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Spore: Creation Corner / Requests.
« on: June 30, 2006, 07:41:51 am »
O.k , since I got nothing better to do , I gues I'll take drawing requests , but just 1 each 3 days.

(I didn't make it , it's from a very old videogame called primal rage ,  so I guess no one would make it either) I do plan on chancing some stuff on it when the game is out  , pliz don't killz me!
name and everything else changed.


General Info:

Name: Vipraptor
Type: Non-Sentient (Until now , will be in future) Biped-snake
Lifestyle: Semi-social Carnivore
Habitat: Mountain and Dense jungle landscapes
Size:l Up to 3 meters (length) 1.85 meters (height)
Weight: 75 kg
Blood: Warm-Blooded
Senses: Excelent seeing ability   ,  heat sensors in tounge make up for a somewhat average smelling ability , good hearing ability used to locate prey
Diet: small and mid-sized animals when hunting alone , bigger prey when in pack
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 60% when hunting alone ,  95% when in pack  , packs consists from 4 to 5 memebers
Armor: none
Defenses:Size , spikes on neck , speed
Weapons: Dagger like bone at the end of its long tail  , 7 cm fangs , poisonus saliva , claws
Tools: 2 , 3 fingered hands (different from pic)
Method of Eating: hide carcass and rip and swallow
Reproductive Rate: Low
Lifespan: 50-55 years
Gestation:7 months
Number of Offspring:  3-4
Offspring incubation: nope
Offspring Survival Rate : 80%

The neurotoxic venom  is stored in a pair of glandulas above the fangs. When they penetrate the creature's blood stream , the venom acts in a similar way to a spider's, it helps 'liquate' and soften the creature's internal organs and tissues , making eating easier for the Viperaptors. The venom also effects the nervous sistem of the victim , this causes  breathing and cardiobascular problems  , and eventually causes death.

The only known natural disease that affects  viperaptors is called venautoferma  , venautoferma affects 8% of all vipraptors. This unknown disease starts affecting vipraptors at age 7  , at this age the superior venom glandulas above fangs start producing the neurotoxine, this is entirely normal , however when the Viperaptor has venautoferma the natural venom this glandulas produce starts destroying tissue inside the Viperaptor's mouth , afterwards it becomes alergic to it's own poison and about 3 or 4 months later it dies.
Environments and Sub-Species:
There are 2 known variations of Viperaptor , the Jungle-dweling and the mountain climbing one

Viperaptera Slytherea:

The dominant version of Viperaptor also known as jungle-dweling.
It posses a long neck that is used to sneak upon prey and sneak upon trees , the tail is about 1.80 meters long , its very strong and long and is used to catch prey , it posseses a dagger like bone to sting prey , legs are extremly strong  , while running they can reach 70 kmph , but can only hold this speed for about 30 secs.
They posses 4 deadly 7 cm fangs  , 2 in each jaw , the hood helps to make them seem larger  and for mating displays.The spot pattern varies in each member however the skin color remains the same.They have 3 fingers to grap the prey , and thier upper limbs are quite large , in the Summitera version , they are smaller.

Viperaptera Summitera:

1/3 of the Vip. are Summiteras , they live high up in the mountains and have lost long limbs , in this way this wont get hurt while climbing or entering caves , they have developed more overall musculature to climb rapidly and 2 hook like hands to grasp firmly for ledges , the color scheme changes in this version. , They eat small creatures and hunt alone , the Slytherea sometimes hunt in packs. They live aproximetely 10 more years than its cousin.


Hunting And Techniques :
The Vipraptor hunts alone or in packs , when hunting in packs they corner the pray and attack simoultaniously to take the pray down  , they attack thier victim with their dagger like tails on vital mobility spots such as legs or arms  , claws also help them get a firm grip on the prey . When the creature is down, they bite the victim near the neck or torso.After the venom kills the creature they drag it to a safe spot and devour it/

Vipraptors can reach a maximum speed of 70 kmp  , but can only maintain this rate for about 30 seconds , that's why the pack evaluates a strategy in which they can take the prey down quickly


Hood is used for mating displays when they are searching for a mate and to scare other predators by making them seem bigger , the Viperaptor raises up and extends it to seem bigger.


Mating consists in a series of fights and displays between males to impress a female , they show off thier hoods ,and depending on the size  and color , the female choooses one. Then they engage in a sereis of fights in which they have to bite the tip of the tail of their competitor.Mating lasts a few minutes and afterwards male and female portect eggs until they hatch.

Bone Structure:

Spore: General / Question regarding creature editor.
« on: June 23, 2006, 04:09:59 pm »
Hi , im long time reader first time poster, I would like to know as if of know it is possible to create hoods over the creature's heads

and the 2nd question is , if I make a long tail , the game's engine is going to make my creature to ahve it dragg along the ground or is it goin to stay erect...

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