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Podcasts / AMD on Dell comment
« on: May 25, 2006, 07:28:23 pm »
Dell is only adopting Opterons in servers (Alienware products aside), and not until the end of this year.  I typed this as you were reading the story, Steve, and at 11:30 you commented that as well (thanks  8)).

Source at Hexus

Further, you were being sort of Intel bashing.  Granted, right now, AMD has the edge in about all desktop gaming environments, but considering what's coming down the Intel pipeline, such comments are really sort of harmful to the general (otherwise rather ignorant) "PC gamer" community.  What I'm talking about is Intel's Core 2 Duo ("Conroe") CPUs set for release July 23rd.  Put simply, they blow AMD's age old (killing Intel in desktop performance is tiring, after all) K8 architecture out of the blood-laiden pond.

July 23rd at DailyTech
Conroe performance from "coolaler" at XS

Just saying; you don't want to plant anti-Intel seeds in innocent gamers' minds when Intel will be the gaming processor of choice (laptop and desktop) until into 2007.

Great podcast though; keep it up (and get Spore info  :D)!

I bet there's a thread on this, but I couldn't find it so hurrah!  A common idea across the net has been that there should be a Star Wars game with awesome light saberness (not like Red Steel).  Proof of concept, you ask?

Think of online play!  Think of it all!  Wouldn't it be fun?  I actually emailed LucasArts (I hope I don't annoy them) today:

Dear Sir:

I am a "gamer," as we have become known, and I am very interested in Nintendo's upcoming system. I plan on purchasing one this winter, as a matter of fact. Across the Internet, as I'm sure you're aware, there has been an outcry for a Star Wars-based Wii game. The idea, it seems, would be to use the "Wiimote" controller as a light saber handle in a first-person game, similar to this Hasbro product (I suppose, having never used this Hasbro product):

The potential support for multiplayer on the Wii is also very interesting to me (as well as many members of the online community). I am aware that, based on your lack of confirmation of a Wii title at E3, you probably can't confirm anything in this email. I just wanted you to know my interest in such a product (and, of course, the interest of many others, if you weren't aware). Thank you for your time.


What do you guys think?  Wouldn't that rock?

Spore: General / Isn't the Wii controller perfect for Spore?
« on: May 14, 2006, 05:18:08 pm »
Well isn't it?  You could really sculpt in the editor, and maybe it could be used to fly the UFO in a unique way.  Overall it would be awesome.

On the flipside, graphics would suffer and it would be a difficult port (like all Wii ports will be), compared to a 360 which is quite similar to a PC.


Actually I'm not.  I'm waiting.

"Stay Tuned" it tells me!  <race=klingon>P'tah!</race>  I'm not going to post this thread until it does start working, or at 6:15 (CST/GMT -6).


My alarm clock is like 2 minutes fast though.  6:07.  I'll come back in 2 minutes.  6:09.  6:11.  So much for a live broadcast!  6:13.  6:14.  6:15!  Post time.

You are [in the near future going to be in the condition of] watching the Sony press conference LIVE [minus maybe 15 minutes] from Low Angeles--proudly presented by GameSpot.  Watch as Sony reveals new details about the Play-Station 3 and its upcoming game lineup.

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