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Spore: General / Time Waster Game Depository
« on: April 15, 2006, 08:35:43 pm »
So I see you fellows like time wasting Java Apps, Flash, et cetera that remind you of Spore. So, I figured they needed a list for quick reference. The more we get, the more useless things we can do to grind down the days, like reducing blocks of marble with spoons. Have Fun! ;D

Various Gravity Simulators:
A Scale Model of the Solar system
Let's Make a Solar System. The name is incorrect, more like watch it go round and round. Fun to play with, as the planets more resemble ping-pong balls.
Many Moons Simulator Random sim of planetoids based on some law of gravity. Like the above, no collisions.
Gravitation 3.8 Collision and Gravity Simulator, the best so far. It is also downloadable for offline wastage
The Previously Featured Orbit Sim Much more complex than any of the above.

Cell Stage & Evolution Games:
Flow A game similar to the Spore Cell Stage
An Amoeba evolution simulator You don't actually do anything. However, its interesiting to leave on in the background and come back.
Fun with Procedural Animation
Fluid Simple Cell Like Game
Spore Knock-off Not exactly done, as you can't die... or kill the last boss. Good to play with
Sporabee 1.5 Spore Wanna-be (Cell Stage)
Sporabee 2 Spore Wanna-be (Aquatic Stage)

Some Falling Sand Strange Game that appeared on Fark around Christmas

Any more TWs feel free to post, I'll add them to the list.
Note: None of these are mine, I just think they're neat.

In a previous thread, (, can't remember who said it, but it got me thinking.

How Big will one Spore Galaxy be?
Average Number of worlds
(Average number of worlds in a Planetary system)*(Number of Stars in the sector)*(% of systems that have planets)*(number of Sectors in the galaxy)
so W*S1*S2*S3
you could go further into worlds, adding factors like % of worlds with Civilization, life, or potential for life. So, lets plug some numbers.
5 planets/system*20%(planets that will harbor life)*40%(planets that harbor civilization)*30 stars per sector*75%(stars with planets)*10 sectors (extremely conservative) or 50 sectors=90 civilizations to conquer, 450 Civilizations to conquer.

Now I'm just pulling statistics out of my butt here, and this is a really simple equation (not taking into account probably higher affinity toward life and civilization in the Spore Galaxy, and filtering out of stars with nothing to contribute, i.e. no planets, and birth of new stars and death of old ones)

So basically, how big do you think?

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