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Spore: Creation Corner / Setrtes
« on: June 27, 2007, 09:23:51 pm »


Name: Setrtes (singular), Setrtae (plural).
Genders: For the sake of simplicity, one group will be called asexual, as its members are able to reproduce without the need of a partner, and the other group will be called hermaphrodite, as two 'hermaphroditic' individuals are needed for the fertilization of the egg. Gender varies depending on the level of evolution of the creature.
Size: Comparing it to an Earthly object would be trivial as the scale is different from the one in our planet, and size and weight fluctuate depending on the environment.
Weight: Please read above.


They basically look somewhat like a mix between an insect and a snail. They have a gelatinous body, separated into two sections by an elongated mouth going through the middle (it will be called a mouth for the sake of simplicity). Their soft bodies are covered by a shell made of a substance similar to enamel. There are three wings near the back of the shell, two to each side and one in the middle. The one in the middle moves very rapidly from side to side while flying. The shell also covers two antennae, which have retractable eyes at the end.


They reproduce by laying eggs. The body of an asexual individual will release a chemical every once in a while. There is a chance that this chemical will cause fertilization. After this happens, it will start creating a sphere made out of the same substance that its body is made of. It will eventually start releasing chemicals, which will start the creation of the off-spring inside the sphere, and will give the egg some stability. After this, a substance similar to keratin will be released, hardening the egg. Hermaphroditic creatures need to receive the chemicals needed for fertilization from another hermaphroditic individual. Chemicals are interchanged while their mouths are in contact. Most often both parties exchange chemicals, but sometimes one pulls away before the chemicals are released to avoid a situation in which both, or even one, of the individuals end up pregnant. It is safe to use this technique to avoid pregnancy as chemicals are only released in a short burst. However, once the chemicals have made contact with the skin, they dissolve into the body and is not possible to take them out with the use of current technology. It is doubtful whether it will ever even be possible to separate them as they actually unite with the cells, and the extraction would need to be done cell by cell, to avoid any damage.

Spore: General / General questions about Spore.
« on: November 05, 2006, 05:42:52 pm »
I just thought that it would be good if there was a thread where people could ask general questions about Spore, especially newbies. This way there won't be as many repeating threads...
If you think you have a better answer, please post it.


Is Spore multiplayer?
No, it's completely single-player.

Is the water phase/ocean phase going to be in the game?
The last we heard it was on the cusp of being cut out.

Can my creature have two heads?
Yes, it can. The amount of heads you can have will be determined by the size of your brain. Brain size also controls how many movable parts you have.

Can creatures fly?
As of the 2005 presentation, creatures can fly.

Will my computer be able to store all data or even be able to play this? What kind of computer will I need?
As of now, the basic requirements are unknown. However, Will said that the data will not take up much room, at least the creatures'.

Can you move forward and backward in time? Go back to when your creature was tribal, for example and make some changes?
Will said that you will be able to go back to previous stages.

Have the gas giant to star transformation feature been scrapped?
Will Wright has not said Gas Giants can be transformed into stars.

Everything Else / Do you collect something?
« on: November 04, 2006, 08:20:21 pm »
If you do, what kinds of things do you collect?

I collect coins. I even found a penny that was different from the usual design...

Art / Blender
« on: October 22, 2006, 04:18:03 pm »
I found a free 3D modeling program called Blender. So far I think it's really good.

You can download it here.

Also, you can look at the gallery.

You can post the things you make with it in this thread.

Everything Else / GS Flash Movies Thread
« on: September 17, 2006, 04:11:11 pm »
Show off your Flash movies here.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Jellyuses (you will just love them)
« on: August 14, 2006, 04:46:55 pm »
This is a creature created jointedly by Hanianknight and I.

Galactic stage

Name: Jellyus
Scientific name: Ballein Speb Monos
Locomotion: Walking during childhood, and swimming during adulthood
Diet: Omnivores. They drink the blood from animals, and the sap from plants.
Lifespan: 1,000,000,000 years avg.
Size: 30,000 meters avg. (adults) 1 meter avg (children)
Weight: 100 tons avg. (adults) 30 lbs avg. (children)


Jellyuses reproduce by spewing monkey-like creatures. These monkeys are spewed from a large loogie.


The traditional Jellyus clothing are hats.


The Jellyuses are governed by a large piece of pink coral. They came upon this coral when it got stuck on one of Mike's fins. They decided that only an intelligent enough coral would hitchhike a ride from a Jellyus. Since that time, the coral has ruled all of Loonen (the planet they inhabit).

Self defense

Their eyes contain tiny wormholes which connect to a gun factory owned by Glock and whatsisname.


The culture of the Jellyuses mainly revolves around looking at and purchasing hats. It was commanded by the Great Pink Coral that they will wear hats all the time. At least thats what Mike said the coral wanted. Anyone not wearing a hat will have fully loaded guns shot at them from the eyes of the monkey babies. The guns aren't fired they are thrown, it is shown to be more effective.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Picoids
« on: August 02, 2006, 01:06:07 pm »
This thread is divided in two creatures. The Picoids and the Rusmots. These two creatures are natural enemies living in the same planet/moon.


Space Stage (currently)

Name: Picoid
Scientific name: Picoes Nadus Monus Sapiens
Locomotion: Swimming
Diet: Herbivores
Lifespan: 23 years average
Size: 3 cms. avg. (adults), 0.4 cms. avg. (children)
Weight: 5 grams avg. (adults), 1.2 grams avg. (children)
Sexuality: All Picoids are hermaphrodites
Gestation: 1 day and lays an egg
Incubation: 3 days and eggs hatch
Offspring: 25 - 30
Adolescence (can breed): 5 years
Adulthood: 10 years
Mid-age: 15
Elderhood: 20


  The Picoids are tiny marine creatures that like easy life, but they also like to be as a family. They will let any creature take them as long as they agree to take all the family members of the group and also that they will be taken care of correctly. So far only only one species of creatures is allowed to take a family of Picoids without any consequences and that is the Aleunen, but other creatures can still ask to be included. (The Picoids could be considered the sea monkeys of the universe  :P). The Picoids live in Aidan, the nearest moon to Gabbleon.

Picoid/Aleunen Relations

  The Aleuni have agreed to help and protect the Picoids. The Aleuni discovered the Picoids while in an exploration project of Aidan about halfway through their Civilization Stage. When the Picoids were discovered, the they still were in their Creature Stage. The Aleuni helped the Picoids to evolve and to reach the Space Stage. The Picoids reached the Space Stage a long time before the Aleuni because they considered the ability to get out of their planet more than enough of an achievement for it to be counted as an advance to a new stage.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Aleunen and The Rothan
« on: July 23, 2006, 05:36:53 pm »
General Information

Space Stage (Currently)

Name: Aleunen.

Scientific name: Amphibiet Aladius Sapiens

Locomotion  Mostly walking. Can also fly for very short periods of time. 

Size: 3 to 3.5 meters avg. (male), 2.5 to 3 meters avg. (female) 2.7 to 3.2 avg. (hermaphrodites).

Weight: 50 to 60 Kg. avg. (male), 45 to 50 Kg. avg. (female) 47 to 54 avg. (hermaphrodites).

Lifespan: 475 to 495 Earth years avg. (male), 490 to 520 years avg. (female) 510 to 545 years avg. (hermaphrodites).

Diet: Omnivores.

Male/Female/Hermaphrodite ratio: 4-2-1.

Gestation: 8 days and lays an egg.

Incubation: 7 months before egg hatches.

Number of offspring: 1 to 3.

Beginning of Adolescence (gains ability to breed): 50 years.

Adulthood: 120 years.

Mid-Age: 240.

Elderhood: 400.


Singular: Aleunen

Plural: Aleuni

Adjective: Aleunen

Planet: Gabbleon


The Aleuni live in the planet Gabbleon. They live in small groups on little villages scattered around the world. Even though they aren't very social, they all work together and help each other. Because of that, all the villages have developed at a similar rate. Aleuni learned early in their evolution that they got better and faster results through team work. They recently reached the Space Stage.

They can usually live for about 500 Earth years. The longest an Aleuni has lived is 593 years. They live for such a relatively long time because they are such a calm, unworried, and happy race.

Physical Description

They posses a pair of wings. Because of their weight and the wings size, the wings are useless for flying long distances, but they can be used for short distances. Flying requires a lot of energy and that's why Aleuni don't use them as a main form of locomotion.

They also have a horn. The horn has an organ, used for respiration and smelling, inside that is surrounded by the bone shown in the outside. Just below this horn, a hole is located.

They developed strong retractable nails during their evolution. They used these nails to dig in the hard soil. They weren't able to develop tools for digging during their tribal stage because the rocks were too hard for them. The only useful tools for digging were developed during their City stage.

All Aleunen is born with a slightly muscular physique. This is because mining was very important earlier in their evolution and most of the rocks and minerals found on the planet are pretty hard. They kept this feature the same way as they kept the retractable nails.

When an Aleunen wants to swim, his or her feet become webbed. This allows them to swim easier.

Aleuni have 6 arms and 2 legs. 2 of the 6 arms are attached to the wings and are used for wing movement for flight. These arms are scrawny compared to the rest of the body. This is because they are seldom needed. The other 4 arms are located in a lower position. The joints in this, much more muscular, arms allow the Aleunen to bend his or her arms backward. While they are backwards, though, they are much weaker and it becomes extremely hard to manipulate objects.

Aleuni have many sharp teeth that are specially useful to chew on rocks.

Their faces are thin and pulled back and end in a long crest with an ovaled end.

Their skin changes color depending on what they are feeling. Feelings that they consider positive will have a lighter tint, while negative ones will have a darker tint. All feelings have a different color that is the same in all healthy Aleuni. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the color is. When they feel more than one thing at once, the colors mix. When an Aleunen is serious, he or she turns a color between gray and wite. This leads scientists to think that the Aleunen's natural color is that.

This is an incomplete list of the feelings and the colors the skin turns:

Happiness: golden
Pride: silver
Sadness: yellow
Anger: green
Jealousy: red
Embarrasement: purple
Fear: brown
Love: blue
Sickness: orange
Worry: pink
Confusion: black
Pain: purple
Pensive: lavender
Lust: violet

Not many people from other races know what feeling each color represents since most books don't list the feelings with their respective colors, but just mention that the Aleuni's skin changes color with feelings, and because the colors they turn are hard to associate with the feeling.

Aleuni dislike this because it makes lying difficult and it can cause them embarrasment that others know what they are feeling.

Male/Female physical differences

The physical differences between a male and a female Aleunen are: male Aleuni have longer horns. Females are usually less muscular than males.


Since they only reached the Space Stage recently, the only major event during this stage has been the creation of a mothership capable of reaching other galaxies and large-scale travel. Smaller, less powerful spaceships had already been invented and are for private use, but they weren't considered important enough for the Aleuni to think that their creation meant an advance to a new era.

Two or three creatures are needed for reproduction depending on wether one of them is hermaphrodite. The female creature forms and lays the eggs, one male creature provides the sperm needed for the formation of the egg, which requires a great quantity, and a second male keeps on adding sperm and protects the egg until it hatches. Hermaphrodites can do the job of one of the male and female creatures. At about 40 years of age, all Aleuni begin to develop a pouch just behind the hole in their stomach. On males, this pouch is filled with sperm, and in females, the pouch contains the ovary. Hermaphrodites have two pouches. A hermaphrodite can inseminate itself, but because sperm from two creatures is necessary for the development of the egg, they need another creature of their same species for reproduction.

After the sperm reaches the egg, the ovary begins hardening and growing. After 8 days, it will have a diameter of approximately 2 cms. . A second male will then add his own sperm and, every once in a while, either male will add more sperm for about 7 months until the egg hatches. If the eggs are taken care of correctly, they will grow slowly and they will eventually hatch.

Because constantly adding sperm to the egg was such a bother, a machine that does it automatically was created. (look at the technology section)

Every Aleunen is born with an small hole just below the middle section of the stomach. A tubular organ comes out through the hole of a male Aleunen during reproduction and is inserted into the female's hole.


The Aleunen have a great digestive system. Most of all the solid food consumed is decomposed, so the wastes are usually in a fairly liquid state. One of the reasons they have such a great digestion is because having a slightly toxic atmosphere has caused a bit of acid to form on their stomach. This acid is not harmful for the Aleuni, but it's strong enough to decompose most foods.


The horn on an Aleunen head absorbs the gases or substances, including liquids, surrounding it. The minerals and nutrients are then extracted from these gases or substances and directed to their circulatory system. When an Aleunen's body finds the gas or substance unhealthy, the hole below the horn is opened. This hole absorbs some of the gas or substance and it is sent to a cavity inside the Aleunen's body. The body then tries to adapt to this gas or substance. During this time, the horn is still absorbing the gas or substance. If the gas or substance is too poisonous or if the body respires it for too long without adapting, the Aleunen could die of intoxication or suffocation. Aleuni are able to breathe underwater.


Aleuni have three eyes which they use to see things. One eye is just below the hole used as an alternative method of respiration. And the two other eyes are below the single eye. Each eye has transparent eyelids covering it. These eyelids sharpen the creature's vision and protect the eyes. Aleuni are not only able to perceive light, they can also perceive other kinds of radiation, but testings of Aleunen vision are not finished so it is not known yet to what extent these radiations can be perceived and all the kinds of radiation that can be perceived.


In Aleunen society, Science and Technology are praised, while Magic and Philosophy are considered useless. Chemistry and Physics are the most studied subjects.

Most parents teach morals to their children at an early age. And gossip is not tolerated in Aleunen society.

Aleuni are usually neutral in their opinions and excersise their power with fairness. Aleunen judges are considered one of the best because of these traits. These traits can not only be seen in their religion, but they are also reflected in the way they govern and in the society. It is rare to find an extremist Aleunen.


The Aleuni are governed by a group formed by one Aleunen from each of the 10 major colonies and 2 from the major cities in Gabbleon. Their headquarters are in Noku.


There is an extremely low crime rate in Gabbleon due to the efficiency of the authorities and because the Aleunen have achieved a level in which most of time it is completely unnecessary to resort to crime. Punishment for crimes is slightly harsh.

It has been discussed many times wether the Kine-Gun makes crime easier. But it has been proved that most criminals don't use Kine-Guns because they think that it is too inefficient in the amount of weight that can be carried and that they are too hard to control when the user is hurried. Many criminals that have tried to use the Kine-Gun for thievery have not been successful because they have been discovered before they could accomplish their goal.


Because of the similarities in ideals between the Aleunen and the Nauceans and the symbolism the Nauceans have, most Aleunens venerate the Nauceans. ViS ideals are respected, but not many Aleuni follow them. And because of their violent ways, Torpals are seen as savages which don't deserve any respect and much less any venerations. It is very rare to find a Torpal follower among Aleunens.


In Gabbleon, there is only one big company for every kind of thing. The government builds huge malls in every city filled with small shops that sell something that is needed. Then a person is chosen to take care of each shop and to do other jobs. The city then buys the things to fill each shop when it's needed from the same factories as the other cities. This keeps a balance in the quality of things there are in each city and makes them develop at the same rate.

Gabbleon (Home planet)

About 365,000 million years ago, Gabbleon was a very small planet full of volcanoes and lava. The planet is made of extremely resistant types of rock. Because of this, it's volcanoes are unlike Earth ones. The magma doesn't push the rock upward. There are hotspots where the magma pushes upward with greater force than anywhere else. Almost all eruptions occur at these hotspots. Because of this, the magma flowed from holes on the ground. There is an average of 56 eruptions from these spots every year. Because of these factors, the area around this spots elevated rather quickly and most of the spots were covered by the rock that fell in because of natural events. The covered spots still erupt, but the lava flows in tunnels deep underground. The pits that weren't covered by rock filled with rain water. The magma can be seen flowing at the bottom. There are very few lakes, but they are extremely deep. Gabbleon's surface is 93% land and 7% water, but because of the deepness of its lakes, there has never been a shortage of water. Gabbleon is on the Atherean system, a system conformed by seven planets and a star. It takes about 238 Earth days for Gabbleon to revolve around the sun. One rotation takes 37 Earth hours.

Gabbleon has one circular range of very tall mountains called Orcus Range to the West. Most of the Aleuni that have decide to separate from the rest of society make their home in the area surrounded by the mountains. The soil is too hard and the fertile areas are mostly near lakes, therefore, the denser forests are around lakes and agriculture has never played an important role on Aleunen economy.

The only aboveground volcano in Gabbleon is located in the Southwest part of the planet. This volcano's lava is not as hot as the one produced by the other volcanoes and it cools much quicker. The volcano also emits noxious gases often. Because of this gases, Gabbleon's atmosphere is slightly toxic for other creatures.

Even though magma flows at the bottom of most bodies of water, the water is not toxic for the Aleuni because they have strong immune systems and they have already developed a resistance to it.


Three moons orbit around Gabbleon. Their names are Chax, Noku, and Aidan. Chax is the smallest one. It is the farthest away from the planet. It is rocky and icy. Aidan is the nearest one. It is completely covered in water. Noku is in the middle. It is rocky and is about 60% covered in water.


Even though many natural events still occur, the Aleuni are beginning to discover ways to control climate and weather.

Living Underwater

Few Aleuni choose to live underwater. The space is very limited and many objects float around most of the time. To make underwater houses, a cave has to be dug first. This is because of the lava that flows at the bottom of most bodies of water.

Other creatures


The Picoids

The Aleunen made a treaty with the Picoids. This treaty made the Picoids the official pet of the Aleuni. The Aleuni also agreed to protect and help the Picoids. Most Aleuni families have aquariums with several families of Picoids.

The Aleunen assigned a group of people to interact with the Picoids. These people had to do an investigation of the Picoids beginning by learning their language. Very few people besides the Picoids know Picuns, the Picoid language. It is likely that the Aleunen will have to help the Picoids whenever they try to communicate.


The typical food of the Aleuni is rocks. They eat rocks because the rocks in their planet are really nutritive. Eating rocks made them develop sharp teeth strong enough to chew on them. 


  Fruits are really scarce and are the most wanted type of food. They are considered a delicattese in Gabbleon. People pay lots of money to have fruits. Fortunately for the Aleuni, substitutes are beginning to be developed at an affordable price. Also, they have discovered that Noku, one of Gabbleon's moons has a soil that is perfect to grow fruits. This will bring their price down and make fruit a more common type of food.


The Aleunen have learned that everything has energy in it. They are beginning to use this knowledge to create things that use that energy as their main source of power.


It is connected to the brain. It is activated when the user mentally tells it to. It ejects lots of energy. The user decides what the energy is directed at. That energy is used to push the object in the direction the user wants. It can be used to move small to medium sized objects with less energy it would usually require. The drawbacks are that it can only make the object levitate a few feet from the ground. There is a great limit in the weight that the object to be moved can be. A great amount of concentration is required to get the desired results. And it can also cause brain damage if used incorrectly. It was made to be used as a weapon, but due to the extensive amount of limitations, the project was cancelled. The idea was later bought by AleuYot, the biggest toy company in Gabbleon. It was made into a toy, and because of it's fairly simple design and the cheapness of the materials it is made off, almost every Aleunen can afford it. It has been in the first place of the top ten best sold toys chart for the last 7 years. It is a favorite among parents because it keeps children still and quiet, due to the amount of concentration required to make it work. Its name during the creation process was Project GBL-TK431, and then the toy company renamed it Kine-Gun. It is tubular, has wires that go connected to the brain, there is a round opening at the front, where the energy comes out from. It is a shiny, metallic color. It doesn't have a trigger since it is mentally operated. And it is fairly compact, since it usually fits completely on the hand of the user. There has been some controversy on wether this toy could be used for crime.

This brain-machine interface is still at it's beginning stage, but is quickly becoming widespread and the norm for many of the newest inventions.

Identification Device (ID)

When an Aleunen gets to 100 years of age, he or she is given by the government an small, really portable device that is used for identification. It includes a lot of personal stats about the Aleunen. It is also used during political elections to make sure that everyone votes, even if they choose neither side, but their votes are registered anonymously. This device has many features, including a few secret features, only known to politicians on high positions, that will only be used when they are absolutely needed, usually in the case of an emergency. They are really high tech devices that have an almost impenetrable security system. So far nobody has been able to break the security system. When it detects that someone is trying to break the system, it sends a signal to the authorities and the person could be put in jail because of it.

Teletransportation System

This systems are in their beta phase. The method this systems use to teletransport objects is that first, the object is scanned in a base (where the object is placed to be teletransported), then, the molecules that make up the object are separated, after that, the molecules are sent through a system of minuscule tubes to another base, finally, once the object gets there, the system will try to put the object back together by using the information that was gathered by the other base during scanning. There have been just a few successes so far, but the results are getting better. The systems are being improved to read and gather the information better.


This is a machine used to incubate eggs. It sprays sperm over the eggs every few hours. It's common to find this machine on a household. They are very cheap and can be found on many stores. The machine has a rounded shape. A soft pillow where the eggs are placed is located at the bottom, and it's covered by a plastic dome. Above the dome, there is a bag that has to be filled with sperm once every day. The sperm is taken from the bag through the use of tubes that go from the bag to the top part of the dome.


Relatively few people own a private rocketship. Mostly people with high amounts of money own them. Most rocketships are shaped like a drop of water, an oval with a pointy end. This is the most efficient design according to a group of scientists. This rocketships are usually only used to go to colonies.

Continues here.

Spore: General / New Gameplay.
« on: July 07, 2006, 10:46:28 pm »
What are your opinions on the changes in gameplay (the changes in the creature editor, mating, statusbars, Sporepedia being added, etc., not graphics) from last year.

Everything Else / Psychics.
« on: June 18, 2006, 11:37:03 am »
What is your opinion on psychic abilities such as psychokinesis, telepathy, empathy, etc.

Spore: General / Downloads.
« on: May 28, 2006, 10:25:36 pm »
If a creature is downloaded, will all the different evolved versions of that creature be downloaded later too? And if a creature is downloaded and then it advances to a new level, will it advance in your game too? How will the computer decide what version of the creature to download? And will Maxis keep all the versions of each creature in the database? So, if it keeps each version as a different creature, wouldn't you sometimes have many versions of the same creature running around on your planet if you bookmark the creator?

Console Games / All console games.
« on: May 28, 2006, 11:16:51 am »
List all the console games you can think of and lets see how many we can get. Only console games.

PC Games / All PC games.
« on: May 28, 2006, 11:14:30 am »
List all the PC games you can think of, and lets see how many we get. Only PC games.

The Sims
The Sims 2
Sim City
Sim City 2000
Sim City 3000
Sim City 4
Sim Earth
Sim Ant
Sim Life
Sim Farm
Sim Tower
Sim Health
Sim Isle
Sim Copter
Sim Golf
Sim Town
Sim Park
World of Warcraft
Sim Safari
Sim Tunes

Spore: General / New video of the demo.
« on: May 27, 2006, 11:29:50 pm »
Sorry if this has been posted before.
I looked on google video and there was a new video of the demo. It has a great quality and you can see things that were hard to see before.

Everything Else / First posts.
« on: May 27, 2006, 06:40:29 pm »
What was your first post?

Mine was: Spore.   ;D  Yes, that's all that I wrote in my first post.

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