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Spore: General / Choose a religion in Spore
« on: July 25, 2006, 04:06:46 pm »
I searched the threads and nothing coordinated with my thoughts on this topic. 
What if Will Wright incorporated a religious aspect into spore that had an affect on how your creatures behaved?
For example:  Say a player, when entering the civilization game, is given an option of choosing one of three religious systems with associated positives and negatives.  I think that the choices would probably have to be broad, and from looking at Will's other works it doubtless would be. 
How about these three?
1.  Athiesm- Your creatures have no belief or even concept of a God (capital G).  Therefore, since they have no basis for morals, they do whatever it takes to get ahead this makes them very productive if a bit on the Machivellian side.  Positive: increased technology and income Negative: higher crime, prone to be brutal to others

2.  Monotheism- Your creatures believe in one God.  Therefore they are a very moral society so they are very socially developed, they are also very devout.  Positive: increased city functionality, and decreased crime, also more likely to ally with an enemy  Negative: decreased income due to devotion

3.  Polytheism- Your creatures believe in multiple gods or Gods.  Therefore their morality varies depending on which deity they favor, and since a polytheism has an inherent heirarchy to its gods the creatures create a hierarchy as well.  Positives: Less civil upheaval and increased income because of hierarchy.  Negatives: decreased technology due to superstition
Tell me what you think.

*Note*  I am not trying to offend anyone with this topic or what I wrote, if I did, please tell me and I will change what offended you.  I tried to be balanced but I may have not succeeded.  I intended this to be civil

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