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Podcasts / Gaming Podcast MEGALIST
« on: July 07, 2006, 12:10:11 pm »
I dont mean to highlight Gaming Steves "competetors", but these are some podcasts (and video shows) that you could listen to while waiting for Gaming Steve shows. Share your own if you have any more.

Colour Code:
X =Currently Inactive
* = Slow/Sparse
** = Regluar (Weekly/Every two weeks)
*** = Prolific (Twice or more a week)

** The HotSpot (GameSpot's Podcast):
** On The Spot (GameSpot's video show):
*** 1up's Podcasts (Multiple):
** The 1up Show:
** IGN's Podcasts:
** Chatter Box Game Show:
*** VGM Daily:
** Short Attention Gamer (Game Theory's podcast):
** PC Gamer Podcast:
** PC Game Video Podcast:
** Broadcast Gamer:
** GDC Radio:
** Evil Avatar Radio:
** Xbox Live's Major Nelson:
** The New Days (ADP's podcast):
** Game Trailers Podcasts:
* PSM Video Podcast:
** VG Reloaded (AdamVGR's podcast):
* The Fan Boys:
** GameZone:
** Team Fremont:
* Alt.npr: Press start:
** Next Generation Podcast:
** Gamers with jobs:
** Escape Radio:
** Game Addict Hotline:
** Virginworlds Podcast:
* The Widget:
** GamersHell Podcast:
* Firaxis Podcast:
X Hideo Kojimas (english) Blog:

Non/partialy gaming  related podcasts:

*** RocketBoom:
** Digital Life TV:
** Cranky Geeks:
** Geekson:

Spore: General / EVOLVE! Game. (My own creation)
« on: May 17, 2006, 05:34:56 pm »
We've heard it a million times before "This was my idea!" or "Ive been wanting a game exactly like this!".

Well, here is just another instance. About three/four years ago, when I was 12/13, I used to use The Games Factory alot.
I never really made any complete games, but I fooled around alot with it.

One of the "games" I worked on, was called "Evolve!". Where you could updgrade different aspects of your creature, fight other creatures, gain XP, and continue.
Although this game was pretty crappy, it was sort of neat. I only recently remembered about it, and found it in my archives of old TGF files.

So anyways, Ive hosted the game for anyone whos interested to take a look. Don't say I didnt warn you when you realise it sucks.

Download it here:
0.5 MB

So yeah, you will quickly find out that although you can spend alot of time evolving a creature, it gets boring very quickly.

It is also a bit complicated at first glance, so Ill explain a few things:

-Leveling Speed effects two things: How much XP it INITIALY takes to gain a level in SPEED (20, 40, or 60 xp)
AND how much the "XP to evolve" is multiplied every time you level up (at FAST, the required XP never changes; MEDIUM, XP doubles; SLOW, XP QUADRUPLES)

-You start out with a blob, which you can choose its colour.

Starting the game:

Hits: Your creatures health
Attack: When in battle, how much damage you do is: (Your attack) - (Oponents defense)
Defense: When in battle, how much damage your oppent does to you: (Oponents attack) - (Your defense)

Evolution points: Used for leveling up your attributes

Ill explain the rest using pictures:

Evolution Screen:

Battle Screen:

Try to get the best score after 100 turns, you get to define the monsters you create, so create the strongest possible monsters without ending up killing yourself.

Post your your Speed setting and scores and compare.... that is... if anyone actualy spends enough time to complete the game XD!

Portable Games / Mother 3 (Earthbound 2)
« on: April 26, 2006, 09:27:11 pm »

Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan) for SNES was one of the most insane and awesome games that I ever played. Now the sequal (Mother 3) is out in Japan for the GBA.

Anyone who has played Earthbound will remember is outright crazyness with things such as the Pencil Eraser; New Age Retro Hippies, Happy Happyists and Fuzzy Pickles. 

No word on a North American release, did this huge thing a while back before Mother 3 was announced, where they sent something like 30,000 (or 50,000) signatures to Nintendo asking them for Mother 3.
Nintendo has an idea that there are a good number of people in NA who are interested in this game, so there is a probability of it comming out here.
Mabye they will let us download it on the revolution. Who knows.

Fans who have imported the game have already started on translating parts into english (for those who also want to import the game but can't speak Japanese)
You can find more information about this, including some startings of translation, in's forum (


Little talk has been done about this website. I think its good to see game developers like Wil Wright support this.

Interesting stuff.
I don't think games will ever be censored to an absurd point, but itll be interesting to see what happens after some more studies and stupid politicians.

Spore: General / $8 SPORE TALKS online! (Audio-Only)
« on: April 04, 2006, 04:24:35 pm »

I just randomly found this by going to and then the link on the right of the page.

These are all of the GDC talks in audio format, but it sort of sucks, being that they are $8 each!

Links to Spore talks are here:


What's Next in Design (Will Wrights Lecture!)

Building Community Around Pollinated Content in Spore:

Spore: Preproduction Through Prototyping:             

Advanced Prototyping:                                      

These are all audio-only. I'm guessing that the videos are next to go up... but how much will they cost? 0_o

Some sessions will be streamed flash video player with synchronized presentations while others will now only be available as paid MP4 downloads compatible with video iPods and PSPs.
Acording to this, /some/ of them /should/ be free... but the important question is... are the Spore ones going to be free?

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