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Spore: Creation Corner / Another Creature Thread - Ambir
« on: July 31, 2006, 06:58:45 am »
Well in the Naktul thread i once said that i will start another creature in July... so here i am (31st of July)!

I present thee the Ambir. (By the way i hate colouring, so if anyone would somehow like to do this tedious job himself, PM me)

The larva's carpace and adult's chest are brown, other parts dark green. These small erm... thingies under adult's skull are actually hearing organs. Their mouth is behind the jaw , the larva has his teeth sprung out so this should give a hint how it looks on the adult. Ambirs cannot smell but their three eyes provide excellent eyesight to compensate for that. Ambirs grow about 1.5 m tall and weigh approximately 30 kg.

Ambirs reach sexual maturity as soon as they are morphed into adults. An adult is able to reproduce alone (dunno how this was called), so basically only requirement is food. Fortunately Ambir's home planet Ymbris is very fertile. Abundance of food also means a lot of predators so basically this is the only thing that keeps herbivore population down.

Ambirs are very sociable and fiercely protect their own. They value feelings like friendship and love (though for them it is just like a great friendship). There are only single living beings that they do not love or think they are worth anything - these are their own larvae. That is why they do not think it is evil or bad to use them as they wish - this is why they feel no guilt when they use their offspring for what some would call vile experiments. (To know on)

Now the Ambirs have a very interesting anomaly - their larvas have an extremely suggestible genetic code. As soon as a larva is hatched from it's egg it will just want to eat (it is completely unitelligent) so actually what becomes of it, depends on what larva eats. This adult form what i posted is the usual one because it is the only one that reproduces these larvae and larva mutates into this form when it eats the Sul plant that grows everywhere on Ymbris and is fruitful all year long.

The discovery that lead Ambirs into what we would call the Stone Age was exactly this anomaly - once during a great drought the Sul plants were exhausted and there was nothing to eat. Numerous herbivores died of famine, and Ambirs were on the brink of extinction. But there was one Ambir that layed an egg and seeing that there was no Sul to eat, the larva went to feast on a completely different plant called Mutuv, that was kinda despisable for other herbivores because of it's awful smell. Once the larva morphed, he had become a completely different being who was able to hunt carnivores and thus aquire food to live through the drought. Ambirs thought it was a gift from a god who they named Aukando -the ever changing.

Thus great monasteries were built and the priests started to experiment and find out the different forms an Ambir could achieve. Using their new weaponry (themselves) they soon begun spreading and the civilization of Ambirs was born.

That's it for now.... i will draw some additional pictures and write about their further achievements later.

Any comments and/or criticism?

Oh and i forgot to add information about this wing-thing. Basically they can erect a very light substance that looks a bit like spider's web between their tentacles and and thus form wings. Sometimes they use this substance to create webs for catching small animals too.

Spore: Creation Corner / Naktul
« on: July 03, 2006, 03:08:05 am »
Well here's an image of my creature, the Naktul. (It isn't the best picture but explains the physics and stuff a bit also i am not a native english speaker.. so beware the grammar!!)

The Naktul have evolved like this because their planet is almost wholely covered by a large rainforest. I the beginning they were quite small climbing batlike beings that hunted insects and small animals. Then they started growing larger and larger and larger and eventually they could not find enough food while climbing. Eventually their lower fingers became longer, were bent backwards and some skin appeared between the arm and these erm... things. After that mutation Naktul has expanded their hunting radius by just climing on top of trees then jumping and flying thus covering longer distances and finding prey with their excellent hearing and nightvision. (Hearing is more useful because they still cannot see through trees) When they already find the target it is quite easy to slay it, for Naktul are armed with four muscular arms and also can use these mutated things :) as somekind of daggers (Pointy ends!). Also it is quite a suprise when you are suddenly ambushed from above (they use the rear wings to slow the fall while making long jumps, all the wings are required when flying). They have no protective carpace or similar things because it would just be too heavy. Fortunately they are agile enough to avoid blows and usually prey does not have time to act anyway.

The Naktul lay eggs (usually 2 at a time) and mate only once in ten years year. They take care of their young until the latter are able to hunt on their own. They reach sexaul maturity at the age of 9 so a female grows up a new generation of Nakul and then mates again. A Naktul can live for about 120 years. Naktul live in groups but hunt separately. They communicate with piercing cries that sometimes go beyond human hearing.

Thats about it for now... If i am not too lazy i will someday continue with the hisory of the almighty Naktul civilization.

Spore: General / Machines that look like creatures..
« on: June 25, 2006, 08:45:43 am »
Would there be possible to have some bigger and better creatures or something instead machines? I would like to create a race what is a bit similar to the Zerg of starcraft in that aspect.. we can make machines look a bit like creatures e.g a beetle on wheels, but making things on legs spitting acid bombs (not anthing robotic.. just replacing tanks, aircraft etc.)?

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