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just over a week ago, this amazing little game for the wii that no one has ever heard of was released in the US (it's been out in europe for a couple months). it's a lot like pikmin, but with more kingdom building and rpg elements thrown in for good measure.

basically you are a curious little boy that one day finds a glorious crown that gives you the power to order people around. you'll summon people in your kingdom to your side, and then go out in to the great unknown to explore, collect treasure, and hopefully beat rival kings to expand your kingdom. whatever you want done, you simply "throw" your subjects at (pikmin style). if it's a log in the way, they'll cut it up, if it's an enemy, they fight it, a hole, they'll dig it, ect. as you expand your kingdom, you'll get to build special job buildings that change your citizens jobs. after a while, you can have farmers, soldiers, carpenters, hunters (ranged attacks) lumberjacks, miners, and many more. you'll eventually have to carry around a large varied group with you to get past different obstacles.

this game uses a very stylish and colorful art style. the cutscenes have a filter on them to make them look like moving oil paintings. the game may look childish, but it actually has some almost borderline adult themes in it. the kings you'll fight are very varied, from a drunk party animal, to a morbidly obese food lover that you literally play pinball against to beat, to a kingdom of worryworts, to a very long bearded king on top of a mountain who thinks that to be great is to be tall. you'll fight these kings in epic boss battles are are each different (some of them you don't even fight against, for example)

anyway, this game borrows some ideas from pikmin, and mixes in a light rpg and sim like experience, and finally adds it's own style with it's art and story. it's a very imaginative game, and it's also a fairly long game (well, 20 hours at least).

i'm just posting this because this game is selling crap in europe right now (it's at about 50k sales after almost 4 months) and i can tell it's not going to fair to well in the america's either. this is a game that i'm loving right now, and i just want the game to sell like it deserves, just like with zack and wiki, or okami, or blastworks, gems many other gems that have been forgotten over the years.

so, anyone willing to give it a chance?

i just decided to look on Google images for spore creatures (was bored lol) and i entered in the name of one of my first creatures, quadraspike, and i found this interesting blog post that featured my creation that i didn't even know about.

it looks like the site is dead now (no posts or activity since like 9/08. one of the funny parts is the poster showed my creation, which was actually the start of the event in the next post.

yes, actually this was sparked from when another member on this site (forgot his name) was sharing a leaked copy of the cc demo. don't even think about looking for the topic because a mod promply deleted it. i, being the excited little brat i was, downloaded it asap, and then proceeded to uploading creatures till the servers crashed and they locked us out for a few days (till the demo was SUPPOSED to come out). i was one of the first members posting stuff on there.

over the next couple hours and days, this sparked a heated debate between those that downloaded the leak, and those that didn't, and said it was wrong/immoral to do it, even if it was just a demo.

not quit sure why i posted this, but seeing that blog post just seemed to bring back memories.

also i'm happy that someone else randomly thought my early creation was good enough to put in his post lol.

it now lets you make comments that are about twice as long as before (now 256 charecters.)

i think before the limit was like 128.

i'm wanting to know if theres a way to re-set your galaxy. if so, what file('s) would i have to delete/move to accomplish this?

PC Games / My Senior Project: Create a Computer Game!
« on: October 26, 2008, 01:04:21 pm »
I'm really excited, because my English teacher is actually letting me create a computer game as my senior project.

I am using version 7.0 lite of game maker to make this game, and I have spent around about an hour a day for about 1 week   now working on this game. I would just like to post what i have done so far here so i can get comments on what you fellow GS'rs like and dislike about the game, and suggestions on what you would like added.

HOW TO PLAY: Just click and hold the left mouse button on the ball on the pedastle thingy (the blue circle on the yellow circle) and pull the ball away from the yellow thingy, and release the button to throw it. Try to get the ball into the black circle goal. You can shoot of as many balls as you like (i'll add in some kind of scoring system that will give you a worst score if you do this later). if you somehow get stuck, you can press the r button to reset the whole level.

one thing to remember is you can't beat the 9th level, because that is how many levels i have made thus far.

here's the file : (about 2.2MB)

ok, thanks to anyone who can give me any kind of feedback.

Spore: General / question about alliyngi the grox
« on: October 18, 2008, 05:56:08 pm »
how long do the embassies take to give a relationship bonus? how many of them do you have to set down?

if you pay another ally to attack a grox planet, then destroyed the attacking fleet without killing grox ships, would would get any bonus for "you helped us"? has anyone tried this yet

thanks if you can answer some of these at least.

Spore: General / Yes, it's that time again. COMMENT DRIVE TIME!!!!!!1
« on: October 12, 2008, 08:59:38 am »
Yes, it's another comment drive to try to encourage more commenting on peoples creations. there are now over 36 million creations on the sporepedia, and the vast majority have no comments and their creators are felling left behind.

so goto the sporepedia and comment on a few aspiring creator's thingamajigs today!

I went out and got spore on launch day. I was worried that the game wouldn't run on my crappy system, since my ram doesn't meet the minimum requirements (I actually have a half gig card, but 128MB of that is reserved for my graphics card, since it doesn't have it's own ram.)

When I popped in the game, it ran fine. I set all of the graphics settings to their lowest setting possible, and the game ran fine, with only a little lag, in all the editors and from cell stage to civilization phase. The problem is space stage though. That thing it laggy as hell, and whenever i fly into a planet, it takes about a minute to generate all of the creatures, building, and other models and stuff. The worst part though, is that usually after about 15 minutes of playing in that stage, the game completely freezes, and my computer freezes as well. The mouse won't even work :'(, so I have to hold the power button down on the computer to turn it off. No blue screen comes on or anything. It just stops responding altogether.

I asked a couple of tech students at my school about it, and they said something about if the graphics card is trying to use the normal ram, and it runs out, the whole computer can lock up, so they suggest buying more ram. What i'm asking ya'll, does this hold any water, and what do I have to do in order to play space phase?

I've done everything software wise i can think off. Cleaning the hard drive, defragmenting, virus scan, turning off all unnecessary programs and background stuff, and it still happens. Is my problem as simple as buying more ram in order for it to work right?

thanks for anyone who can answer this ;D

was thinking of making a sporecast of everybody's creatures or other spore stuff you have in your avatar on these forums. anyone interested?

when do you think they will start saying anything about the first expansion for the pc version, or actually showing/telling us what the wii version will be like?

would these be in a few months perhaps?

Spore: General / Doing something hydro might like
« on: September 11, 2008, 06:24:58 pm »
i just started a new game called "ultiimate creator" on hard difficulty (my first and only other game was on easy :-X) and i'm playing with nothing but hydro's creations.  :D i'm seeing if i can survive to space phase, and then how far i can get into that before i get stuck. right now i'm in creature stage with a level 2 brain. i died in cell stage about a dozen times.

hope hydro gets a kick outa this ;D and get back to work hydro so i don't run out of stuff to kill ally with :P

Spore: General / some dummy questions for the lucky basterds with spore
« on: September 06, 2008, 12:42:49 pm »
how do the atmospheric generators, volcano tools, ect stuff that terraforms a planet work? does it keep raising or lowering it's respective attribute forever? does it do it till it reaches the perfect amount, and stop? does it just to it for a little while, and stop having an effect? do you tell it when you want it to stop? do you have to buy it before you use it? do you just pay money whenever you use it? does it keep sucking up funds while it is functioning?

thanks to anybody who feels like answering that wall of questions.

i think i'll try to post a comment on everything i see in the full spore game saying what i did to it or what it did to me, or just how wierd it looks in the game.

anyone else gonna do this?

PC Games / are there any decent free anti-virus software out there?
« on: August 23, 2008, 02:04:28 pm »
just wondering if there is. when imy dad bought this computer last year, it had mcafee security center, but apparently our "subscription" to it is ended, and we have to probably pay more money to get it back (which sucks).

i'm short on dough right now, and i want to clean out the computer, defrage it, run anti-virus to kill any viruses, and delete useless crap.

is there any free antivirus software out there that can be trusted?

i might just be that i have always had the lower end computer/console/whatever than most you the rest of you, but i don't really care all that my creature or someone else's creature might not animate that well when put into the full game. i thought most of you weren't that worried about graphics, but yet ya'll are posting godly computer set-ups on the can you run it thread and others, and saying elsewhere you will planet bust anything that animates like crap.


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