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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Areku's little monsters...
« on: June 20, 2008, 05:32:03 pm »
Hello all, decided I'd stop on by and show off some of the creations I have managed to make in the creature creator. Don't worry, more to come very soon, maybe one a day or more. And yes, rest assured I have perfected my Quillaran design as best as possible!   ;)

First off my first attempt at a creature in the full version:

The Hykirin

Next up something I had played with in the preview version then edited a bit later on...

The Grongoyle

This next one is one I had imagined and created partially in Hug's and Hydro's creature editor

The Suikido

And finally what I know you all have been waiting for....

The Quillaran!!!

I first attempted him in the preview version and couldn't quite get what I wanted, after buying the full one I loaded him up again to toy around with it a bit more until I got just what I wanted!
Hope you all enjoy them, I tried hard to put lots of effort into making each one fun and unique. Start looking forward to at the least dailyish updates! Just click on my sig and it'll zip you right on over to my profile page so you can download 'em all for yourself  ;D
(PS: my name, as you can tell, is Korushi on Sporepedia, since when I used the preview version I used Areku and couldn't get it to transfer over)

Everything Else / How to spend my money...
« on: October 31, 2006, 07:41:14 pm »
So I've been saving up some money in a little box in my room, and I have come to realize I have enough to buy something worthwhile. Problem is, I can't seem to decide what to buy, there just seem to be too many good games and uses for each of them. Thats where you all come in, help me decide, along with maybe reasons on which one I should spend my hard earned money on.

: Great innovation, I love Nintendo. There are also plenty of games I am looking forward to play such as Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Galaxy. It also looks to be quite fun with the whole Wiimote thing, not to mention the emphasis on playing together with fun and simple multiplayer games I could play with  my girlfriend. On the other side, the games I want for it aren't coming out for a while...

360: Amazing graphics, just looks beautiful. Plenty of A+ titles coming out and already out. I really want it mainly for games like Halo 3, Oblivion and Fable 2. Xbox Live is a great online system already established and I have had plenty of fun with it on my original Xbox. However the price tag is a tad bit higher than the Wii, not to mention the game prices. Also, like the Wii, the games I am really looking forward to won't come out for a while.

PC: Plenty of pluses here. I can use it for games as well as tons of other things like browsing the net, editing videos and images, file storage, etc. etc. I would mainly want to get WoW along with the expansion pack BC coming out soon, but I would be getting it mainly to play Spore, which I have been looking forward to since they announced it. The major thing here is definitely the price, being around $800 if I build it with the help of my brother. Again, Spore doesn't even (at least last I heard) have a release date yet. Thing is that if I get the Wii or 360 I doubt I would be able to save up enough money again for the PC in time for Spore.

So there you have it, any more information is appreciated, so me decide!  ;D

Spore: General / Your prefered content distribution method...
« on: August 26, 2006, 11:19:37 am »
Everyone knows by now (well apparently some still don't) that this is a MSOG (Massive Singleplayer "Online" Game). In that we all have content downloaded to our galaxy individually and independently of other players games. However I was thinking recently about all the work and "backstory" I will have put into my civilization and creature by the time they reach the Space game. When I thought about this I got to worrying that parts and pieces of my Civ would be broken up throughout someone else's game. In other words, I am hoping that all the work I put into making the creatures, their culture, and all the buildings/vehicles/cities I put effort into by making it all look similar and fit together would be downloaded as a whole.

Now I realize some creatures will be downloaded separately as well as architecture and some vehicles, but if my creature is on a planet in some other persons world, I want them to experience it just as I have layed it out on my game. I want them to have the same planet and cities I made for them. I don't want my creatures paired up with someone else's buildings or cities etc.

So my do you hope content is distributed? Do you want your entire planet uploaded as a whole(like I do) or do you not really care where your content is placed in someone else's game?  ;D  Oh and if you can, post why you want it one way or another...

Spore: Creation Corner / Creatures in Spore
« on: May 15, 2006, 03:31:06 pm »
I have heard recently of a few people deciding against making their creatures that they have spent time developing on the forums in Spore. Now, obviously a large part of Spore is to have fun, be spontaneous and make something you really like. So my question is... will you use the creature you have currently designed in the actual game of Spore(or at least as close a version as possible) ?  ;)  I'm going to try and make my creatures so thats one "yes" . I just wanted to see what you guys and gals will be doing...

Everything Else / No, it isn't another scam....I don't think
« on: May 07, 2006, 03:17:03 pm »

Here's the deal. You just have to leave a web browser open running in the background which updates with advertisements about every 30 seconds automatically. The site makes money off of you and all their customers from the advertisers. You get a small cut. They pay you a MINIMUM of 45 cents per hour that you leave it running, and you can leave it running all the time, when you sleep, while you're on the computer, while you're away.. etc. so lets see.. .45 x 24hrs a day = 10.8 ... 10.8 x 7days = 75.6 ... 75.6 x 4weeks = 302.4

So that's a MINUMUM of $302.40 cents a month. You can get up to 75 cents per hour over a little time, also you get a portion of however much your friends make that you have referred, and their friends, and their friends. So yeah it's pretty sweet deal. It's legitimate. They'll pay you through paypal or by check in the mail.

Just click the my link at the top of the page, at the bottom click join now.. fill in your info, and presto, you're a member. FREE of charge. (running their browser only means after you sign up, click on earn cash at the left of their site, then click run web browser.. then leave it running for as long as you wish. if you stop it, just go back to there to start it again whenever. you can track your money in the statistics portion of the site.) If you decide to register for the site, please do it through this link. Surely you want me to get points for referring you, right? (and sorry if you think this is spam, i just thought people would want to know.. finally a moneymaking site that isn't a complete ripoff and waste of time..)

You'll make me extra happy if you DO use my referal link  ;D and you all love me right?

Everything Else / Anyone have any advice?...
« on: March 23, 2006, 08:31:47 pm »
It was a sad day today, I met with my girlfriend after she got home, I was waiting at her bus stop as a surprise. I had a weird vibe, but she asked if i wanted to do anything tonight or if I was busy. The first sign was her saying that it couldn't be a public place, and that she would meet me there(rather than me picking her up). So I await 7 PM and get to the park where she is waiting. We hug each other, then she says we should go sit in the back of my car. Then she does it.....she says she can't see me anymore. We both cried and spent hours talking. I was obviously had to give it a shot to trya and make things right by saying we could work past it, but to no avail. She said she just didn't feel anything, she didn't love me in a relationship way. After 15 months, we broke up. I was devestated. Well to skip the other stuff, I still have strong feelings for her, and we are goin to try and remain friends.....any adive, please post anything you may want to say or anything that could help me get through this, such as what to do with pictures of her, her gifts etc... thanks so much

Spore: General / Neat Spore based game...
« on: February 06, 2006, 09:55:08 pm »
I was browsing the Gamefaqs message boards today and ran across this: and I played it. It turned out to be pretty fun, though very basic seeing as its the first version of it. Hope you all enjoy...

Spore: Creation Corner / Quillaran - My new creature
« on: January 10, 2006, 09:38:08 pm »
Yes, ok so I was hesitant to start my own topic rather than just post it in another thread. After working so hard on the biology and history so far, I thought I would make this just for the heck of it. I won't be able to churn out drawings as fast or as well as Hydro (unless he really wants to help me some more  :D ), but I will try and update with relevant info regarding the Quillaran as much as I can. Here it is though:

Here is a bit of info on it (I have a bit more, but if I post it all at once I'll be left with very little to update you all with) So I will release the new info at intervals to keep this topic alive, and to keep you all interested. Feel free to ask any question about anything!  ;D

Origin of Idea: The idea came from a combination of an Echidna/sloth/turtle, hence the blue spikes, anteater snout, large claw arms and shell. The shell is more moddled after an ankylosaur.

Creator: Areku, drawn by Hydromancerx
Name: Quillaran

Homeplanet: Quillaris, an icey mountainous planet with beautiful ice formations and large glaciers floating in the oceans.

Moons: Pelagia and Yogar

Classification: Warm blooded, egg laying mammal

Lifestyle: Pack animal,one alpha male that leads the pack as well as its alpha mate, Omnivore, mostly docile unless provoked

Habitat: The icey land of it's homeplanet, tends to live in large caves(which they can improve upon using their large claws to cut through the ice and rock)

Size: Around 9 to 10 ft. Females tend to be on the smaller end, while males are taller

Weight: 500 to 600 lbs. Females tend to be more petite in size and shape, while males are heavier and more muscular

Diet: Usually small burrowing mammals, occasionally water animals such as fish small and crustaceans...any forms of berries or fruits it can find

Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 70% hunt success, 40% forage

Armor: Spikey quills covering body as well as hard shell on back

Defenses: curling up under large shell and putting large claw arms to cover face

Weapons: Large claws on main arms, mouths on side with sharp teeth, clawed feet, can also use its large weight to ram another creature by thrusting its shell into the opposing creature

Tools: Uses it head arms to perform complex tasks like a normal human hand, except having two thumbs on either saide and one finger in the middle

Lifespan: about 60 to 70 yrs

Mating: The males do an elaborate mating dance to try and impress the females (can mate outside the pack, as even the Quillaran try not to inbreed). The dance consist of shaking their quills moving their arms and creating low pitched noises from their snouts. If the Quillaran male is successful, the female will join in the male's dance. After completion, the Quillaran female will bend over and the male will mount her. Quillarans mate for life and after accepting the male, the female will never require the male to repreform the mating dance in order to reproduce. They form a strong realtionship and will become enraged if their mate is killed.

Reproductive Rate: Reproduces anytime when mate is found and impressed

Gestation: 9-10 months

Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 90-100%  pack raise it and care for it(both males and females are adapt care-givers)

Number of Offspring: 1-2

Offspring incubation:  about another 3 months after egg layed

Babies/Children: Baby Quillaran suckle from the mother's teats, and since they have not developed teeth yet, it has no ill effect on the mother. Around the age of one year they are weaned and introduced to solid foods and eats the same as the rest of the pack. Once they reach sexual maturity at around the age of 15, they can then take turns hunting along with the rest, though a more experienced Quillaran may go with them at first until they learn how to hunt and forage.

Console Games / Monster Farm/Rancher 5 announced!
« on: October 08, 2005, 11:09:19 am »
it was actually announced back in August, but the first trailer can be seen at IGN's mainpage for PS2 or The trailer looks amazing, and it looks to include everything you could want from a MR game. Includes old favorites plus new monsters as well. From what I saw, it also has the exploration part from 4 in it as well as the awsome batlles, amazing visuals, and what looks like circus type performances used to train your monster this time around! Great music as always too. Plus, the circus theme is amazing looking, I really like how this looks so far! Oh joy!  ;D

Console Games / BC
« on: July 19, 2005, 03:43:11 pm »
I know it has been a while since it was canceled, but I just got really bored today so I went back and looked at the movies and pics of it, and remembered how much I really wanted this game. Does anyone think that it is true that it was just moved to the 360 and being upgraded with online abilities? Man this game would of/and still could rock    :-\

Spore: General / the IGN take on Spore...
« on: May 19, 2005, 07:49:12 pm »   There is the new article on Spore, no real new info(but thats ok, thats why we have Steve ;D ) But it does mention the choice of NOT uploading creatures(which I will guess that you also don't have to download them either) and the fact that you use money to buy vehicles,buildings and stuff for the UFO....go check it out

Spore: General / It's a BIG galaxy out there...
« on: May 15, 2005, 08:20:23 pm »
So I have been thinking about Spore and how big the galaxy will be, and I realized that it may be quite confusing. What I mean is that if I want to find a creature my buddy made, I may have to spend hours of searching the galaxy just to find their planet. PLUS, even when I do locate it and then head back with some of his creatures to experiment on, colonize etc. I will probably have no idea where I found it anymore. SO I am hoping they include some sort of tool to mark planets of interest(or ones you have already been to) or some sorta way to find a specific creature. Maybe they could make a database of all the planets/creatures you've seen and compile it into a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" sorta thing, it wouldn't be too far fetched seeing as Will has taken other things from real life experiences like the "Genesis Project" from Star when your off exploring the vast Spore universe in your UFO remember, DON'T PANIC  ;D

Spore: General / xbox2 version
« on: April 10, 2005, 03:39:51 pm »
hello, I am new to the forums, but after I found out about Spore, I had to find a community that discussed it, so here I am. Anyways I have been finding out everything that I possibly can about this game. It's one of those games where you have been dreaming of it since the day you played frogger(errrr...maybe not). Anyways I had been trying to figure out if it had a console version since I first heard of it. Since my computer isn't worth more than a bag of toenail clippings, it obviously wouldn't be able to run Spore. So I was very happy at hearing it was coming to the next Xbox. But I am also a little worried. First of all after listening to one of the Podcasts, I heard they aren't too keen on making the Xbox 2 version, which may mean one of two things:
1. It won't come out
2. it will be a severely different or dumbed down version of it's PC self
Both of which concern me, seeing as I am on a tight budget, I can't afford any good PC, and I want the console version to be just as good(exact same if possible) as the PC version. It would be quite easy to figure controls out,and if not they could probably come out with a mouse/keyboard controller for the Xbox 2. As well as having an optional hard drive, I heard there was also going to be a version of the Xbox which would be dedicated to running PC games and would also have a hd
well that about ends my rant thanks for listening :P

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