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Spore: General / I want to play the original Spore.
« on: June 19, 2008, 10:25:51 pm »
I have watched/drooled over Spore since it was but a whisper of an online 30min video. Frankly, while I am ecstatic Spore is finally approaching the long awaited release date and having fun just like everyone else with the creature creator, I would rather be playing the Spore that we saw in the original demonstration video. Not to say I won't play Spore when it comes out, but the changes I've seen over time (other than technical improvements) have seemed to move away from what was originally presented. For example, cells have grown large lovable eyes, and apparently other creatures no longer have blood and one doesn't need to eat them at all.

I'm not saying that the game should be for "hard" gamers only, or that it should be incapable of producing something cute, merely I expected something more true to the basics of life, and certainly much more freeform than it seems to have become. The much talked about removal of the "water phase" from the larger creature stage makes sense from a game point of view but little sense in terms of real evolution, since life originated in the seas, and migrated to land not as a slug, but rather organisms that were already well developed.

I want to play the "first person eater" as Will called it, since the idea of singing, dancing, and socializing between species has no appeal for me at all- and it certainly didn't happen that way in real life people! He killed a little hoppy thing--thats life-- its kind of tough with one leg. :D So then he was eating it and demonstrated he could drag it and such, but now, from screens of the creature phase, one doesn't just kill and eat something, because that would apparently be too violent, now it appears some sort of light show happens and then you get points... thats not what it used to be like. Hell even procedural mating had its moments! :D

Finally, has anyone noticed in the recent videos and screenshots that there seems to be some sort of mission system? For example: "Impress 3 Dukes and they will be willing to join your pack!" or "collect 2 seashells" or "explore 25 solar systems". I thought this game represented the ultimate opportunity for the player to just freestyle everything for better or worse, yet apparently now a nameless voice tells you to complete basic tasks. I didn't wait years to play the game just to be ordered around like I was playing a far less evolved game. Personally I like the idea of a completely free game that models just about everything and I hope(d) its Spore.

I'm not trying to deliberately beat the dead horse of lamenting the "cuteness" factor, or such, but I just want to say that when I look at the Spore vids/screens now, and the (very few) videos from years ago, I like the original better.

So who is with me, (or against me as the case may be), in this very vocal forum? Just discuss it, and think about it, or flame me, but I'd like to see what kind of opinions are out there on this topic.

PC Games / Air Force-Like Simulator?
« on: November 30, 2006, 05:32:31 pm »
Does anyone know of a game that is something like an air force sim with aircraft research, development, deployment... all those management type things realisticly represented? I'm hoping that there is something out there maybe a turn based strategy game. Has anyone heard of one? ???

Some time ago, I was thinking about Spore's vehicles, and I thought: wouldn't it be awesome to have procedural airplane design 8) and flight without the Dr. Suess look which had pervaded the videos that have been released so far. With Spore's new thinking and technology, I hope that you could design and manage an airforce from WW1 (or maybe a figurative war) to the present day.

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