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Spore: General / Grain of Salt
« on: May 13, 2009, 12:38:09 pm »
Hey there lurkers and fellow members who have followed Spore at least since 2006 (if not earlier for some).

Remember when this place was a'bustling with activity, even during the agonizingly long dry spells when the dev teams were more interested in missing deadlines than making any kind of updates to a (then) non-existent newsletter?

Remember the comraderie that took place amongst a great many posters / readers, where there were frequent threads back and forth and people eagerly answered each other's questions?

Remember the anticipation built up after scouring the net trying to find the latest tidbit about Spore and how awesome we all thought it was going to be?

Remember that feeling, like in Terminator when the light in the machine goes dim? And how that was a great representation of how a lot of people felt after actually playing Spore?

Remember that giddy feeling you had when you put Spore into your computer, played for a few hours, then realized you were already starting to become an apologetic for all of its vast shortcomings?

Remember how embarrassing it was when you realized you had actually recommended this game to the people you knew that were older than 8?


Things have died off to an alarming degree. Because I'm a glutton for punishment (I know, QQ some more), I still visit this desolate place--that's almost deader than a doornail. Any news about any upcoming Spore expansion is now greatly tempered with slamming down hype (and for good reason).

Just wanted to say that it was nice back when, back before the POS that is Spore came out. I suppose the fact that the owner of this site (the one it's named after) not even showing up for years on end is a good indication that this site needs to go the way of the '05 Willosaur. Or maybe just me.

Spore: General / GDC 2005 Video ... Was Real
« on: September 25, 2008, 11:47:40 am »
This guy, Michael "Flux" Chang-, claims to have worked on the Maxis team back in 2004. He says the GDC 2005 video was not rendered or scripted, but was an actual working prototype. Apparently, he's in the credits in Spore. There were two camps in those days: 1) those that wanted a more realistic, scientific approach and 2) the carebear one we're stuck with today.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. Caryl Shaw (aka MaxisLucky) is the one that verified he is who he says he is:

This post is intended to let others know that they're not crazy. That what they saw and hoped, expected to see in Spore 2008 was actually primitively possible back in Spore 2005. I have to think the original devs (Caryl included, even though she joined later?) were somehow over-ruled on what direction the game would end up taking. They're working with the best they've got, but it's very different from what we initially thought it was going to be.

Spore: General / CC: Unintended Consequence?
« on: June 16, 2008, 08:04:13 am »
After tooling around with the CC for the past few days, I've discovered that I really like looking at the creatures I've made the most. I like other people's creatures, too. But I know, with mine, I can rest assured some thought & energy was put into them to make sure they're satisfactory (to my eyes, at least).

But here's the reason for this thread: If I can help it, I don't want to see anyone else's creatures in my initial solar system. Between now & Sept 7, I plan on making a good number of creatures, especially once we get our hands on all of the parts. Then I want those creatures I make to populate my solar system's planets. Only mine. That way I can be certain I won't run across some creature made in 10 seconds that's a piece of crap.

Then, gradually, as I exit my system and begin exploring I can run into other people's creatures. But I would love to run across my own early on so I can have those "Oh yeah, I forgot I made that little guy!" moments rather than "Ugh, that little son of a gun needs to die now."

I'm not saying this to see if it's possible (which I kind of think it is based on earlier reports for sporecasting), but to see if I'm just being ethnocentric or a little selfish here. I mean, wouldn't you rather run across your creatures first? With so many that will be uploaded to the Sporepedia, it makes me wonder just how often others will actually see your's unless they're directly looking for it. I always come back to the familiarity aspect of it all.

Spore: General / And ... That's It?
« on: August 24, 2007, 12:49:38 pm »
GCDC Leipzig 2007 has two more days left? In all honesty, there's been *one* video from the Spore dev team. A couple articles have the journalists expressing delight about sitting down before the demo ... only to find out that they won't be playing it after all. So, again, for all intents and purposes, it can still be described as canned.

In fact, there is only one account (from that 1UP article) ever of anyone outside of Maxis / EA playing the actual game. Moreover, there seems to be nothing but deadening silence coming from everyone involved in Spore regarding Spore. The official website, still hopelessly outdated, stuck up the link to the Gametrailer site about that one video. The images section now contains a couple abbreviated (and badly hosted) vivisections of that same video.

Isn't there supposed to be some kind of a push, marketing-wise if we're supposedly 6 months out or so from launch? Is there a deluge coming tomorrow or Sunday? Maybe that's it and I'm just jumping the gun or something (you don't know how much I would love to be proven wrong on these doubts, or maybe you do).

Remember Starcraft II? Hasn't come out yet? Was hyped front-and-center at Blizzcon? Now at GCDC, we do already have accounts of journalists playing sessions. How about WAR? They just barely announced the High Elves and Dark Elves faction, providing heaps of nice info. Spore? That revolutionary game that mixes genres masterfully and brings out the inner creative child in everyone it touches? Yeah, tucked away ignominiously in the corner over there.

Spore: General / Spore Loves Its Community!
« on: July 27, 2007, 09:03:38 am »
Currently Warhammer Online (hereafter, WAR) doesn't have a release date. It was originally supposed to come out in Q4 2007, but has been pushed back to Q1 2008.

Spore doesn't have a release date. It was originally slated for Fall 2006, then possibly Spring 2007, then Septemberish 2007, then finally Q2 2008 at the earliest.

Back in June 2006, Mythic was acquired by EA, which would greatly increase the financial backing WAR needed to reach the masses. EA also absorbed Maxis (at an earlier date), which definitely helped when it came to distributing & saturating the market with The Sims.

WAR has an enthusiastic promoter, Paul Barnett, who frequently dishes out podcasts, newsletters, and regular updates about the game.

Spore has an enthusiastic promoter (he is in a way, right? He has a passion about it, at least), who is rarely given any leeway to talk about the game in any way, aside from supposedly canned demos. The newsletter is a joke since it's never existed even though most of us actually signed up over a year ago. The official Spore site is totally outdated and still shows editors that have been clearly overhauled & replaced since. One of the main additions to the site was a useless Port of Entry with various flags which doesn't lead to any new information anyway, so it might as well have just remained the same as before.

WAR is an MMO and thus needs its community immensely, since that's going to be the bread-and-butter that keeps the wheels turning.

Spore is an SMO and, though it will also rely on its community to generate nearly all of the user content, ironically treats that same community with disinterest most of the time.

WAR, as it gets nearer to its release date (still up for grabs), continues to give out information to its eager community. Spore--is it getting any nearer to its release date?--gives out a minor sprinkle, then shuts off the spigot for months at a time in a complete information blackout.

So, since both WAR and Spore are backed by EA, you'd think there'd be a similarity in the way they're being marketed or pushed out there. Sure, they're different in their revenue-generation, but I don't think that's enough to warrant what we're seeing here. As WAR gets closer, the info ramps up in both frequency and intensity. Since Spore still stutters with its drabs of info, it might be safe to say Spore still has a long way to go before we'll ever start getting any kind of consistent info.

Does this make you feel cheery inside?

Spore: General / Current Date - Release Date (R.I.P.)
« on: April 25, 2007, 01:30:12 pm »
More news (the last?):
I don't think I can continue this count of no new info since the game's been delayed until 2009 or so. If someone else wants to delete this thread or opening post, feel free.

Consecutive days since start of this thread without new info (yymmdd):
-- 729 -- [070426 - 090301]

Reason for edit: date & content changed

Spore: General / No News Is No News
« on: September 30, 2006, 10:17:57 pm »
Wait, stop right there. Don't continue any further. You won't like it.

We need to cull our resources together and get someone to just start making things up about Spore. Just let your great imaginations run wild. Tell us about the physics involved while you're flinging creatures into orbit. Or whip up some photo-shopped (ala the Flea) pics of stuff you've created in the editors. More buildings, wacky-tobacky vehicles and goofy-looking UFOs. When it comes to the delivery date, don't hesitate to wow us with a false impression that it's just around the corner and you're putting the finishing touches on things as we speak.

Feel free to describe what you "know" the microbial stage is actually like. Tell us about the mitochondrial mutations that will try to eat us as we swim around. Show us the DNA strands or, better yet, a pic of the Helix-monster you've created called Gattaca. Don't be skimpy on the sounds in that environment or the fact that it looks like we're swimming around in some huge Petri dish. When you get to the part about the transition to the next stage, don't hold back on the details of how awesome the experience will be when we get to sit down and start making our crazy creatures.

For the other editors, don't worry about any silly NDA agreements, just let your mind do the talking. Especially about how it'll be possible to recreate Stonehenge, Taj Majal and Eat-at-Joe's tavern with the building editor. Or the Delorean (Back to the Future car), those old 1930's bicycles and Robby the Robot. Tell us about that one time you decided to create that one plant and called it Mary Jane, for some strange reason. Regale us with stories of how you created a flying vehicle that resembled Mary Poppins holding an umbrella and sent it off for reconnaisance missions.

Make us laugh as you list all of the things you can do with the UFO. Or make us cry with wonder while you describe the wonders and sights of the unfolding galaxy and its secrets (they should've sent a poet! haha). Let us know that although there's a vast solitary emptiness to the space game, it helps that we can explore and keep discovering new and strange creatures and cultures. We know you know all about some really cool Easter Eggs--reassure us that many of our favorite sci-fi shows will have "cameos" or references scattered around the galaxy.

If, for some reason, you are unable to provide any of the above, could you do one thing for us? Just one. Please eradicate all memories of this game from our minds so that we'll stop thinking incessantly about it. It would really mean a lot to us.

Spore: General / Zoom Zoom
« on: August 29, 2006, 07:52:07 pm »
So when you start off as a creature (post-microbial), it seems like you'll only be able to zoom out to a specific height around your creature. In an FPS, you're typically able to get a pretty low 3rd-person view at best. In an RTS, it depends on the game, but it's usually pretty high. But I wonder if the camera is "fixed" on your creature. So even if you try to zoom out and pan the rest of the area, it won't let you and will confine you to the area that includes your creature.

In the demo, they were able to maneuver the camera at will (pa-ching!) but when their creature was the focus, the camera seemed tethered to the creature. Personally I think this would be fantastic as it would force you to actually use your creature to explore the planet's surface. So, when you finally are able to pull completely out and view the planet, you really will have nostalgic connections to the planet because you've basically covered every square inch of it. Kind of like if you drive or take the bus everywhere and then one day are forced to walk the same route--man, the things you notice that you never saw during those other times.

Spore: General / Gamespy's take on WW's GDC '06 presentation
« on: April 06, 2006, 11:16:25 am »

Sorry if this has already been posted. Doesn't look like it says much more than we already know, but it's interesting anyways.

Spore: General / Familiarity is the key
« on: April 05, 2006, 03:20:46 pm »
While everyone that will play Spore will love to come across all kinds of weird and disgusting creatures or furry and cute, most of us will get a great kick out of coming across something we recognize from other games, shows or movies. Running across a blood-thisty fraggle? Awesome! A creature that looks like Homer in 3D? Couldn't be better! Some little blue smurf dude? Aquaman? Towlie? Of course there will be bizarre creatures galore, but what will propel the game beyond the initial impact will be the lasting appeal of coming across creatures we alll recognize from the media we take in.

The hard part will be trying to accept their inherently different playstyles. It's gonna be a blast!

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