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Spore: Creation Corner / A race named Woccas.
« on: May 21, 2006, 01:18:37 pm »
Well, I hope its okay if I post the race im working on.
Right now I have some facts and a picture.

Woccas looks like something between av standing bear and a owl, with horns.
The Woccas have a beak as a mouth with a low sense of smell, the eyes is not so very good either. But they can hear, feel and taste good. All of these organs is located at the head of the Wocca, except feeling, its over the entire body like you and me.
Size: About 1,50 - 2 meters tall
Diet: Omnivores
Race: They are birds even if they got fur, lay eggs. But they cannot fly.
Weapons: They mainly use claws.
Social: They live in groups, about 5 to 10 Woccas.

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