatedly spend periods of their life in jail. What will you do to make repeat offenders less likely to repeat and/or give them a better chance at rejoining society as a useful member?

A record will be kept of offenders. If a repeat occurs, it will be put on record and they will be monitered by secret cameras. They will be given jobs and benefits to help rebuild their lives and tight schedules to follow to reduce the possible time for them to commit crimes. And weekly meetings will be held.

6) what is your policy on marijuana for medicinal purposes and limited amounts in recreation?

A limit of 5 doses of marijuana a month will be put in place for takers. In medical it must be approved by a medical official who will be in every hospital.

This thread is open to discussion from party members and non party members No Propoganda Whatsoever and questions may be asked.

PC Games / Winlife
« on: October 16, 2006, 12:04:27 pm »
I have discovered this is actually quite a good "game". Has anyone out their played this and if so maybe this could be a haven for organism dotty pattern trading  :D

Forum Games / The Total Annihalation Game
« on: October 15, 2006, 01:42:13 pm »
Ok this game works by Totally Annihalating the person above in any way possible.

I think a "No Boring Ways" rule should be put in force at this moment.

Anyway I'll start by Totally Annihalating Oviraptor (no grudge or anything I just picked a random user)


I totally annihalate Ovi by devising a special homing weapon that seeks out Moderators and destroys them using an array of cutlery.

Next persons turn...

Console Games / FIFA 07
« on: October 15, 2006, 01:25:57 pm »
I think this will be a successful game on all the consloes (and the PC). I can't wait till I get it. How many of you have tihis and if you do, maybe you could, say, post some reviews? It would appreciated.

P.S This topic might not be that good as I 1. Didn't think about it and 2, I'm not that good at making topics.

TV / Doctor Who - The Regeneration Game
« on: September 21, 2006, 01:33:34 pm »
I think this is a really good show but i keep missing it. is there anywhere I can see missed episodes (like a website?)

Anyway, this topic can be used to discuss the show.

thanks, The Tormentor

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