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Spore: General / So... I just played Spore at Macworld...
« on: January 15, 2008, 05:05:38 pm »
I swear to all of you guys, I just played Spore at Macworld. On a Mac. In real life. You don't have to believe me, so if you don't, please don't reply. is AWESOME.
Alright, so I just got to do the creature editor. But I got a sneak peek at a lot of stuff in the whole game. I saw the start screen and also some sort of screen involving galaxies that you could choose from- I'm thinking like the neighborhood in The Sims. The editor is beautiful and slightly different than what we last saw. Everything ran smoothly and perfectly on the iMac I used.

The man working the EA booth in the West Hall of the Moscone building gave me a few tidbits of info. I got about 4 minutes of playing time due to the line of six people behind me. Here's what he told me:
-Spore will definitely be out by the end of 08, with the mac version out on the same day (HELLZ YES!).
-They are aiming for a summer release or earlier
-At this point, the wings in the editor do not allow you to fly, only to have greater speed and possible boosts in other categories (cuteness, etc.)
-I asked him about underwater and he smiled, and told me he just didn't know. He told me for sure that underwater creatures would not ever be in the creature editor I was playing if they are in the game at all.
-Expect to hear a lot more of this game in the next three months (his words)
-The mac version has been developed incredibly secretively until today
-I wasn't allowed to do anything with the picture I took of my creature (probably because he didn't want to quit the app to go into Safari.)

I made a creature with a huge, fat belly and a long, curvy neck. The neck had one mouth on the side, one month on the neck's bottom curve, and two eyes on each shoulder. Seven legs and two arms with long talons. A long tail. The spine is REALLY easy to adjust, as is the length and fatness of anything you add. Saw no graphical glitches, but I wasn't allowed to use the Texture pane. Also, there are TONS more actions added to the thingy where you test your creature. (Walk, run, laugh, and now strike, sing, sumo, pose, and like twenty more).

Any questions?

Movies / Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
« on: July 10, 2007, 11:47:18 am »
Shockingly enough, nobody has posted this thread yet... though perhaps we just have a shortage of HP fans here.

Comes out tonight at midnight in the states! I'm going to see it with a few friends... anyone else going?

Console Games / Still Trying to Get a Wii?
« on: November 23, 2006, 08:48:06 pm »
Who here is still searching for a Wii? ...I am. I KNEW I should have pre-ordered, but I didn't have enough money then. :(

Anyway, I'm going to Best Buy at 5 tomorow morning because there were a ton of Digg articles that said they were holding all their consoles til Black Friday. How is everyone else trying to get one?

Site News / Spore Stickies
« on: August 27, 2006, 07:37:24 pm »
Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this, but over at the Spore: General forum we have a ridiculous amount of stickies. The twelve posts can really be a nusicence when visiting the forum, since the only thing you see when you first click is the stickies rather than the newest posts. While some are useful, others are outdated, unedited or simply useless. The best example is the Spore Icons page, which no longer even has the images. My suggestion is that the stickies be fixed, through merging or de-sticky-fying or whatever needs to be done. Thanks for reading, guys.

(If this is totally out of line, please don't flame. Just tell me, ok?)

Everything Else / Barbie Wars.
« on: August 02, 2006, 07:19:55 pm »
Wow... this is the result of two 13/14 year olds on a major sugar high... and a lot of my sister's barbies. Watch us duke it out in hand to hand Barbie combat as well as... non-hand to hand? Ahaha. Whatever. We posted it on YouTube and y'all should watch it if you're bored. It's actually pretty interesting?

This is just Part I & Part II but we've already filmed up to Part V. It's... interesting. Just check it out.

P.S.- No haterz, please.

Spore: General / Underwater Civ Wishlist
« on: May 11, 2006, 07:20:51 pm »
Since we've seen oh so little NO underwater sentinent beings, what kinds of things are you hoping for?

Personally, I'd like to see towns built around coral reefs and buildings at different depths that creatures can swim around. AND, in stead of having gates, they'd kind of be encased with natural barriers.

Later in the game, I think Underwater Civs should have different UFO styles. Maybe like a UFO that's constantly in a bubble, unless on land? (Vice versa for land creatures...)

Spore: General / Brand-Spankin'-New Creature Editor Footage
« on: May 09, 2006, 06:43:44 pm »
This was shown on G4. It's basically Will Wright and... two hosts playing with the Creature Editor. We can now confirm...

-the third stage of editor is animation
-the sound of creatures is generated based on mouth
-body parts that can count as weapons have attack points
-each body part has a name

Here's the video: [CLICK]

And, since this is going to get an incredible amount of hits, you can re-pay me by visiting my Cataphant thread. No, seriously. I want more criticism and questions! [CLICK AGAIN]

Spore: General / Will Wright's G4 "Presentation" -- BY LUCASUP
« on: May 09, 2006, 05:02:16 pm »
I did not create this... just uploaded it. Thank HydromancerX BioCat LucasUP for that. (Make up your mind, Hydro!)

People browsing on YouTube that find that and get excited... I apologize.

Spore: General / UHHHH??
« on: May 07, 2006, 02:50:54 pm »
Okay, since this is my third post on page one today this can be deleted, but I have a simple question.

There was a post on the forum entitled "New Spore Video" with no replies yet... it had just been posted. When I clicked on it, all excited, I got this:

An Error Has Occurred!
The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you. 

Was it deleted? Anyone that saw it... reply.

Spore: General / Specific Content?
« on: May 07, 2006, 11:06:23 am »
A couple nights ago, I was having one of my usual Spore dreams (this one was the one where I illegally bought the creature editor demo at a gas station for $7) when something peculiar happened. The game let me advance beyond the editor, but my creatures were already sentinent and thriving (my dreams skip time frequently). Anyway, in the corner of my screen I had a little buddy list with some people from the site. I clicked on "HydromancerX" and a revolving, 3D Naucean popped up. A content window! So I read about the Naucean, then I checked an option to use the Naucean (rhymes!) as a domestic animal for my creatures. Voila! I came back to the city, and about 1/4 of my citizens were walking miniature Nauceans on leashes! (One even had a fuzzy hat.)

Here's my suggestion: I think we should be able to pull up other people's creatures or content, and then be able to choose the specific role they'll play in my game. For example, I could check a box on the Nauceans to use them as pets. Or tell the game to put ViS in my solar system... or even tell the game to populate the creature stage with Kazea and Qulliaran. Thoughts?

Spore: General / Release Date Question
« on: May 06, 2006, 12:19:33 pm »
Judging by that new video, I think we can assume that either
a] they prepared that really nicely or
b] the game is extremely near completion.

So, if b is true and the game is pretty much tied up, what would be the point in releasing it 07? My question is, does anyone know of a good reason they would hold off, other than to torture us?

Spore: Creation Corner / The S.P.O.R.E. Trade Alliance
« on: April 27, 2006, 08:19:46 pm »

As your ship travels across the galaxy, you pick up a transmission from a near by mothership:

...come join the SPORE trade alliance! Swap goods throughout the galaxy! Develop new technology! Live in peace!...

The message plays in many different languages at once to communicate with many different people.

Quote, beam back a message, and enjoy prosperity today!

Welcome to the S.P.O.R.E. Trade Alliance Headquarters on the Planet Eeeyu, of the Cataphon II Solar System. Here we provide a neutral center to trade ideas, goods and meet with the heads of your fellow empires. Please abide by the Galactic Law of the SPORE Alliance, and remember to pick up a translator!

President of the Trade Alliance: Cataphant Empire
New civilizations, please send requests to add to the council.

Spore: Creation Corner / My New Creature: The Cataphant
« on: April 23, 2006, 01:19:48 pm »
Meet the Cataphant.

Cataphants are carnivorous reptile/mammals. They walk on two arms and their mouths are on the underside of their cup-shaped bodies. They have recently (last few thousand years) evolved a long tail, with a hoop on the end, that they use to carry things that they build to fit. Cataphants have extremely colourful eyes; some eyes have up to four irises with different colors.

While walking, Cataphants can use their tail as an appendage. However, for full use of their arms, they can set themselves down like a cup.

As a species, Cataphants are very naive and interested in their surroundings. Though they are extremely intelligent and evolved very quickly, all Cataphants have an appearance of being new to the world. They aren't interested in things such as war (only one of the tribes posseses war-like tendencies) but rather would like to peacefully develop in their blissful lives.

They have golden, elastic like skin that can easily withstand the sometimes extremely temperatures of their home planet, Cataphon. Cataphon is orbitted by two moons: Eeneke (pink) and Woowo (green). Eeneke is about the size of our moon and Woowo is a very small spherical rock orbitting the planet. (Names are based on how the names sound in Cataphant language).

Cataphon orbits a single whiteish star (although more on that later) with only one other planet orbitting it: Inarvum.

Inarvum is a gas giant not unlike Jupiter, but when it nears Cataphants love to watch its colorful atmospheric changes.

Cataphon & Inarvum's orbits:

Coming next:
Cataphants through the Ages
& Cataphanian tribes

Spore: Creation Corner / Team Spore Project?
« on: April 05, 2006, 03:37:28 pm »
Is anyone interested in helping me create a project out of my Spore creature?... Because I seem to have all the right ideas, but... my drawings don't really turn out looking nicely at all. So, I know its a lot to ask, but would anyone like to help me draw my creature and everything around it? Help would be much appreciated. :)

Spore: General / How will you play Spore?
« on: April 03, 2006, 08:23:09 pm »
Simple question. When you have Spore loaded up on your monitor, the game's running and you're in full Spore-mode... how are you going to play? You can be maniacal and destroy every planet that gets in the way of your UFO (the most preffered choice) or set up a gigantic Galactic Shopping Mall with each store occupying a planet. Will you run a Trade Confederation or illegally send genetically modified species to attack you allies? Possibilties are endless. What will YOU do?

(ROFL, I sound like a freaking video game commercial. Don't worry, that whole thing was sarcastic. But I want answers.)

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