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Spore: General / How to install the full CC?
« on: June 18, 2008, 06:23:07 am »
How does one install the full CC, when EADM has downloaded it? ???

I am encouraged by the many other threads around here, and the fact that everyone seems to help everyone. :)

I downloaded the trial version. Had my fair share of problems, but it went alright. Then went to pay for the full one. Got a receit and everything, and had to install EADM in order to install the CC. Fair nuf, DL EADM, install it. Then, "Install with EADM"... oh, hello. Long wait.
Ah! Done. EADM says.. "play game"? Why, I click that. I get the trial CC. I uninstall the trial CC, and click again. Nnnno, nothing now.


Spore: General / Jungle planet, approve/not?
« on: May 21, 2008, 08:47:14 am »
The thought was aired somewhere in the image thread up above. What if you had a planet that was entirely covered by a jungle? Like, you could descend with your UFO, and all you could see would be the forest roof, under which was a myriad of lifeforms, much more plentiful than is the case on other planets?
I am imagining these jungle-planets, whether green and rainforest-like, or purple and composed of mainly eyeball-plants with butts for leaves, could be put in an expansion pack. Also, their implementation in the game could be somewhat chance-based upon exploring the universe; every now and then you'd have people on these forums go "Yay! :D I found a jungle planet, look at all these critters!". Does it see a certain bit of approval from you masses?

THoughts of modification are of course not prohibited, rather encouraged really.

Spore: General / Responsible to front iTunes from Apple?
« on: May 11, 2006, 09:37:41 am »
On, that is, you need a Java addition to your browser to be able to watch a movie of Spore.
When I try to download this missing addition on my Firefox browser, I get linked over to

"Quicktime 7 with iTunes 6", it says.

The install is called something like "iTunes.exe", and I have heard nothing but horrible things about the EULA, adware, etc etc etc.
Is downloading it any advisable?

Spore: General / Meteorites let loose
« on: May 07, 2006, 07:33:43 am »
Has this topic been discussed yet? The board is so bloody full, searching and manually browsing makes you none the wiser.

Does anyone know if there will be large objects flying around on their own? That would really, really own, granted that your starting planet was protected from them by use of script or stuff. And so, when you entered space age, you could have radar detection, and warning in good time. Like.. "You must destroy this comet, else we will all die in xxx time!"

Spore: General / Evolution for fun, or need?
« on: April 01, 2006, 12:59:03 pm »
Well obviously, none of us know in what way we will actually PLAY the game yet.
We start a new game, and we think.. what? Do we already know what creature we want to create? Are we going to the battlefield with a plan?
Personally I think that for most of us (who haven't planned any specific creature), the first game or two will be absolutely fun-inspired, without a motive, and we will create as we go along. In mid-game, we might change completely, and go for something that we thought of right there! Some "pros" might choose to go on hardcore designing games, starting out with only one shape in mind.
Perhaps there can be varying levels of difficulties? That way, those that want to go at it hard, will have to develope a creature that can stand the test of time. Fast predators means it will have to counter these, and the harder difficulty one has chosen, the better will these creatures be. Personally I really, really want a difficulty setting. Those that set the difficulty low, can either have lots of fun without much chance of being eaten, or have the elbowroom to create their specialized creatures, and show them to friends.


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