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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Spore Halloween Adventure Challenge
« on: October 15, 2009, 06:17:32 am »
SO! The challenge has been issued here to form into a team and create the scariest adventure you can muster. I've spent two days (or however long) farting about trying to find a team for this on the Sporum and it's just turning into a clustermuck of sending pms, getting pms, not getting responses, and so forth. Cut short i'm pretty much never going to get to do anything for this challenge if I rely on that.

So i'm tossing it out here - we need to assemble a team of three (or multiple teams of three, maybe you like internal competition? It's all valid I guess) and create a scary adventure before the deadline on 11:00am PDT Oct 27th 2009. I'm not looking to mess around with organisation here - i'm looking to start working on the actual adventure as soon as possible. The contest seems to be fairly open about who does what, so once a team is formed I suppose we can confer from there who does what, what the adventure will be, and so forth.

I personally am good at creating creatures and adventures. I'm hoping to tag up with someone who is good at buildings, since that's not my forte. If you want examples of my work, my profile is here, and my best adventure (especially for horror) is probably The Fog.

Yeeeeeaaaah, i'm not sure how that happened...
Regardless, enjoy.

Summaries of my adventures created thus far.

MURDERBOWL: You've beamed down into an arena, interrupting the Optese's saturday night entertainment. Brutality ensues.
Trial of the Frenn: Assist the friendly Frenn tribe in fighting off a foe threatening to drive them to extinction.
Available in easy mode and original upload flavors.
The Battle of Red Canyon: KOR vs. Glinderrac. Don't even try to win this one, it's just a spectacle.
The Hottest Party Ever: An attempt to make an easy adventure, collect fruit on a lava planet to start a great party.
The Fog: A horror adventure. Solve the mystery of Pholos Valley.
Project D.F.E: Destroy all the buildings in the fastest time. Competitive and CYOC versions available.
Land of Brutal and Unfair Death: The most horribly unfair (yet still completable) adventure ever created.
Mining Outpost G28: Socialise at a KOR bar and get snippets of stories I have planned.
Don't Eat the Mushroom - You must not, under any circumstance, eat the mushroom. I am not kidding about this, do NOT eat that thing.
Shadows - Aid the town of Allfaire against the horrific Shadows.
Simants in your Pants - A recreation of the old Maxis game Simant in GA.
Deep Dead Earth - A situation in a small mining town still hasn't been resolved. It's time for you to step in...
Beast in the Mirror - Puzzle about breaking a spell, pretty much completley uninspired

The Search for the xx - An episodic storyline. Team Auriga searches for the xx, to discover their fate.
Episode 1 - Team up with RAX and Hajitzhao to explore the ruins of KOR-KOL.

Breakout in Byos Bay: Free innocent prisoners from the Aeraphi. A stealth infiltration mission.
Removed due to a glitch that was causing the Aeraphi drones to kill all the prisoners. Typical Aeraphi.

In Development:
Where's Wilo: You need to find Wilo... and pet her. A silly adventure with lots of experimenting into advanced behavior.

Competitive Leaderboards:
PROJECT D.F.E (Last updated 6:45 GMT 02-07-09)
1st: Luminar - 3:08
2nd: operaghost21 - 4:46
3rd: wingviper - 5:05

Spore: General / Sporepedia and MySpore get an overhaul.
« on: June 09, 2009, 03:29:51 pm »
Looks like today (09/June/09) the MySpore page got completley redone, and Sporepedia has had a few bells and whistles tagged onto it.
There's quite a bit of Galactic Adventures stuff on, you can now search for Captains and Adventures (there's examples of each).

Here's the first adventure.
The first Captain.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Blue Thing
« on: June 07, 2009, 02:30:05 am »

This is The Blue Thing.
The Blue Thing lives in Scribbly, a blank world in which can be created, changed or deleted by outside influences, if they know how.
Do you want to know how?
You may interact with Scribbly and The Blue Thing via single words at a time. To post one of these words, do it in all caps and bolded, so Scribbly can hear you.
Be aware that Scribbly might interpret the words in a way you didn't intend.
Let's try it!

That cake looks delicious, The Blue Thing!
Now it's your turn. How will you interact with Scribbly and The Blue Thing?

Forum Games / You Laugh, You Lose
« on: May 27, 2009, 01:38:53 pm »
This one is simple. There are two rules:

1) Post pictures, youtube links, or anything (within the GS rules) to try and make others laugh.
2) If you laugh, you lose.

Let's go!

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Forum Games / The Trope Game
« on: May 27, 2009, 09:55:47 am »
If you've never read Tv Tropes before, it's about all the things that commonly occur in just about every form of media. Go ahead and read the site some if you never have before, we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow, this game is about describing something using trope titles from the TV Tropes site. You must state what you are describing (character, series, game, piece of music, etc) and also link to the trope on the site so that we know you're not just making it up. If you guess correctly, then you can select who describes next (only select people who've posted/are actively posting in the thread), including yourself.

Okay, i'll start.

Type: Character
An arguable Woobie with a whole keyboard's worth of Berserk Buttons. Best disposed of via Your Head a Splode.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Spore Trading Card Game
« on: May 24, 2009, 10:28:35 am »
Okay, let's do this again and hope it doesn't kill the whole forum with its radiant splendour this time.

I have a working prototype of a Spore Trading Card Game that i've been working on for some months - this isn't just some bandied about idea/project that doesn't get anywhere, it's nearly finished. However, i've ran into something of a stumbling block in that two of the people i've been loaning creatures from haven't gotten their stuff in, so the game's basically been held back for ages.
The rules, mechanics and such of the game are all finished (pending testing, that is), but I actually need cards to play the game with. I've gotten most of a 300-card Starter Pack done, but there are gaps that need filling, and that's where you come in.

I'd like to borrow your creatures and turn them into cards for this battling card game. You will be credited, both in creation of the game in general and individually on each card featuring one of your creatures. Here's how to submit your creature in this topic:

* Creature's Name and a link to it on the Sporepedia
* Creature's level of evolution (Tribe, Civ, Space)
* A picture of the creature (artwork, the png image, doesnt matter)
* A description of the creature's abilities (is it fast, is it tough, what can it do)
* A description of the creature in general (personality, culture, mostly for fluff text and flavoring)

There are the following slots open, numbering 35 in total:
5 Tribal, 15 Civ, 15 Space. All the animal, resource and consequence card slots are taken unfortunatley.

I'll post more detail if requested, but for now I don't want to reveal too much - i'd like people to be able to make their own cards, but letting them do it now before the game is finalised or the balance is understood could create chaos which I don't need to deal with.
This is mostly first-come-first-served, so get your stuff in soon. I'll be picking creatures based on their general quality and development, so don't submit a cell with legs or any of that. XP

Forum Games / MAFIA IV - "Snatcher" (NIGHT THREE)
« on: February 27, 2008, 08:00:35 am »
June 6th 1991, Chernoton, Russia. A laboratory accident results in the release of a deadly bio-engineered virus codenamed "Lucifer-Alpha" into the atmosphere - resulting in the death of 50% of the world's population and rendering the Eurasian and Eastern European areas uninhabitable for fifty years while Lucifer-Alpha mutated into a non-lethal form. This event became known as The Catastrophe. Fifty years later, a breed of strange biomechanical lifeforms began to appear - robotic in nature yet covered with artificial skin and hair to look exactly like other humans. They became known for killing their victims and changing their skin to look like the deceased thus taking their place in society, giving them their name - "SNATCHERS".

Many years into the future, Neo Kobe City - an artificial island off the coast of Japan, became well known for it's bustling metropolitan nature and indeed became a very successful city very rapidly. However, it also became known well for a major Snatcher problem. It seemed as though the Snatchers were targeting Neo Kobe specifically for whatever reason, and people were beginning to live in fear of each other, unable to tell who was still themselves and who had been snatched. Rumours began to spread that the Snatchers were aiming to take over key individuals in society - important ambassadors, senators, even as high up as presidents and world rulers! If the Snatcher plan was to succeed, they would effectively rule the world!

It is December the 15th, 2207. Cold weather and longer nights have rolled in and people are getting ready for Christmas - unfortunatley, it is well-known that Snatcher activity increases to it's peak during winter, and especially at night. All the prominent individuals of Neo Kobe have gathered in City Hall with the intent of discussing how to deal with the Snatcher menace - unfortunatley, once they have all arrived word manages to get out that several of these key figures are Snatchers themselves! The building is promptly locked down and suspicion begins to rise. Who is a Snatcher? Who is still Human? And so began a deadly roulette of suspicion and emotion... before the situation was done, there would be death.

Krakow Sam
Count: 16

Mr. Consideration - Snatcher Terrorist - Lynched on Day One
SerenityGrace - Snatcher Boss - Killed on Night One
7 who ate 9 - Snatcher Taxi Driver + Usurper - Lynched on Day Two
Celdur - Human Cop - Killed on Night Two
Daxx - ? - Killed on Night Two
Plank of Wood - Human Mayor - Killed on Night Two
eropS - Snatcher Burglar - Lynched on Day Three

Night One
Day Two
Night Two
Day Three
Night Three

The fourth round of Mafia is finally upon us, ladies and gentlemen. It's time to get your detective caps or scheming caps on and suspect your fellow man of treachery most foul once again! This is the fourth game i've ran, but in truth it's actually the sixth the forum has seen since the venerable mods LadyM and Oviraptor have ran games of their own.

I aim to begin the game on the 1st of March.
As of the current time of writing, that's 20 days away. BEFORE YOU SIGN UP, CHECK YOUR AVAILABILITY THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE MONTH OF MARCH. I do NOT want idlers spoiling things. This game i'm going to experiment with replacement instead of outright removal, but make no mistake - idle and you're gone, and it will count against you for joining future games.

Don't know what mafia is? Do know what it is and want a refresher? Want to know the rules? Look no further:
The Gamingsteve Mafia Guidebook!

I'm glad I cooked up this beauty. It's going to make things much simpler to explain and organised. That said, remember the unwritten rule: if you have any questions or confusions, ASK before you do anything! It's better to play it safe than run afoul of a rule and piss everyone off. Now, a few specifics I want to get out of the way...
1) There will be no third faction in this game. It's traditional townsfolk vs mafia all the way.
2) I will be trying out some of the new roles that have been thought of since the last game. There's no other way to test em but experimentation.
3) The fluff (atmospheric writings by me between the phases) will be based on the game Snatcher. It's just the fluff though, role names and functions are being left alone.

You may sign up any time between now and Feb 29th, either by posting here or by sending me a PM. If you sign up and then change your mind, you may drop out before the start of the game on the 1st of March. Try to drop out after that and it'll count against you. And remember, CHECK YOUR AVAILABILITY. Assume this game is going to drag out across all of March - it probably won't, but i'm playing it safe.

Krakow Sam
Plank of Wood
Mr. Consideration
7 who ate 9

Count: 23
Amount of Mafia: 8
Amount of Townsfolk: 15

PC Games / Battleships Forever
« on: February 04, 2008, 03:37:23 pm »
I noticed a small bit of talk in the Free Games topic about this little gem so I ended up picking it up. I like it quite a lot, the ship editor is an addictive masterwork.

What is Battleships Forever?
BF is a free indie fleet/ship based game inspired by the japanese indie shoot-em-up Warning Forever, which featured an evolving battleship enemy for you to destroy repeatedly until it bested you. BF features a campaign mode as well as a sandbox mode, and also a ship editor where you can build your own ships.

Where can I get it?
Battleships Forever can be gotten from
(Bonus link: Warning Forever, it's inspiration, can be found here: )

Can I post my stuff here?
Naturally. I'm not well-versed in this game yet having only started playing/building, so if someone else could expound on each type of weapon and module, that'd be great.

And now for me to post my ships...       

Lumin Vespa
Weapons: 2 Beamers
Accessories: 1 Deflector

"The Lumin Order's signature fighter craft. It sports a single deflector for defence and two powerful beam weapons for offence, and is quite agile."

Lumin Formid
Weapons: 1 Custom Tachyon Cannon (Rapid Fire, Medium Range, Low Damage)
Accessories: 2 Aegis

"An experimental fighter craft in service of the Lumin Order, it is asymmetrically designed with one side allocated to defence and the other to attack."

Lumin Bombus
Weapons: 2 Custom Missile Launchers (fires 50 long range missiles every 10 seconds)

"A light artillery craft in service of the Lumin Order. It is capable of a long-range bombardment, but it is sluggish and cannot defend itself easily."

Lumin Coleos
Weapons: 3 Point Defence Lasers
Accessories: 2 Aegis

"A small defensive craft, the Coleos exists to protect more vulnerable ships by deflecting, absorbing or neutralising enemy firepower."

Kraken Battle Array
Weapons: 8 Mega-Beamers, 1 Mega-Tachyon, 8 Point Defence Lasers, 2 Pulsar Cannons, 10 Missile Launchers, 2 Tachyon Cannons, 4 Rail Guns
Accessories: 10 Deflectors, 8 Boosters

"A prototype battleship constructed by the Lumin Order. The Kraken boasts enough firepower to devastate entire fleets and is heavily armoured. Fortunatley for it's foes, it is slow even by battleship standards, and the majority of it's firepower is concentrated to the front."

Site News / New Graphics?
« on: December 30, 2007, 08:42:12 am »
Deciding to give this it's own thread. Feel free to clink it if it is unwarranted.

test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test

Okay, so as per my proposal to make some new graphics for the forum as a suggestion (as seen in the Suggestion Box topic), i've made a bunch of stuff. My ideas for expansion of graphics being Topic Tags, Smileys and Postcount Icons. I've done a bunch of stuff for Topic Tags and Postcount Icons - i'm gonna need some help with Postcount Icons though. As many as i've done, I can't actually think of many more iconic gaming items/icons easily, especially from the retro era. If you'd toss out as many suggestions as you can i'd be grateful - don't worry about quality or feasibility, i'll just quality control/sift through the list myself and pick out good ones. Smileys I haven't actually started on yet.

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that at the end of the day no matter how much stuff I do and how much you like it, it's ultimatley up to Steve whether or not it gets implemented or not - it's his forum. So no rage/upset if he decides not to do any of it - at least he's not taking anything away, right?

Topic Tags

Question/Help Request:
General Gaming:
General Movie:
General TV:
General Music:
General Literature:
General News:
General Science:
General Celebrity:
General Sports:
Will Wright:

Gaming By Format

Gaming By Genre
Classic/Retro Gaming:

Gaming by Company

Media by Genre

Item Icons

Mario Items

Koopa Shell: (Can be recoloured on demand, if desired)

Cape Feather:

Question Block:

Yoshi Eggs:

Retro Items

Pacman Ghosts:

Octopus Invader:

Crab Invader:

Squid Invader:


Other Items

Megaman Helmets:



Sonic's Rings:

Chaos Emerald:


Everything Else / - Games, Life..... Evil?
« on: December 26, 2007, 11:50:18 am »

According to this amusing site-rating contraptionmajig, this site is 48% Evil (or 52% good if you're a dirty optimist). The forums are only a mere 21% evil, by contrast. Has Steve been up to some dark and gruesome things in his spare time? For comparison, a few well-known other sites rate as...

4chan: 85% Evil
GameFAQs: 67% Evil
Runescape: 52% Evil
Google: 51% Evil
A certain well-known disgusting shock site: 49% Evil
Darwin Awards: 45% Evil
Wikipedia: 41% Evil
World of Warcraft: 34% Evil
Youtube: Using some kind of accursed witchery to defy being rated at all.

I wonder if we can find the most evil site on the net.

Everything Else / Overused/Misused Words and Phrases
« on: November 25, 2007, 03:58:39 pm »
Which words do you think are overused lately? I mean in any capacity, be it gaming or not.

Overused word: "Mysterious"
Read as: "We haven't thought of a story for it yet so we'll fill it in later"

Overused word: "Epic"
Read as: "Half decent"

Overused word: "Fail"
Read as: "This opinion/viewpoint is not identical to mine"

Everything Else / Good Admin, Bad Admin
« on: November 25, 2007, 03:48:43 pm »
Disclaimer: This is NOT a "suck up to/complain about the mods" topic. If you want to pass comment on this site's admins/mods, do so at your own risk... preferably elsewhere. The mods here are quite welcome to erase any post in here without my blessing (which I nontheless give anyway), so just remember your manners while in this topic.

So you've been around the internet for a while, there's no way you haven't encountered at least one by now. Admins, Moderators, Site Cops, whatever they're called - the guys with the power that (hopefully) run and maintain the pace of the place. Doubtless, you have encountered good ones and bad ones. I'd like your stories on both... to make the topic interesting and hopefully keep the tone from becoming either too negative or sycophantic, please provide both good and bad stories if you want to contribute. If you want to name the mods in question, please try to only do that for good mod stories. A namecalling fest won't do too much good for the topic's longevity.

And with that, we begin.

Good Mod
I'm aware that she's long since become and ex-mod and may well no longer play the game at all, but back in the day when I played Runescape, a mod named Lightning was quite possibly one of the best moderators i've seen on anything. Polite and professional even in the face of balatant griefing and abuse, she usually even went above her capacity to support players who may have been struggling - not just in game terms, but perhaps with emotional concerns the player may have had IRL. At one point I recall a small group were out to grief her for some percieved slight that had offended them (knowing griefers, probably just her nice nature), and she more or less just rolled with the punches while keeping up her usual duties and supporting other players.

Bad Mod
This is technically a number of folks who went to a place i've long since abandoned. So picture yourself in the shoes of a moderator... someone is doing something in an area under your jurisdiction which you don't want them to. Obviously, you have to notify said offender of your discontent, but how do you go about it? If your answer was insult, belittle and patronise the offending presence with some kind of high horse-like veneer besides dishing out the usual punishment, you've got the general conduct of these maroons. Full of snarky one-liners and petty insults, they'd fire off personal remarks while enforcing that the last word in the matter would be theirs - the last word usually being some kind of childish pejorative. Because we all know, the best way to calm a bull down is kick it in the balls, right? ...right? I'm suprised their snarky crap actually worked on most of the regulars there, because it won't fly with me. If you have a responsible position, then act in a responsible manner. Respect cannot be taken, only given.

PC Games / Alpha Centauri: Everyone hates Miriam
« on: October 23, 2007, 08:58:18 am »
I searched for a thread specifically about the game and couldn't find one, albeit seeing several mentions of the game across various sections of the forum. So um... here it is.

Incase you're wondering what Alpha Centauri is, think of it as Civilisation with a futuristic flavor to it. It's made by the same developer after all. So the story goes, Earth is more or less buggered due to crime, war, famine, and so forth, so the UN clobbers together and builds the UNS Unity, fills it full of a whole bunch of frozen people, and fires it off on it's merry way towards the only other planet they know of which could potentially support life - Chiron, in the Alpha Centauri system. When they're nearly there towards the very end of the 40-year voyage, suprise suprise it all goes a bit pete tong. A meteor smacks into the unity and screws up the fusion reactor, causing the ship to get locked onto a lethal crash course with the planet. The captain of the mission is assassinated, causing the various groups on board to fragment into their own visions and ideologies for how to go about on planet, and how to rebuild humanity. They each escape thanks to seven escape pods, make their way down to the surface and found their countries, hence beginning the game.

So what is the game? Basically, it's good ol turn-based Civ. Come on, you've played one Civ game and you've played them all, really.
But for a more indepth explanation of the basics (oxymoron?), you found bases, harvest the three resources of nutrients to keep your populace alive and growing, minerals to build stuff and energy to power your scientific research, economy, and people's quality of life. You have to manage the bases' harvesting and populace so they don't cause too much damage to the environment, or the people don't turn into malcontent, uneducated "Drones" and cause a riot. Remember citizen, happiness is mandatory. You can build facilities in your base to accomplish a variety of different things, from making the citizens happier to adding defenses to your base.

Of course, it's not Sim City - there's other factions lurking about, and some of them are on quite a short fuse temper-wise. In the case of war, please press the big red button you'll have to build yourself an army to defend yourself. The game has a Design Workshop where you can clobber together units of your own design, should you choose to - by default the computer designs them for you but it seldom knows what it's doing. Units are comprised of six parts - chassis, weapon, armour, reactor, and two special abilities. As your scientific research becomes more and more advanced, more advanced bits and pieces become available to you. Not all units are for military applications though - you can get various other things like Colony Pods for starting new bases, Terraformers for farming and exploiting the land's resources, Supply Crawlers for.. um.. supplying your bases, transport units for ferrying stuff around, you get the picture.

Back to the other factions lurking around. The factions are based off differing ideologies, so it's only natural some might get a bit tetchy with you for being who you are. For instance, Lal from the Peacekeepers (the UN, a democratic state) will generally always not be too pleased with Yang's Hive (1984 on steroids). This is further compounded by actually being able to select your faction's path politically when  you get the right tech. For instance, becoming a police state will increase your people's Morale making them better fighters as well as increase your support rating (how many units you can have at a base at one time), but your Efficiency (the amount of wasted resource avoided) will fall. Plus, any freedom-loving factions won't be too happy with you. There are three choices per category, the categories being your Politics, Economy, Society Values, and Future Society.

That's more or less all of the game's basics covered, loosely. If anyone's interested they can ask anyway.

So what prompted me to make this thread is I basically dug the game up again lately and have been trying out the multiplayer mode, as well as making my own custom factions. Oh yeah, the game is very customisable (it all runs off clearly annotated .txt files) and moddable. It's very easy to add new content or change the existing content, or even the way the game's rules. The game itself is actually fairly difficult to find these days having been released in 1999 and the licensing to distribute being under EA's control. The game also had an expansion known as Alien Crossfire, which supposedly is incredibly rare to find because it only had one print run and thus far hasn't been re-released.

If you're running on Windows XP, you'll need to do a little tweaking to get the game to run, but it WILL run so don't be too nonplussed.

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