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Spore: Creation Corner / limb survey, limbs up for a count.
« on: July 03, 2006, 12:53:25 pm »
Curious if i'd see more "hoppers", "bipeds", "horses" or "spiders" ingame, how far the "the more arms the better" frenzy goes and how popular "multiple pairs of eyes" really are copared to cyclopes.

Spore: Creation Corner / galactic timeline (non fictional)
« on: June 23, 2006, 10:35:21 am »
I was summing up data to a "galactic timeline".
It is pretty much "powers of 10" in time, merging galactic, geologic, evolutional and historical timelines.
The most important stuff measured in years from 1 to years till now.
I also aligned graphs to the timelines.

Source is mostly wikipedia, easy to research and very vague, often variviing, data.
Its also a work in progress, very ugly and full of errors, some notes are just placed completely wrong!

Its split in 8 lines:

galactic: counts forward from a big bang from 0 till years age of the universe, covering our galaxies and suns existance, as well as backwards in "before present" from 1950 by half lifes and redshift.
Not much going on here but all geologic eons and a few supercontinents.

goes from 0 to 700.000.000 years before present, phaneozoic eon, all multicellular life with all its mass extinctions.
It also includes "very large astronomical structures" sizes and distances in light years.

goes from 0 to  65.000.000 years before present, cenozoic eon, everything after dinosaurs got extinct and mammals evolving.

goes from 0 to 10.000.000 years before present, not much but human evolution going on here.

goes from 0 to 1.000.000 years before present, omg sapiens!

goes from 0 to 100.000 years before present, last ice age and humans global spreading.

goes from 0 BC (0AD) till 10.000 BC , covering the history of neolitic (farming) mankind till iron age. (the timescales do'nt merge too well)

goes from 0 AD to 2500 AD, thats why its twice as long, antiqui, middle age, age of discovery and 19th century.


so whats missing?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Genesis Tub (Simpsons reminder)
« on: June 06, 2006, 03:49:02 pm »
The Genesis Tub  is a story from The Simpsons, 8x01 - The Treehouse Of Horror VII, where 2 scool science projects accidently create quickly evolving life in a tub that attacks Bart and abducts Lisa.

Just a spore related reminder.

Spore: Creation Corner / How Monolyths work.
« on: May 25, 2006, 08:04:58 am »
Maybe starting a comic here.

Spore: Creation Corner / Evolving something here
« on: May 25, 2006, 05:09:45 am »
I will evolve something here starting with a single cell in kambrium.
It has no target and decisions are made pretty randomly.
It will stay within spores boundaries, only using spore elements, to keep it simple, not lost in absurd details, and close to the game.
I wont use pencil,paper and scanner, just paint, flash and 3dsmax. I make the images WHILE writing the text to it and have no plan were it leads to.
You can add anything to it.

It starts a little earlier than spore, with the first multicellular being, bob, inside of a pond of single cells that just grow and split for millions of years, from now on called food.

Bob had a mayor mutation in its skin that caused multiple changes so it split into 12 more attatched cells around it. (2d drawing shows 5 or 6 of them)
So bob was the first multicellular life in his pond, noone knows because senses have not developed, thasts why everything is so dark. Aslo noone knows the relative size of the pond.
Bobs advantage was the ability to catch and crush small cells, instead of just collecting minerals, so he quickly developed into crushy, a more stretchable flexible version of it.
Harry resulted in another less flexible but more sticky skin mutation by little hairs all over it. Some hairs even became longer and caught prey like tentacles. Harry is very agile and its population grows quickly if it finds a lot of food in a new location and spreads out if it runs out.
Crushy later mutates into assa, who can assimilate and store food in it for some time instead of just foraging it like Harry.
Assa then beccomes the farming creature, fam, that just catches and breed his food in colonies of connected fams.
A third branch was caused by a dominand central cell that "dried" the surrounding cells into pruny-spikes. Spikeys prey are large cells. Harry is also a prey of spikey so harry developed into scid, who's outer cells could not be spiked anymore, and iccu who has the first "swim away from that" sense to move away from anything, even rom the prey he just caught. That makes him a little picky and more spreading.
Assa also evolves into adi, using a network of his siblings as a shield.
Spikey evolves into torr, who is now a single cell with randomly shaped hard spikes to crack up fam-colonies, and pata, a leech that attatches to fam colonies.

Fam is a collective social farming fungus in the center of the pond that can build up large colonies.
Adi is a more intelligent swimming species primitive touch sense to avoid obstracles and to regrow lost structure.
Iccu and scid are like squids that catch colony parts and spread out to saver boundaries. They have a primitive touch sense to escape from others.
Thorr is a virus-like hunter that splits and harvests colonies of food and fams.
Pata is a parasite that attatches to everything.

torr will soon develope an echo-sounding-system (decided by a dieroll) to take a look at this primitive tiny early ecosystem.

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