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Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] The Geskani
« on: May 21, 2008, 04:24:40 am »
The Geskani

The Geskani, which hail from the planet of Ges, are a race of somewhat insectoid bloodsuckers. They are about 2 metres long. Socially, they are extremely close, with the group becoming more important then the individual. They suck the blood of other creatures through their probiscus. The tubes below their probiscus are used to spray an extremely powerful acid at their enemies, or, in the case of criminals, at locks. They have a strange way of communicating, in that they transmit radio waves through a small, freak organ in their horn, which is in turn picked up by the colourful head spines. They are extremely light, and can leap extremely far. This is especially evident on Ges, which a small planet with low gravity.


The Geskani are currently ruled by a Tyrannical Dictator, the result of a cold war that suddenly turned hot. This same war united the Geskani as a species, as before then there were two competing nations, one being the Dictatorship that is in control now, and one being an Alliance opposed to the actions of the regime. The current dictator is known as Kani-Kan, which is translated as 'Person of the people'. While the regime is terrible, it prevents a revolution through manipulation of the fact that Geskani communicate through radio waves, namely by sending out pacifying signals, as well as controlling all space travel by only letting the Military and the Government own spacecraft.


The Geskani see the community as important as, if not more so, then themselves. However, this does result in conflict between communities. Because of this, one in every thousand children born is taken away to be raised as a community leader. These leaders take care of their own communities, while avoiding conflict with others. They frequently get the pity of their fellow Geskani, as they do not feel the love from their community that every Geskani should feel, whereas the leaders offer pity to the members of the community, seeing them as being blinded by naivety and fanatical devotion.

The Geskani communities are often hostile to outsiders, whereas Geskani leaders are very diplomatic, and avoid conflict where possible. This results in a somewhat strange reaction to every single event, as there are always different groups, notably the communities and the leaders, along with a few others, that offer different, conflicting opinions, all of which are taken into consideration, as if a leader is hated by his community, they may see him as no longer part of the community, and act of their own accord.


Around 1% of Geskani possess a mental 'deficiency' that prevents them from becoming a part of a community, preferring to move away from it. It is these Geskani that usually join the military. They are often far more intelligent and resourceful then the normal Geskani, but have troubles in normal social situations. However, with other Geskani afflicted by this, they have almost no difficulty communicating. The common name for this mental 'deficiency' is Corpse's Birthright, but this is a demeaning phrase, and is almost never said around members of the military.

The vessels owned by the military for use in conflict, known as Graveships, are fairly well armed. The recent war with the Alliance involved huge amounts of space combat, and military technology in that area sped forward rapidly. While they have a much more limited role in modern society, the sight of a group of Graveships entering the atmosphere and floating over a city has been known to avert many potential revolutions.

The military is also used as a transportation service. They transport Geskani that have been cleared for travel from planet to planet by the government.

As almost all soldiers suffer from Corpse's Birthright, they are very individualistic. However, training often instils a sense of unity in a group of soldiers, but the soldiers do not to be grouped with the same people, as would be the case with a community soldier.

It is not uncommon to see entire communities be drafted into the army in times of war. When the race is threatened, Geskani will have no problems joining together, as long as they have a fellow community member by their side.


Colonisation of new worlds is a four part process. The first part is the location and preliminary study of a planet suitable for colonisation. Once this is completed, the second part starts, and a colony ships sets out, and sets up a single city on the surface with multiple communities. The third stage is the scouting of the planet. A group of Geskani suffering heavily from Corpse's Birthright are sent out to travel as much of the world as they can, completely alone, for years, until the radio inhibitors placed in their head deteriorate, letting them become able to communicate once more. When they return, the detail all of what they have seen, experienced and learned to a colonisation official. The fourth part is the eventual colonisation of the entire planet.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Zakraa
« on: October 23, 2006, 02:49:47 am »
The Zakraa, part of the Alliance of Protectors

Drawn by operaghost21.

The Zakraa are a fairly aggressive race, originating from the harsh world Zakr, which is mainly desert, with a sea where it is always full of storms. It has always been this way, a harsh death world, and it is expected to stay that way forever.

The Zakraa evolved from small reptiles with 8 sets of legs. They gradually grew in size, and one pair of legs became hands, and the other pair of legs became large scythes. They have extremely flexible skeletons, and in a few seconds can become almost snakelike in shape, and in the way they move. They sport large fangs, used for piercing the windpipe of their prey in a rapid movement. They have light brown skin to match the sand, with large black eyes that have a thick protective membrane made to stop the sand blinding them during sandstorms. They stand normally at three metres tall, but can extend to four metres when needed.

This race of lizard like beings is a difficult race to deal with. Their language is unable to be spoken by most races in the galaxy, whereas the Zakraa can speak most major galactic languages with ease, they just won’t. Their loyalties during wars can change quickly, depending on what is most profitable and warlike, but once they join a major alliance, they are likely to stay in it. They evolved and became sentient in a region of space where few sentient races go, and a sentient race has never sprung up there until now, so their technology was more advanced then it was for most first encounters, as their technology was better then the alien race they were meeting for the first time. Also, due to their relative isolation, they have a fairly large empire, with many planets useful only for bases on the outskirts, meaning any strikes against them can be dealt with before any worthwhile territory is lost.

Drawn by sltlamina.

They are competent warriors, as they are fast, strong, agile and flexible, but they fight offensively, with little to no defence involved, as they evolved that way, striking fast and relentlessly trying to cause as much damage as possible in as short a time as possible. They are also fairly competent with firearms, but they aren’t the best shots in the galaxy. They fight in close combat by stabbing identified weak spots with their very accurate scythes, then slashing around that area. They use their front legs to deliver bone shattering kicks, and they flail with their clawed fore arms to create a commotion in an attempt to confuse and blind the enemy while the lower limbs do the real work. They then finish their opponent off with a bite from their fangs.

They are a fairly new race to the world of galactic politics, and therefore they really do not understand what is happening around them as their explorer fleet enters the main hub of galactic affairs, and are greeted by things they never though possible.

Their government at this current point in time is a strange form of Democracy. They are a militaristic culture in some respects, but a scientific culture in other respects. They once had a religion, but over the years it was forgotten and passed off as a nuisance that they need not bother about anymore.

These are their racial attributes:
Height: 3-4 m
Weight: 400-600 kg
Life expectancy: Around 86
Weight they can lift: Maximum 300 kg
Speed: Maximum 30 km/h


BSA: Before Space Age
SA: Space Age

Aprox. 10,000BSA: Sentience.
Aprox. 7000BSA: First civilization formed, the Taakuraa Shuuk. Dominant for thousands of years.
5062BSA: First great war, millions dead on all sides, Taakuraa Shuuk overthrown and destroyed.
4562BSA: Domestication of many animals commonplace.
3768BSA: Shuutaak Empire formed.
2635: Shuutaak Empire destroys the weaker of the race, killing millions upon millions, but making the species in the future as a whole stronger.
1835BSA: World War One. Millions die. First flying vehicle is created.
1778BSA: Flying vehicles a relative commonplace.
1586BSA: Shuutaak Empire crumbles, many smaller nations are formed.
1468BSA-243BSA: A huge arms race spanning centuries takes place. Technology improves greatly during this period. Known as the Long Bloodless War, or Shiuuktyuk Puutiiktaa.
12BSA: Space travel technology put to the test, craft explodes while leaving the atmosphere, all occupants die.
0BSA: Next space craft launched. A complete success.
14SA: Their moon, Zaar, is reached by a space vessel.
28SA: A vessel leaves the Solar System for the first time.
45SA-87SA: Due to another, shorter arms race, space military technology is improved greatly during this period.
96SA: First contact with a sentient alien race.
126SA: Colonized Olympia
127SA: Joined the Alliance of Protectors

Zakraanian Technology:

The Zakraanian Military usually employs projectiles over other types of weapon, as they are easier to make, more efficient, and can pack quite a punch. Gas implosion bullets are usually employed by all fighters, and Implosion torpedos are used by Battlecraft, fairly large space vessels built for war. Implosion technology works by the projectile hitting its target and suddenly superheated gas is launched out from hundreds of minute pours on the projectile. After heavily damaging everything around it, it sucks it all back in again, into a superheated compact sphere. The gases then start dissolving everything in this sphere until nothing is left. The larger the projectile, the more damage it does. Weapons fairly similar to this are used by ground forces, but those weapons are built to destroy organic life instead of metal. They use gases at super hot temperatures, but they tailor the gas used to one that is poisonous to the species they expect to fight. Their guns carry a wide range of gases in their bullets, and using a small screen, the desired gas to be fired can be selected quickly and easily. This form of military technology is referred to as implosion technology. It is not affected by shields, but if it backfires, the gun firing it is destroyed for good, as barely anything can stop the implosion. Due to this technology, just about every spacecraft in their fleet is offensive; defence is an idea that does not really sound good to them. They take the phrase “The best defence is a good offence” to a whole new level.

The Zakraanian Military Craft are usually huge, powerful ships with an average speed. They all carry fighter squadrons and almost all are equipped for boarding attacks and planet attacks. They attack planets by launching pods down in extremely huge numbers, but only 1 in 3 pods actually contain a soldier. They burn up a special material while entering the atmosphere which disrupts scanners and similar technology, making it almost impossible to track the pods. Once the pods have hit the ground, they are regarded as used, and unless the planet is captured and the pods melted down for metals, they will not be used again. The Zakraanian foot soldiers wear exoskeletons built primarily for speed and fast attacks, and raids on a planet can take just minutes. This technology has not been tested much, but it has been proved effective in all trials.

The Zakraa Empire is a fairly major power, even if it is fairly new to the galaxy of many sentient space faring races, and it is not to be taken lightly. It has had its share of major wars, scientific breakthroughs, and has had large amounts of time to perfect its technology and strategy.

Honour the Zakraa, and the Zakraa will honour you.

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