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Spore: Creation Corner / The "Ones-Who-Are-Mobile-Amongst-Leaves"
« on: April 06, 2008, 05:04:30 pm »
Sweet gentle massage followed by a soda! It's been a looong time since I posted on these forums, I think nearing 4 months or so with the PCE. Hopefully this time I'll be here for longer.

Anyhow, now for an introduction to the "Ones-Who-Are-Mobile-Amongst-Leaves".

Basic Description

- Land-Based
- Gentle
- Weird

The "Ones-Who-Are-Mobile-Amongst-Leaves" or "OWAMAL" are a sentient species of Weeds, which have existed relatively undisturbed on their homeworld, "That-Which-Is-Breaths-Life-Into-Everything" or "TWIBLIE". The planet is 80% covered in dense foliage, ranging from temperate forests to bizzare cactus-like jungles at the equator. Despite this, the surface only consists of 30% landmass, the remaining is purely oceanic. As such it seems as if life exists on life itself, like a massive biota-sandwhich.

The OWAMAL are one of 2 sentient species that have evolved on the planet, the first ones seemed to have "De-Evolved" on purpose. It seems that after several years of poluting the atmosphere, the species decided to do something about it, first by reducing emitions, placing Carbon taxes, and then finally returning themselves back to their previous state in evolution, a sort of climbing bears, capable of surviving in the forests. Another theory is that this eventually doomed themselves due to a "one-factored" economy, where the majority of their exports after they became more environmentally friendly consisted mainly of Galactic-Panama Hats, which had at that period of time gone out of fashion, as such rendering their economy worthless.


The OWAMAL have no sense of sight, but the 2 "pods" that are present on the tips of their stalks are so sensitive that they can detect changes in temperature, humidity, wind currents and even faint electrical currents. They also serve as exterior hearing organs. The third pod, located at the base of the OWAMAL, is a reproductive organ, which falls off at the will of it's owner. The pod then embeds itself into the ground, and grows into another OWAMAL after 2 years. The pods grow back after 4 years, but are only visable after the first 3 years of growth.

The OWAMAL use two stump-like legs in order to traverse across their environment. This may be an evolution from the roots commonly found on plants, which have now become hard and are now useless at harvesting minerals from the soil. The OWAMAL seem to draw all of their energy from sunlight, which means they commonly inhabit the surface of TWIBLIE in order to survive as easily as possible. As such, the life-style of the OWAMAL, along with their genetic makeup, makes their average lifespan range from around 140-150 Galactic Years.

(More to Come)

Spore: Creation Corner / The Pure Colour Entities
« on: November 24, 2007, 04:43:31 am »

The Pure Colour Entites (or PCE from now on) emerged in ex-Tikian space shortly after the awful events that took place there (the Tikian star turned Pulsar, destroying any life on the planet), and have existed there, in secrecy for a long time. During a maned excavation of a group of Tikian survivors (who were not on the planet at the time of the event) have revealed this extremely unatural race. The ship log reads:

Day 1

"We are now in Ex-Tikian space, the Pulsar is eratic and powerful, but our ship's shields are able to withstand the assault. We have come here in search of any possible survivors, be they in statis or escape pods. We've found a few signals on the surface of our world, but we have to wait for the Pulsar to dim before we can send a recon-droid squad down."

Day 5

"We have succesfully gathered 50 survivors, 40 of which located in a ship that was hurtling towards the star. An odd thing happened today though, as one of our droids detected another alien life form amidst the ruins of our world, we're re-calibrating our scanners to focus on detecting alien life, and are sending thoose survivors found to the nearest allied space station. There are no more traces of Tikian life on the planet, sadly this was all we could find."
Day 6

"We have rescanned the world and yes, there IS another pressence on the surface. This pressence sure has to be something special to withstand regular Gamma Ray bombardment. I have a feeling that these aliens did not belong "here" and by that I mean that they aren't from our reality. Over and out."
Day 7

"Established contact with aliens, they are beyond anything we could of imagined, sending over information now. They were more than willing to co-operate suprisingly..."
Physical Appearance

General Information

Height : Varies
Weight :Varies
Life Span : Unknown
Age of Species : Unknown
Gender : Neuter
Movement : Flight, unhindered by gravity
Special Attributes : Made entirely of light, can change shape at will
Species Classification : Illumin-Solid

The PCE completely twist the laws of physics in our reality. They are made almost entirely of light, warping and changing at will. We do not know how they can even exist, they have no lungs, hearts, or even brains, but they are here somehow. Despite being made of pure light, they are able to interact with objects as if solid, so as such we are classifying this species as a Illumin-Solid, as the only semi-logical way to describe them is as "solid light." This is the first species we have ever encountered that fits this theoretical description.

Physical Knowledge


Despite first glances at the PCE, it has been revealed that they do possess organs of some kind, although these function differently to general species of our reality.

Minora Abeltha

The Minora Abeltha functions as the brain, nervous system and the ears of the PCE. The Minora Abeltha functions in a peculiar way, in that only 1 section functions at any one time. This at first seems impossible, but due to the speed at which the Minora "changes" objectives the PCE are able to do all of these actions as if by instinct. In a sense the PCE brain acts like an computer, which can not truely multi-tasks, but instead cycles through each objective at such a speed that it is not recognizable.

The Minora radiates an odd electric aura about itself, enabling the PCE not only to feel objects from it's limbs, but also in a small radius around the PCE. This enables the PCE to navigate dark corridors where there is not enough light to "refract" from (in that their colourful bodies are invisible to anyone without proper equipment).

Majora Abeltha

The Majora Abeltha acts as the digestive system, the nose, suprisingly external taste and even more weird, as a locator. The Majora works in a similar way to the Minora, as it doesn't truely multi-task, but the Majora has the ability to taste objects from far away (be they physical or of another substance). This may be due to the fact that the Majora is able to detect smells, which are a part of taste, but for a PCE to be able to taste something such as a sandwhich without consuming it is a very disturbing idea indeed. The PCE digest the radiating energy from objects with this organ, by emitting themselves in it (this could be anything from heat, radioactive waves or even sound and other frequencies).

The Majora also functions as a locator, enabling the PCE to return to an area that they have previously visited, in a sense the locator section acts as if it was a memory bank, keeping precise directions and details to key locations and such.

Belda Focal Organs

The "Belda Focal Organs" are essentially the eyes of the PCE. These organs enable the PCE to see into our reality, and perhaps alternate ones too, we do not know if this is the case however. The Belda Focal Organs also have a very bizzare trait about them, which the majority of our species in our reality do not possess. They can use the Belda Focal Organs to instantly gain attention of most targets directed by this ability, instantly initiating eye-contact with them which is often hard to break. The ability can also be used on objects around the PCE, which enables a PCE to instantly create a "portal of focus" in which most beings are drawn to, this could be anything from an odd object noted on the ground (good for guards and patrols) or it could just be used in a conversation to refer to the subject.

This should not be confused with Mind Control, as this purely draws attention to the PCE using this ability, it does not mean that the target is under some sort of dominance, but it does mean that PCE are able to draw attention to certain matters very easily.


The PCE reproduce in a very bizzare and abstract manner, although it has similarities with some existing species in our universe.

1.) Two PCE approach one another, ready for the rite of reproduction. All PCE are neuter, so any PCE can reproduce with another, this seems to be a highly treasured rite, and takes several months of preperation.

2.) The PCE blend with one another, melding their colours together, creating a cluster of light in the centre.

3.) This light expands, and the PCE circle one another for several hours as this core expands.

4.) The core begins to represent a PCE, the two parents continue to circle one another for another 2 hours.

5.) The rite is complete, and a fully grown PCE emerges. After 2 days of ceremonious dancing, the new PCE is named, and they begin their life in the society they grew in.

Beliefs and Religions

PCE Deities

The PCE do not have a structured religion as such (so far to our knowledge), however they do believe in an afterlife (which will be discused in greater detail eventually) and have a various array of Deities. It is interesting, yet foreboding, to hear the PCE state that they refered to our Reality as "Bright and Smooth." In standard English, this is to say, Safe and Secure.

Obolis - Deity of Balance, the Maintainer

Obolis is one of the older Deities in PCE history. Obolis is the Deity of Balance, and is responsible for maintaining a working order in the existance of all objects in the realities (this has always been a plural aparantly). Obolis is what keeps the stars moving, planets spinning and everything existing. In that sense, Obolis is the most major Deity in their society.

The letter O is derived from the form that Obolis takes on in their ancient historical records.

Lavislar - Deity of Order, the Judge

Lavislar is something quite un-nerving to our reality and the dwellers in our reality. It seems to echo a sense of deja-vu, although we can't quite place it. Lavislar is the Deity who keeps the wrong punished and that every good action is returned with a good outcome. Lavislar is of polar opposite to Giyagis, the Deity of Destruction.

The letter V is derived from the singular eye that Lavislar is supposed to have.

Giyagis - The Deity of Destruction, The Purest Evil

Giyagis is supposedly the incarnation of total evil. Pure carnage and destruction personified, Giyagis has no concious thought or remorse for the evils commited by It. Giyagis is at complete opposites of Lavislar, and is the driving force behind all that is evil in the realities. There are possible theories that Giyagis may have been ascended or created by Obolis to maintain the balance of life and death. Giyagis is of polar opposite to Lavislar, the Deity of Order.

The letter F/PH is derived from the incomprehensible shape that Giyagis is supposed to assume.

E - The Deity of Creation, The Parent

E is perhaps the most abstract and bizarre Deity to exist inside of the PCE society. E personifies not only the sexual relationships between species, but also the family and friendships that are so vital to a happy existance, and to all forms of art. E is seen important to PCE society, and in that sense is the second Deity in the chain of command.

The letter E is obviously derived from E, the character might symbolise the breaking down of social barriers between two entities.

The Importance of Colour to the PCE

Being entirely composed of Colours, the PCE obviously have strong ties to this and almost all of their theories revolve around this idea. The PCE display their outward emotions by changing their colours, but they usually have a dominant colour, which portrays their personality type.

Red - Drive, The Leader - Passion.
Yellow - Foresight, The Tactician - Wisdom
Green - Empathy, The Lover - Harmony
Blue - Creativity, the Artist - Inspiration

There are colours that inside of this range, thoose who are "born" as one of these colours share the traits of both their parents, but to a lesser extent.

The Codes of Life

The PCE follow several strict rules, in order to attain perfect balance and harmony with the world. It is safe to say that when broken the individual is punished accordingly.

1.) You shall not destroy any other beings, be they ourselves or not.
2.) You shall not take what is not rightfully yours.
3.) You shall not make any attempt to destroy anything unless it's pressence has negative effects on the balance of our societies, this includes other beings in dire scenarios.
4.) You shall make every attempt to further the quality of existance for all beings.
5.)You shall not judge others on appearance, beliefs or otherwise.

It seems that despite being from another reality, the PCE seem to have a mind set similar to thoose within ours, this is a good thing, since we will not have clashes with our theories...


The Abelethan Age

The Abelethan Age is the earliest period of PCE sentience. The PCE talk of a period where "Darkness was their main predator" which could refer to a creature that existed in their previous reality that was engulfed in shadows. The Abelethan Age saw the PCE retreat into caverns deep below the surface of their previous world, in which these beings did not dwell in. They created their own light down in these depths, and began forging a network of societies underneath the surface.

I'll let you come to your own conclusions  ;)

Abelethan Tribes

There were various tribes competing for survival during this Age. Since moving to the underground, the PCE found themselves vying for resources and control over the under-realms. Some relations between the tribes were hostile but some maintained trade with one another throughout this Age.

Pictorial characters used for special occasions are shown in large, whereas smaller characters (often used in normal writting) are shown to the left.

Asula - The Walkers of Wind

The Asula were a proud and vigilant tribe, one of the only tribes to ever dare venture to the surface. Part of the initiation ritual to ascend into "Warrior-hood" (Age is of no importance to PCE as they reach maturity almost instantly) a lone Asula must survive on the surface for several days.

The Asula focused on the strong virtues of honour and power, it is thought that the majority of Asula were Scouts or Warriors, often lending their services to other tribes who were willing to pay for their services. From what we can gather, the Asula were a succesful tribe, and lasted for over 500 years.

Barde-teth - The Dancers in the Rain

The Barde-teth were an abstract, shamanistic tribe that existed in the networks that riddled the under-realms. The Barde-teth were in a sense like religious leaders at this period of time. Hailing E, the Barde-teth were thought to be fertile and prosperous, and as such they attained a neutrality for the majority of their existance amongst the other tribes. They earned their title as "Dancers in the Rain" due to a surreal but beneficial ritual they performed each new year. The Barde-teth would gather the radioactive liquids found inside of their reserves, and commence a pilgrimage through each of the tribe locations, spreading the water into the air and dancing continually. The Barde-teth tribe lasted for around 400 years, before being absorbed by the Tispir.

Rangel - The Hands of Trade

The Rangel were effectively the most successful tribe in the sense that it would be them who would ascend into the next age as the unified power of the PCE. The Rangel specialized in the actions of trade between species, where conflicts were, the Rangel would be there, willing to help traders who needed supplies which were abundant on the other side. The Rangel were also crucial in the negotiations between various species and prevented much un-needed death and destruction.

Tispir - The Eternal Eyes

The Tispir are an extremely mysterious and religious tribe, with similar ideals to the Barde-teth but presented in a radically different way. The Tispir were reclusive, often spending their time in prayer or meditation, contemplating the existance of all objects and the possibility of futures. The Tispir were seen as Diviners, and often tribes would pay tribute to the Tispir, often to gain some benefit for activities in the future. Although it was forebidden to ask for divine benefit for crusades and battles, some Tispir offered this service. These were branded as heretics and were often slain due to this. The Tispir eventually took on the Barde-teth and became the Barde-Tispir, offering spiritual guidance to anyone who seeked it.

Alumn - The Clear of Mind

The Alumn were effectively the scientists in the Abelethan Age as they dedicated their existance into finding out the various secrets behind the laws of the world and the ways in which PCE could better themselves. The Alumn were sadly destroyed by the Elribant due to a rising conflict between the two (further studies show that the cause of this was due to a failed attempt to assasinate the Elribant leader with poisoning, their own scientific minds proved their downfall, as despite the poison's strength it's colour was so foreign to the Elribant that they instantly knew it had been placed there). The Alumn survivors made their way into Tispir sanctuary, and finally found themselves becoming part of the Rangal Society.

Elribant - The Power of Words

The Elribant were a mixture of many things. They were Fighters foremost, but also Lovers. They loved the written language (ironically devised by the Alumn) and fought most of their battles with word-craft rather than weapons. They were proficient with their arms and like the Asula had strict oaths to honour and courage. The Elribant were effectively Armed Artists, willing to fight for their leaders and their kin. Due to misfortune and properganda, the Elribant recieved a bad reputation in PCE society, that they were vicious and cruel warriors who descended upon innocent beings, but this was not the case and this image has now effectively been cleansed from PCE society.

The Conclave of Tribes

The Conclave of Tribes was a monthly gathering (organised by none-other than the Rangel) to discuss matters and situations with the other leaders in the various tribes. The Conclave was essentially a conference, where trade offers were made, truces were formed and relations were improved. The Conclave was formed latter into the Abelethan Age and eventually sparked the next Age to proceed it.

Abelfidan Instrument

The Abelfidan is traced back as one of the earliest instruments used by the PCE. It consists of several strings (each representing the notes on a standard musical instrument) stretched across a wooden board, with a slider at one edge which dictates the pitch of the sound that the string plucked creates. There are various records depicting that the Abelfidan was used alongside Rangel merchant stands, perhaps to attract customers to the stall or to radiate a sense of calm and friendship between customer and merchant.

The link is to a quick ditty I made with sounds I edited myself to sound like the Abelfidan, more to come still guys :p.

(More to Come)

Edra - The Written Language

Despite being created purely of what seems to be quasi-light particles, the PCE still needed to find energy to survive (perhaps to sustain their form). This energy would come either in highly radioactive pools across the world or any form of radiation (be it heat or otherwise). The surface was aparantly abundant in such rays, but due to their predators they retreated below, to where they survived on these pools of life. As such the PCE evolved a written language very soon, so they could communicate the precise location of such pools, this alphabet is still used, although it is more common for the letters to be written down to up, as opposed to spiraling towards the centre clockwise. If anything, this written language is proof that they are from an alternate reality, despite the fact that M, X and every other punctuational character aside from a full stop are the same.

(Have a go at writting your own stuff in this! :P)

Misc. Information

Abeth Root - Resource of Nature

The Abeth Root was the sole source of Wood for the PCE under the surface of their previous world. These roots would extend for several miles, winding and weaving in and out of one another, creating a certain ivy-like effect in the tunnels. The Roots were trimmed on a regular basis to suit the needs of the PCE, they never completely destroy the roots to ensure that there will be Wood in future generations. Since Abeth Roots were fairly scarce some locations were deemed "un-ravagable," meaning the location was protected from becoming the location for battle-fields and the likes in ancient times, and as such has earned a certain reputation amongst PCE of this era.

(More to come)

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Change of Plan
« on: June 01, 2007, 05:15:18 pm »
I've decided that I'm not going to do the Race thing anymore, mainly because it's getting cluttered enough as it is, and I'm running out of ideas for Spore :(. Instead, I'll Roleplay as an individual from an existing race, and contribute from there. This topic is here to ask people whether they would like someone to Roleplay an individual of their race, and stat what kind of role they would like them to play. :D.

Spore: Creation Corner / Audio Transmission from Rad-Rad
« on: May 25, 2007, 01:37:32 pm »
\\Audio Message from the Rad-Rad planet//

The Rad-Rad are open to questions about their society now, and will be offering aid to their "Solid Friends" in given time...

Spore: Creation Corner / The Kerhan - Alternate Evolution
« on: April 10, 2007, 04:00:54 pm »
The Kerhan, only recently showing themselves to the known galaxy, arriving shortly after the Rad-Rad (who have disapeared from the face of this galaxy) with a distinct method. The dethroning of the ViS Ascended and the revenge of their planet, and countless others...

The Kerhan, although singular minded in this goal, are a very curious and "un-real" race of Quasi-Existant beings, they are slowly leaking out information on their cultural and historical information on themselves to the "friends" of their race.

An introduction: The Creation of Our Current Selves

This is K'sarlir Sev'ular, recording my research into our evolutionary path, from what we can best assume.

At some point of time, we were Biological beings, non-sentient but extremely intelligent when compared to the rest of the planet. So much so that we must of been approaching some form of heightened awareness.

We can only guess at our forms then, because of the ViS destruction that was hailed upon our species.

Somehow, even though our bodies were destroyed, our sentience remained. Maybe souls even, barely physical at this stage but still able to carry out certain traits known to be present in Biological, and some Mechanical, life forms.

The Destruction threw our species into Sentience, and unfortunately, the memory of the incident, even though we weren't "alive" at that time, was so strong that it must of been passed down through the generations, every Kerhan can recall the same event in the same amount of detail.

The planet, once lush with forests and resources (from what we could judge, due to the distance from the Sun and the rotational speed) was now barren, stripped of anything natural about it. Surfaces were flattened, an abysmal grey rock floating through space. Once home to thousands and thousands of exotic and beautiful creatures.

We do not know how we have retained such vivid memories, but it fuels us even further to attaining justice.

Despite being of a different composistion, we could temporarily solidify again, and when we were not in our solid state we could morph and change ourselves into any shape we desired. Still, this was no cause for joy, as although our minds had been heightened to the nth degree, our planet was cold, lifeless, and furthermore, resourceless.

It was only after several hundred years that we realised that we could escape our planet's surface, rising from the corpse of our Mother and searching for another, was, so to say, extremely painful, although we new that we must.

To our horror, out of the 7 planets in our solar system, none of them were surface-wise, alive.
Writhing in anger, we cast our faces to the heavens, and screamed at the unfairness of it all, thankfully, we had found out that these ViS did not evaporate the oceans of a planet, and as such we had to exist underwater on the Planet we now call Ei'saros.

Ei'saros had a permenant sun-set, due to it's frozen rotation. This meant that some of the planet was in total dusk and eternal winter.

The oceans thrived with life, although the effect on land had affected these aquatic animals too. Prey usually found on shores, for certain carnivourous creatures had subsequently died, meaning that there was a shift in the cycle. Predatory animals adapted to suit the needs of the scarred planet, and as such we had to retain balance in these Alien Oceans...

Naturally, as our race progressed further, so did our ability to solidify. Although we were, and still are, relatively frail when doing so, we were now able to manipulate the environment, and as such we could construct buildings, and begin our sacred journey into the LIght of Law...

Transmission to be concluded...

A transmission radiates throughout the Cosmos, bearing a foreboding message...

We are the Kerhan. We demand the Tyranical ViS show themselves to us. We will not tollerate Arrogance.

PC Games / LoTR BETA : New places!
« on: March 17, 2007, 10:55:46 am »
Got the beta off a CD, they got places and games and video games website (forget link, I'll try to find it) and now, THIS:

I suspect 2 hours of waiting, blargle :(.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Planet RP = Serus (Please see!)
« on: March 17, 2007, 10:12:36 am »
Alrightly, I think that most projects and such go downhill on here, mainly due to the fact that too many people participate in them, as such I've created a mini forum for this Planet RP, and it will not involve any of the current species in the forums, instead, it takes place on the Planet Serus, in an uncharted sector of the galaxy, millions of years from this current date in the RPs, the fight for sentience ensues, are you ready?

Spore: Creation Corner / Incoming Transmission - Composistion Strange
« on: March 12, 2007, 01:55:09 pm »

Do YOU dare download it?

Note: The wav. files will overlap if you skip past to the next scene, sho please, take your time :D.

Spore: Creation Corner / Looking for Creatures : Read Inside
« on: March 10, 2007, 05:03:00 pm »
Howdy there, I'm posting here asking if anyone would like their creature in a game I'm working on, which right now is code-named "Pac-Man with Guns and a Frag Count - dashings of Bomberman Included" or P-MGFG-B. OR, rather, Nova Triad.

This will not be based on any arch-type histories on Spore, HOWEVER, your race can have the same cultural stuffs about them. There are not unlimited spaces for this, as it's in the style of a NES game, so sprite count is usually kept down, and also, I can't do sprites of everyone here.

Now, you can choose to be good (Coalition of Sentient Races) or evil (Nova Triad, NOTE, TRIAD, meaning there's really only 3 Arch Bad Guys, any other races in here will most likely be grunts).

Races DO NOT affect stats. Maybe starting weapon, but not stats.

Races Thus Far:



After reaching Space Dominance, the Humans slowly but steadily expanded into the galaxy due to the discovery (or rather the invention, as it's in theory now) of a Hyper Speed Device, which wraps the ship in a magnetic field, altering the fabric of space around it to enable light to travel faster there. The effect is a bubble in space (which ironically, is what Star Control 2 had, uncanny :P).

Shortly after leaving Sol, the Humans were contacted by the Ethon, a Lizard-like race of similar stature and intelligence as Humans. They, in a sense, recruited the Humans into the Coalition and aided the Humans.

The Humans are currently the new guys in the Coalition, Lateral-Minded Scientists and Adaptable Generals, the Humans are a sly and aware, raising through the ranks fairly fast.


The Ethons, like the Humans, had taken some time to progress into Space Age. Using the same technique as Bubbling, they were also contacted by a Coalition member, and declined to join it. However, later on in their history, the Ethon changed their decision, deciding that it would be the best of both sides if the Ethons aided them in the fight against the Triad.

As such, some Coalition races do not see exactly eye to eye with the Ethons, none-the-less, the Ethons have stood fast, and are a strong ally to all Coalition races.

Nova Triad


Spore: General / SimLife - Been Tweaking with it and Download
« on: March 09, 2007, 02:29:37 pm »

So far, the game's alright, I can see where Will has an interest for this thing, look! It even has a creature editor! :D.

Spore: Creation Corner / New Race : The Yean
« on: March 01, 2007, 12:37:37 pm »
Right, I went AWOL with the whole Disaen Arc thing :(. Sorry about that. But, I'm getting kind of bored with the Tiki now though, soo i'm gonna start off something new...

I'll add more as I go along, but to guide me, I'm gonna make a poll, Biology, History, etc... :D

Modern Culture


Modern Yean houses focus on a simplistic but interesting basis. Rooms are sold as "Blocks" which are then forced together to create a house, these blocks can stack onto one another, or slide into the sides, meaning space can be optimized, there are also certain other added extras that can be added onto the building, such as a curved roof or a balcony. The Blocks are fairly cheap, considering they aren't forced into the ground by a cement (which is hard to do on the Yean Planet, Geography Votes required to find out why) and are hardy (They are made of a certain substance named Kiyondlate, which is a fibrous-like silicon based substance, which hardens when mixed with liquid water (which has to be very hot in order to work). In a sense, it's like a Concrete.)


<<We've been a long time away from civilization, but we've come across something strange, and very, very, freaky. We're uploading this to any friendly personal who might be able to help us with further studies, the new aliens do not appear to be hostile, and are extremely intelligent, far beyond the ranks of many species we've encountered thus far. Our Artist on board, Welon, has said that they do bear similarities with the Wexxian, but unfortunately the recorded data does not show the light system that was built into the Kalim.>>

Spore: Creation Corner / Silent Cocoon
« on: November 17, 2006, 05:22:22 pm »
Deep in the reaches of space. Beyond any ViS or Torpal territory, somewhere hidden behind a cluster of semingly unimportant stars lies a pulsating object. This object, glowing a strange redish colour, is eratic in it's behaviour, as if the energy to the construct was being cut.

And it was.

A flicker; the eerie landscape below, with empty buildings and a blood red sky begins to show life. rocks begin to tremble as the cocoons emerge. The beings inside emerge, covered in a disgusting slime, the shell clicks, and slime begins to bubble and cackle and runs off of the new lifeforms.

The aura flickers, and then completely vanishes from above the land, as the creatures rise...

And somehow, slightly out of place, they all simultaniously yawned.

The Creatures looked around. Everything was intact, nothing was broken, or even stolen. Then they looked at each other. They were, so to say, very amused.

This is what they had always dreamed of, a chance to become something different, to start anew, to be top-dog for once. Now, they were the predators.

Sunlight was merely like salt to them now, they could finally sample the tastes of beast and plant alike, no longer bound to sign-language, their mind expanded infinantly on the possibilities that had been handed to themselves only just recently, and all they had to thank were thoose friendly Lizards, who seemed to arrive just when their worries were at their worst...

Spore: Creation Corner / Egol - The Oceans of Forest
« on: September 26, 2006, 02:26:13 pm »
Howdy, I decided to make a "discovery" RP type thing where races set up bases on the planets surface in order to conduct research on the beings there (kinda like the Sagan 4 project, but with the whole range of creatures up to early sapience) and conduct tests on them and such. I'll be updating the flash of it as we go on but this is what I have right now.

Info on races is inside, click a base and then a significant to progress.




The Tikians have discovered a planet which is very different to most other ones. The planet is covered in water, which is covered by huge plants which act as a surface for the creatures to walk on, the planet is virtually made of these forests, which make up for more than 50% of the planet's density, some plants are responsible for the atmosphere's density and strength. It's host to a wide array of enviroments and animals, there are some parts of the planet which have so much moisture in the air that it can slowly drown the person who enters unprepared. Others have plants which exhume gases which get trapped under the canapés and as such the air is dense enough to swim through. Most Biologists carry a rocket launcher and stun gun just in case of emergencies.


The bases take "turns" to explore Egol, once each base has taken a turn (or when the day is over) then the day ticks over (it's currently day 2 of month 1).

On the "turns" the bases get to choose one of the following options to do, the further up the list the object is, the more likely of success,  you can add a communication to another base at the end of each turn you make. Anything with a (C) next to it means you need to capture the desired animal in your menagerie, or tag it (counts as the same thing). If you think a creature is Sapient you can attempt to communicate with them, it's advised if they have an (S) next to them though.

Do Nothing

Establish trade with -BLANK-'s base (B)

Fuse your base with the -BLANK-'s base  (B)

Share creature data with the -BLANK-'s (B)

Double Check Research for -BLANK- (C)

Research Eating Habits of -BLANK- (C)

Capture or Tag -BLANK-

Research Habitats of -BLANK-  (C)

Research Life-Styles of -BLANK- (C)

Search for new species (Create a Creature if succesfull)

Attempt Communications with -BLANK- (S)

Establish Trade with -BLANK- (S)

Establish Religion with -BLANK- (S)

Destroy Rival Base

(Thanks to allwayswatching for the base ideas!)

If your succesfull, I will PM you and you will be able to do that action succesfully. If it's Search for a new species, you have to PM me with the animal or plant's details first before you can post it on this, I have to check it over.


Fixed a bug with some of the Tikian Text.

Added Omic and more information on the Tikian Computer.

Fixed a bit of a bug with Kromlon Info and Rules of Play.

Fixed a further bug with the Kromlon Info.

MAJOR UPDATE! Added Arkibals and Urshans!

MAJOR UPDATE! Omic Kromlon Capture Success. Urshan Plant Studies Success. Kangorian added.

FIXED an Arkibal Transistion bug (hopefully)

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