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Spore: Creation Corner / Creature: Quapura
« on: March 28, 2006, 12:50:23 pm »
I'm new here and decided to introduce myself in the form of a creature I designed for spore.
I'm extremely shoddy when it comes to drawing but Ive thought this creature through quite a lot.
Ive made 4 evolutionary steps so far, with descriptions for each step
I'm almost certain that the full description wont be possible in spore, but still nice to create an in depth description of it.

The name is actually made up of abbreviations of the words quad, octopus and flora.

The Quapura resembles a plant, with 4 large colored "petals" that form the head, each with a single eye on, the mouth lies directally in the center of these petals, by the sides of the mouth are small tentacles that are used to hold food into place as it is devoured (earlier evolutionary steps were actually stingers to immobilize prey however became irrelevant as they gained intelligence).
The Quapura may resemble a plant, however is closer to being a form of squid.
The main body is treelike in appearance with 2 bright green tentacle arms midway down(in earlier evolutionary steps they were stingers used in self defense), the "petals" droop down to this height.
At the base of the Quapura lies 4 extremely strong and surprisingly sturdy tentacles, each able to retract to an extremely large extent, resulting in how the creature actually moves, in order to move it extends 2 of the tentacles then drags itself using them, it uses the remaining two tentacles to push itself forward. It is also able to use these tentacles to walk upright on if need be, these tentacles are also tree like in appearance.

Here you can see how the Quapura evolved, in an extremely rubbish monochrome image

Ill leave the full descriptions of the earlier evolutionary forms for now as they're pretty long. (mainly describes how they eat, how the second form is even able to get to the surface of the water)

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