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Here are my creatures, I thought it would be nice to see what you think about them.  :)
The Sporepedia links are on the pictures. Excepted for some of them (when I installed the complete CC, i forgot some saved creatures and they got lost).









From this point, creatures are made with the complete editor.





Spore: General / Saving the stars content ?
« on: May 11, 2006, 09:18:03 am »
Hello everybody !
Okay, i was looking at the E3's video from IGN, and specially the space stage when Will travels in the galaxy.
But something disturbed me in my mind; okay, we already know that the player (us) will be able to visit every planet of the galaxy, and have social interactions with the population of _each_ of the populated planets.
So, diplomacy includes that the player, at a moment or another, will have to go back to one of the planets where he has etablished a contact.
And the second thing we know, is that all of these planets are generated on the fly, and i imagine that everything that are in the space, are too.

Soooo, i'm just asking myself how the game will do to make that when we go back to a planet already visited, it will not generates again a new star, erasing all that we've done before in it.
I just can't imagine that the game will save everything we do in every planets, considering that there are billions planets in Spore.
Anyone have an idea ? :/

Spore: Creation Corner / Es' Ov Kobz - My "friendly" creature
« on: March 23, 2006, 07:40:19 am »
Hello ! (I'm French, so excuse if i make some mistakes)
Okay, i'm here to present to you my creature : the Ov Kobz. "Es' Ov Kobz" is a Khronox expression, and it means "The "Under" Desert". It's a genre of worm.
Kobz mean desert but he lives on earth or under water, his body is perfect for swimming.
The speciality of the Ov Kobz is than he have his head on his tail. Even if he have a terrible jaw, he is an herbivor, in reality, his big jaw his for dissuasion, he eats with a long tongue on his tail. So, his jaw is a lure.
Here is the first (ugly) sketch from Paint :

And here is the firsts renders, we can see lots of differents states in the Ov Kobz life.

At the beginning of the Ov Kobz life, his head is very small, then she grows and appear. His tail progressively (?) retract on his jaw to make a sort of human. At this state, he's no more a dissuasive predator, he's intelligent enough to create weapons and become sentient.

The Ov Kobz lives in Teherboes, a big dark world with large oceans and a lots of forests.

That's all, more render/informations soon. :D

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