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Anybody who says 'Spore' is lying or lame.


10/28?-31/06 - Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition and Strat Guide. (Yay for my new obession!)

11/14/06 - Nintendo Wii.


My vote is

Zerg.. with Attitude.

Console Games / Blitzball (minigame from FFX) as a seperate game?
« on: March 31, 2006, 10:20:00 am »
Ewww EA sports games, eww sports videogames period. If I want to play football I'll go play real football not this truncated version of it, and by gosh darn if I wanna play Blitzball in a giant floating sphere of water I'm going to play Blitzball in a giant sphere of water! No one can stop me MUAH HA HA hA Ha AhaAHahsdasdfhasfdghiafgfdg
Ahhh, Blitzball, that would be a fantastic sports game, someone over at SqareEnix ought to consider that. Still, I certainly don't think anyone at EA/Maxis is stupid enough to provide such an invasive anti-piracy measure as StarForce.

What? What insanity is this, we already have a quddich game from EA.... still, anybody thing it might work? (No final fantasy, just the expanded minigame.)

(From: Re: If Spore comes with Starforce will you shun Spore?)

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