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Spore: Creation Corner / Draw your evolved cell worms!
« on: April 01, 2007, 05:37:43 pm »
You can find the game here! Highly addicting and a great time killer.
Edit: Changed the link.
Great for little activities such as this!

Do your own! Have fun!
First person to guess which of my cell worms correspond with my drawings(and finds the imposter) will get some free art!

Spore: Creation Corner / Creature<Creature
« on: September 04, 2006, 05:48:40 pm »
Ok, here's the skinny. We start with this here creature...

And then another creature is posted(By anyone), which is designed specifically to combat the former creature. It could be big, travel in large packs, or just have specific adaptations that help it in battle. Maybe it just spreads disease.

The finished result should look like this.
Basically we end up with a big chain of creatures, each made to combat the former creature.
When you post, make sure to include the previous creature next to your new one. Descriptions of the creature are not necessary, but always cool.
Most of all, have fun!

Welcome to Colleseus 15
Setting: Space station Colleseus 15

RULES: Ok, so anyone wishing to participate will have to fill out the character "Sheet" mentioned below. I already have a few people who did, but just repost it here. Once all the players are chosen and accepted, there will be NO TALKING for people outside this select group. I will act as the GM and narrator, and the characters and I will alternate posting, so everybody gets their fair share said, and there is no confusion.

Story:     Colleseus 15 is completely dedicated to the entertainment of arena goers. In it are several different gladiatorial arenas, many bars, and many antique shops containing primitive weapons and armaments from all across the galaxy. Millions flock to the space station regularly to gamble on their favorite fighter or just kick back and hang out at the shops.
    The arenas, multiple franchises, and space station itself is owned by the almighty arena master, Joudaek. Joudaek's past is unknown to all but a select few, and he is nearly impossible to get in contact with. Only a few great gladiators and his equally shady business partners have ever met him in person. Nobody is sure about where he comes from, or what he even is. One well known fact about Joudaek is that he holds a certain...sway over law enforcement, and seems to have nearly unlimited funds.
    Most of the Gladiators that participate in the battles are in fact criminals, desperate to fight and live another day. Few fighters actually volunteer to do it, as the rate of pay is quite reduced due to the large (And nearly free) criminal population. But even in this modern, civilized age, a few will work their way to the top; And it is known that champion gladiators are notoriously well payed for their endeavors.
    The battles are often between several different gladiators, and team matches are not uncommon, especially teams of gladiators fighting a giant beast. Occasionally there will be a "duel" of sorts, but at Colleseus 14, they like to keep it interesting. Among some of the crowd favorites is the "Battle of the defects" and the "Drinking game" match. Many seriously injured prisoner gladiators, often with disembodied limbs or serious brain damage will be used in the next "Battle of the Defects" match, where a team of defects will fight a team of new, fresh gladiators. The outcome is often predictable, yet very entertaining. In the "Drinking game" match, two fighters will be stripped of all armor and will each be given a small dagger. Each time a contestant is either scratched, sliced, or gouged by the shiv, he will be forced to drink a tanker full of foaming ale, usually a different kind every match. The battle ends when an opponent has drank enough to pass out, dies of alchohol poison, or is stabbed to death.
Character "Stat Sheet"


Picture: (A sketch will be provided by Camdoggery if the character is accepted and a sketch is needed.)


Link to race forum topic: Or a VERY detailed description

Distinguishing Marks: Scars, tats, etc.
Chosen Armaments: (Keep it low tech, light, light gladiator armor and melee weapons, occasionally a bow or crossbow type weapon

How you got to Space Station Colleseus 15: (Slave, captured criminal, of character's own free will, etc.)

Couple lines of sample RP text: (Showing your character doing something and or talking)

Skills and abilities: (Make sure to put anything and everything, ex: Fleet of foot, excellent throwing arm, great at swinging from ropes or vines, etc.)

Weaknesses: (Epilectic, dim witted, etc)

Quirks: (Interesting tidbits! Ex: Enraged at the color red, likes to taunt enemies, masturbates constantly in public)
Example character and battle:
Lugyurr the Grubbolian Vs. 2 Feral Chit Hounds

Name: Luggyurr Bummduttle


Race: Grubbolian

Short Physical Description:
About 6''5, most of which is torso. Big muscly arms, big pot belly, and sturdy little legs. Slouched and somewhat apelike. Grey-blue blotched skin and mossy green hair.

Link to race forum topic: -

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of heart on right shoulder.

Chosen Armaments: Furry leather boots, Cloth of Loins (tm), Clobberin' stick

How you got to Space Station Colleseus 15:
Wrongfully accused of waiting beneath a bridge and eating several passerbyers.

Line of sample RP text:
//Luggyurr brought his clobbering stick down full force on his foe, but instead of attempting to block it like Luggyur expected, the Adaxian dove between his legs. Startled, Luggyur swung downwards, landing a a blow on his own foot and began to bounce in pain.//

Skills and abilities: Strength, toughness, sheer weight and mass.

Slow both physically and mentally, easily excitable, nervous, emotionally insecure.

Quirks: Says: "I'm gonna eat yous!" to scare his opponents. Keeps his furry leather boots perfectly shiny and in top shape. Always hungry.

The example map

Read this example battle carefully to get a feel for his this thread will function. It will be slightly different than normal RP threads. I hold the power, bwahar!

Camdoggery: Luggyurr- The doors to your chamber in the southern wall slowly open, and there's nowhere to run but into the fray. You're weary, and hungrier than usual, but you know if you do well, they might feed you. You've been through this before, after you exit the chamber, they'll release the wild beasts. You're not sure what they have planned for you today. They have no obligation to tell prisoners what they're getting into after all.

Player X: Luggyurr stops for a second, twiddles his thumbs nervously, and glances behind him. Eventually he lumbers out, his clobbering stick hugged close to his chest. He looks around.

Camdoggery: You look around. It's the same arena you've been to for the last month, you recognize some of the blood splotches that haven't had sand kicked over them. They don't clean the arena so it looks authentic, or so your inmates tell you. The crowd begins to roar more excitedly.
    Suddenly, the door on the north wall begins to creak and open, the mechanism chinking noisily. Just as the door is open only two or three feet, two large bipedal insects about three feet tall leap out, crawling over one another and kicking dirt. Quickly spotting you, they each split up and go to either side, one in front of pillars one and two. They must be incredibly hungry, which will make the wild animals even more vicious then normal. They slowly approach from the sides, attempting to surround you.

Player X: Luggyurr lets out a mighty roar and swings his clobbering stick around in the air threateningly, "AAAEERRRRRRRGH!!" and readies himself for any nasty insects coming his way.

Camdoggery: The Chit Hounds stop for just a second, slightly taken aback by your display of viciousness. Chithound one shakes off it's doubt and leaps out at you with startling speed, knocking you over. It's jaws snaps repeatedly just inches away from your face as it clambers up your chest, giving you small scratches from it's raptor-esque clawed toes. You manage to hold it at a safe distance, but were so startled you dropped your club. The second chit hound is closing in on you.

Player X: Luggyurr totally forgets about his club and the other Chit Hound, but is more focused on getting the giant insect from biting his face off. He attempts to let go of it with one hand and bash it's face in.

Camdoggery: It is persistant at trying to bite your face off, but you plant your meaty fist into it's innards. There's a big cracking sound as the frontal exoskeleton shatters, and the Chit Hound goes flying back. It scrambles to get up, but is unable to. One of it's mandibles in cracked in half, and severa insect-likel eyes are hanging out loosely. There might be a bit of brain on your knuckles too, but it's kind of hard to tell. Chit Hound two immediately leaps at you, locking your left ankle into it's mandibles. You cry out in pain as it saws through the skin and several tendons.

Player X: Luggyurr freaks out and starts crying, but also tries to kick it off with his free leg.

Camdoggery: Your small leg doesn't pack as much of a punch as your fist; you struggle to kick the Chit Hound off, but it saws deeper, only slightly impaired by your struggling. You can't quite reach it with your arms, and it would be awfully hard on your ankle to get into a position to beat the bug senseless with your fist.

Player X: Luggyurr fumbles around desperately for his whomping bludgeon, so he can clobber the 'Hound.

Camdoggery: You find it on your left side, grab it, and swing it laterally at the Chit Hound. You feel a very sharp sting as the Hound and it's mandibles are ripped from your tender ankle flesh. It shrieks as it's flies back 5 or so feet and lands on it's back. Then it gets back up and shakes itself into conciousness, clearly very disoriented, and damaged in multiple places.

Player X: Luggyurr tries to hoist himself up using his stick as a crutch, and will then prepare for the next attack, now knowing very well how fast it will come.

Camdoggery: With some effort, you hoist yourself up onto your stick, and balance yourself on one foot. The Chit Hound charges at you, not seeming to have enough energy to leap, and this time you're ready. You tee up, and swing upwards, knocking the bug and several detached pieces sky high. The remains hit a wall near the top of the arena spectator seats, leaving a greasy yellow stain. This is all much to the glee of the audience. You're escorted by several armed guards back to the prison gladiator cells, where they give you a decent meal as a reward for your fight.


How it works:

 Camdoggery: Narrate intro.
Player1: Say what character is going to do.
Player2: Say what character is going to do.
Player3: Say what character is going to do.
Camdoggery: Show what happens as a result in each case, in order of fastest to slowest character(Including enemies, ex: P1-->P2-->Chit Hounds 1 and 3--->P3). Talk about what else is going on, if anything is.
-Repeat steps 2-5!

Spore: General / A simple solution to creature variation
« on: August 06, 2006, 10:51:10 pm »
Here's the solution. When you buy a new part in the creature editor, perhaps you have an option to spend half the amount of evolution points on a part, and half of the creatures will have that particular part when you exit the editor (A 50 % chance that you yourself will have it). But even if you miss out on it, you can still team up with some superior creatures, that is, if you're social. I think this would be a very fun gameplay element to add.


Spore: General / Custom Planet Music
« on: August 06, 2006, 01:12:47 pm »
What if you could make custom music for your planet? Here's what I'm picturing. Remember on Animal Crossing how you had a simple line of musical notes, and each character would recite it differently?

What if the notes were the chorus for your planet's song, and after that it just played variants of it, sometimes extending notes, altering, etc. It would give it an experimental feel, which is totally appropriate for spore. Thoughts?

Spore: General / Get this....the Spore Arena!
« on: August 04, 2006, 05:18:13 pm »
An idea for an expansion, or who knows?

By the time our precious creatures reach the space stage, we'll be missing out on the fun of running around like packs of wild animals, or tribesmen, kicking it oldschool. I know I'll miss stabbing creatures with my pointed stick.

What if there were big interplanetary "arenas" that people could fly their UFOs to to? In the arenas, one might choose a certain number of allies, and then have a fight randomly generated creatures (out of other players content). It might be a giant creature, a swarm of small creatures, or an enemy team. The fights might be for fun(Nearly endless, I'd imagine, if new creatures were continually downloaded for fighting), or could be part of missions. Or maybe you'd put down some space credits and have the possibility of winning big, or losing it all.

Maybe this could be the link bewteen different players.


Spore: Creation Corner / The "Me" Creature Quiz. Post those results
« on: July 31, 2006, 09:19:44 am »
This quiz is designed to make a creature that represents you, in a variety of ways. It still allows a great deal of creative freedom though.

1. Choose a favorite number between 1 and 4
2. Now choose that many of your favorite colors to include on your creature
3. Do you consider yourself light of frame, or heavier?
4. Are you tall, or short? Feel free to exxagerate on your creature.
5. Which do you like most....?
    a. Getting some major air! (Flying creature)
    b. Taking a nice relaxing swim. (Aquatic creature)
    c. Standing on your own two feet, maybe lying down. (Land Creature)
    d. A combination (name the combination)
6. Do you prefer to eat meat, a variety, or mostly vegetables?
7. Are you an extrovert, an inbetween, or an introvert?
8. Are you hotheaded, an inbetween, or calm?
9. If you had to defend yourself to survive, would you grab...
    a. A cutting knife (Clawed/piercing creature)
    b. A monkey wrench (Bludgeoning creature)
    c. A big long, threatening chain (Tentacled creature)
10. Are you a fast runner, a slow runner, or an inbetween?
11. Is your favorite animal a bird, reptile, mammal, fish, amphibian or other?
12. What kind of animal is your second choice? (Combine to two to make your creature)
My Results:
1. 3
2. Grey, green, blue
3. Sturdily built, but within the average range.
4. A bit taller than average
5. I enjoy the water and being on land.
6. Leaning more towards vegetables as I am on a diet. Meat sometimes, if it's organic.
7. Slightly introverted, but I get along fine
8. Very calm.
9. Monkey wrench
10. I am a pretty good sprinter, and decent runner.
11-12. Mammal-amphibian

Phys Description: About 7 feet tall fully grown, the creature has blue-grey blotched skin, and somewhat long green fur. It is well camoflauged on both land and in water. It has an ape-like slouch, and it's arms are as long as it's legs. It has beady little black eyes that never seem to close, and a jutting lower jaw with large canines and numerous small, pearl-like teeth. It's hands are large and sturdy looking, but not clawed. It speaks with little squeaks shrieks and roars that sound like a chimpanzee being drowned, and there is much gurgling. Despite looking and sounding like wild animals, they are very civilized and peaceful, though they often keep to themselves. They have no problem forming scavenging or hunting parties if needed. The picture shows one with a Grubbolian Cloth of Loins (tm) and a Grubbolian smash gauntlet. They often use clubs as well.

A picture of my "Me" creature, the Grubbolians!
I only came up with the name after I wrote "grubble" in the speech bubble.

You may suggest questions to add to the quiz.

Spore: Creation Corner / Whoooooole buncha new creatures.
« on: July 30, 2006, 09:39:23 pm »
Hey there. More where that came from. Lemme know if any of you guys want something drawn.

Ok, from left to right, top to bottom...
Cactorian, Spindling, Piggot, Petrockian, Jaggohorn, and Wormodon.

Cactorian: Cactorians look somewhat like mobile cacti. Fully grown, they are about 2.5 to 3 feet tall. They are a pale green color all over, except for the flower, which ranges from bright red to purple to pink to white. They attack by swinging their head at opponents and jabbing them with their ring of head thorns. After a foe is defeated, they will be devoured by the...well, oriface. The opening acts as both an entrance and an exit. Despite being small, Cactorians are very antisocial, and mostly go after smaller creatures. They can survive months without eating or drinking, and are surprisingly tough, being that their skeleton spans all across their body in a thick porous sheet just under the skin. This does make them unflexible though. They are decently intelligent, but are not social enough to form any sort of society, and lack necessary appendages for using tools.

Spinding: Spindlings resemble small (1x1 feet, about) fleshy spheres with long, lanky arms and batlike wings. They are in the early tribal stage of development and utilize their already long reach with spears, making them very hard to hit, as they are always a step above their prey. They make even better hunters because they sometimes travel in groups of three to five. So appropriately, their diet is entirely meat. They live in caves, mostly, and come out at night if food is in short supply. They hibernate in the daytime, hanging from the ceiling of caves by their lanky arms, similar to bats. They are photosensitive.

Piggot The Piggots look like hideously deformed piglets, and act like you might expect those to act. They are very cowardly, preferring to run away from fights, but are in fact omnivorous. They will eat very small animals if they find them, but most of their non-vegetable diet comes from scavenging for eggs and finding recently deceased creatures (Sometimes other piggots). They secrete an oil in their skin, making them incredibly slick and hard to grab (Though sometimes this means sliding right down the gullet of a large predator). The Farmorians are the only known creature known to be able to handle Piggots. Piggots have been abducted and shipped to numerous planets due to their tastyness and quick reproduction. They come in pink and black varieties.

PetrockiansLittle is known about the Petrockians. They are about 1 foot tall, eat very little, move very little. Although they are small, they are nearly impossible to hurt They feed mostly on moss and often cultivate it on top of their heads. They also have trouble getting up once knocked onto their back.

Jaggohorns These animals resemble the "Leopards" of planet "Earth". Their defining characteristics are powerful back legs and three jutting head horns. They are omnivorous, though mostly preferring meat and eggs to vegetables. When in a scuffle, they run away to a sage distance and charge in, gaining speed. Then they effectively impale their opponent. If the opponent is large, the Jaggohorn will likely be accompanied by a pack of several more Jaggohorns, and the tactic would be "jousting" at their opponent until it weakens. If a Jaggohorn is outnumbered, it will run away without hesitation. They are also known to make great leaps, and sometimes live on mountains, though they are truly at an advantage in a large open area. They use stealth when opening an attack on occasion.

Wormodons Wormodons are amphibious plant eaters. They are very peaceful, and if attacked(Even by the smallest creature), will slowly lumber away(Though often to little effect). Many small animals actually fear being trampled by Wormodons on accident, as the Wormodon might not notice them. They can reach up to 15 feet tall, and are almost as wide. The light on top of their head attracts Jagglefish, which feed on the Wormodon's rich, nutricious feces (Wormodons have a poor digestive system, but compensate by eating a great deal). Due to a phermone omitted by the Wormodon, the fish will defend it against any predators. The fins on the Wormodon's head that bear a striking resemblance to Jaggofish fins may be a key to this connection.

And there you have it!

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