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Spore: Creation Corner / The crappily drawn beast
« on: June 23, 2006, 04:30:19 pm »
Well, I thought I may as well join the "make your own creature" thing that's going around.

Front view:

Side view:

I think I may be able to do a history and story for these creatures, but unfortunately I can't draw to save my life (or anyone's life for that matter). I'd appreciate any help from experienced creature artists.

Just a little info, because I know most people won't understand what everything is in my badly-drawn creature.

In the front view, the two large limbs on the sides are two-toed, massive feet. The toes are completely flat and can support lots of weight. The three appendages in the middle are three-fingered hands. There are two fingers on the top of the hand, and one on the bottom. Pretend the fingers are all symmetrical. The two black ovals between the eyes are nostrils. The two trapezoids on top of his head are large ears. The big stump in back is sort of a third leg. My unnamed creature puts his two large blocky limbs in front and pulls his body forward, while his back leg does a sort of 'hop' forward to rest beneath him in the same position. His three grasper limbs in the middle are very flexible, but extremely weak compared to the rest of his body. The back part is very flexible and strong, so strong that the creature can rear up on it and use the front two legs as very powerful fists.
It is a cave-dweller, although sometimes it makes short trips to the surface. It has large pupils, and he has his eyes half-closed because he just walked outside of a cave. He has large bat-like ears, since these guys can go very far underground. He has two sets of vocal cords, one which produces subsonic sounds that can be felt for miles, and one set for ultrasonic sounds that act as an echolocation device in the deepest tunnels. His nostrils are very sensitive, and can pick up lots of scents. They also can detect electromagnetic changes and anomalies. He is omnivorous, but eats mostly meat. He only needs to eat a little moss and fungus every couple of days, but needs to hunt frequently. Males can mate once every three months (I'll explain how time works on this planet a little later if enough interest is generated), while females can mate every other week. When one of the species is conceived, it develops over eleven months before it is born. When it is born, it can immediately walk, run, see, and play with others. The creature typically lives about twenty-two years, is able to reproduce at the age of ten, and never becomes sterile due to age. Mates never live together, and sometimes children never live with their parents. About 40% of the time, the mother abandons their child after only a week. However, due to the evolution of some of the most dangerous and large creatures on the planet, they begin to live closer together...

 I would appreciate honest and thorough response. I also have not thought up a name. I thought of doing that when they enter the tribal stage and they name themselves, but if someone else has a good idea for a name I'll gladly use it.

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