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Much like an electric eels ability to shock a victim :P
anyways, i remember a little while ago the confirmation of special attacks like spitting out venom, and i was just watching a video from the thread titled "i have not watched it yet..but it seems new (video)" now even though some people say it isn't new, i had never seen it,
Anyways, at exactly the 10:15 mark wills creature moves away from what looks like a boar and i think what I'm seeing is an electric shock come from the creature and wills creature losses health at the same time as the flash... although i admit that could be from one of the pink creatures attacking him but i think he was damaged from the shock too.

I've watched this a bunch of times and am worried that it could just be wishfull thinking on my part cause I want to create a creature with this attribute (the "Arashiens" on sporewiki).. what do you guys thing? Am I right?

video link again:

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