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Spore: General / Creepy & Cute parts pack won't install
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:29:34 pm »
Well, I guess I can't have any expansions for Spore.

Creepy & Cute won't install, because the updater can't patch my game to version 1.2 no matter what I do.

This means that when the Space expansion comes out it won't install as well for the same reason.

Well, whatever patch version is released with it won't patch my game, just like this one didn't.

All I get is the following message "Invalid Patch File"

Guess I'll be stuck with vanilla Spore, no matter what.

- W -
* I'm done with trying to get this to patch and whatnot, I've tried reinstalling SEVERAL times and it still won't go *

Spore: General / The Box
« on: November 29, 2007, 08:14:54 pm »

It measures 1 x 3 x 9 of course ;)

- W -
* Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh *

Spore: General / How Long ?
« on: May 11, 2007, 02:33:00 pm »
Just curious to see how long folks have been waiting so far for SPORE....

- W -
* Curiously *

Spore: General / The Hitchhickers Guide To Spore.....
« on: May 07, 2006, 03:15:40 pm »

The Hitchhickers Guide To Spore

- With appollogies to everyone for barrowing stuff for this -

- Genesis ( Yes the rock group ) -

In the begining there was DOS, and Will said, Let there be SimCity ! Then there was SimCity and thus Maxis was born unto the world and the world was 2D in nature, yet the masses did enjoy and saw little blue dots going along the roads, these little blue dots were called Sims as they lived in SimCity.

The Sims all bought and wore digital watches as they thought that they were pretty neat.

Will saw that the masses loved SimCity and it was good, this was the first day.

SimCity begat SimEarth and SimAnt and SimFarm and SimThis and SimThat and SimTheOtherThing and SimSomethingOrOther, and the masses yelled for more still as they were enjoying every last thing that came from the great mountain of Maxis from on up high.
Soon Will had a surpise for all the fateful that followed the trend, a second SimCity, and there was much rejoiceing from the masses and the masses did feast like never before on the multitude od games that came from on up high.

This was the second day.

As the masses played the games they wondered what was in store next for them the loyal Maxisites who worshiped the world from Will that had ben made, the answer came soon in the form of a thrid SimCity and hints that soon that loyal will be seeing The Sims themselves up close and personal. It was indeed a great time to be alive.

This was the third day.

The masses did party muchly as were rewarded with The Sims, many thought this was the end all be all to everything games as it sold more copyies then any other game in the land, soon the loyal to SimCity were soon rewarded with a forth edition of the game, incorparating The Sims to live inside SimCity as if the two games were actaualy one. Good times were had by all.

This was the fourth day. 

Soon the masses that had joined the mulititude were given The Sims 2. Thier waiting had payed off on spades. Meanwhile in SimCity land things had gotten rather quiet, far too quiet for some people and there was much grumbleing going on. It seemed as if they had been left out in the cold, now that the mighty EA had taken over things.

This was the fifth day.

Things were rather quiet from on up high in the temples as the Maxis team went about to work on something they couldn't tell anyone about. Arcane magic books were brought into the fold to learn the secrects of the demo scene who had been around from the days of DOS, learning how to code things to fit in the smallest space they could think of.

Ruomors begain to spread that Will was working on something that would change the world forever, what that something was, was anybodies guess. The masses who had been waiting for another SimCity hoped that they would be getting rewarded for waiting like The Sims-ities were before them. Just then a name was soon herad from on up high.


The masses wondered what was up, what did it all mean what was the answer that they were seeking to the question.

Soon the answer was known all across the lands....

The answer was....

Fourty Two....


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