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Spore: Creation Corner / A Stereotypical Nordic Name with no Vowels
« on: April 11, 2006, 05:40:45 pm »
OK, so, I thought this creature up when my parents dragged me off to my sister's track meet. This is what happens when I get real bored.

I call it the Kydykys Vdyk Kggyn (Kidicus Vadic Kagagen).

OK, here's the rundown.
  • It's got a trunk in the front like an elephant's, however, instead of tusks, it has a pair of tentacles. The tentacles have small opposeable "thumbs" to enable the creature to pick up small objects. The trunk has two eyes about midway up to act as a sort of periscope when the creature swims.
  • The two main eyes are composed of three pupils each. One Is for day vision, another for night vision, and the last for heat vision. The eyes are both capped by vestigial defensive horns.
  • The head ends in one large hood-like ear. When underwater the ear clamps against the skin to keep water out.
  • The small upperarms on the sides serve no purpose when on land, however, when the creature is underwater they are used like rudders to steer the massive bulk of the Kydykys Vdyk Kggyn.
  • The two front legs are big and stocky, ending in hooves. The irregular shape allows them to be easily folded togeather and tucked under during swimming.
  • The one back leg is similar to a raptor's in shape. However, because of the weight distribution, it can't be used for attacking while on land. Instead, the back leg is used to skewer fish and other aquatic creatures while swimming.
  • It has sort of a potbelly.
  • The three things in the back that look like rabbit ears are actually flukes like a whale has. They supply the main power for swimming.

Here's a skeletal model-table-thing.

This is a swimming pose. Sorry about the crappy quality. I drew this really fast just to put in this post.

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