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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / By Order of the Emperor OOC!
« on: June 17, 2010, 10:29:14 pm »
Razonatair Tells me that its time for a OOC thread for this... and Right He Is!

So What do we got?

Verys, a Knight of the Wexxian Empire has been sent to ensure that the Wexxian's old home galaxy doesn't get invaded by the Nameless Empire.

Wanting to test the mettle of the galaxy's fighting forces, Verys has engaged the Core Combine Fleet... well engaged isn't really the right word. More like a game of cat and mouse.

The Kratairian Republic Navy capital ship; Fortitude, is standing by not far from there. Observing the skirmish. As is the Orealyian First Fleet and two small Korolon class General Purpose Corvettes!

I am happy to report that the Wexxians... once again... have created utter Chaos, simply by being there!  ;D

Your thoughts on where we're going to take this?   :)

Spore: Creation Corner / The Wexxian Empire
« on: June 14, 2010, 01:19:25 pm »
The Wexxian Empire

The Tri-Wexxian Empire is the name of the Sovereign Nations under the control of the Wexxians in the Meridian Galaxy.

The Wexxian Empire is at war with the civilization known as “THEM" A Semi-Ascended Species once known as the Atheim. Currently in combat with them in three galaxies.

They are a minor member of the Terran Resistance, and the newest member. Often taking the roles of Rapid-Response Fleets in the Resistance Hierarchy.

The Empire is created solely for the destruction of THEM. Thus most of the exercised power is done by the Supreme Commander of the Military and not by the Emperor himself. Instead the Emperor has become an almost religious position as the embodiment of the Wexxian Spirit: “Protect Life and Freedom.”

The Tasks of keeping the Wexxian Nations Going, is delegated to the individual governments as each of the three nations regulate themselves.


The Wexxian Empire was born shortly after the Exodus of the Robotic Wexxians. Jetas, the first Emperor, created the empire by annexing the war torn worlds of the “Great Trench” (The region between the Soahc Legions and the Targ S’etskarp nations). Effectively creating an empire between the two warring superpowers and bringing the Wexxians into what was then known as the ‘Infinite War’.

The Soahc and S’etskarp had at that point been at war since before recorded time and the Wexxian Barrier Strategy was to keep either side from advancing and attacking the other.

After seventeen years of fighting to maintain the Barrier. The Soahc and S’etskarp economy could no longer afford its military expenses without any results to appease the masses or any defeats to scare them. An official cease-fire was never signed by either side. But for a time it seemed that the factions where willing to glare at each other from across the Wexxian Barrier.

The strenuous peace lasted for five years before the Targ S’etskarp Empire launched a full assault on the Wexxians. The ensuing conflict lasted half a year before ‘The Infinite War’ was ended definitively by Captain Teaz Alwes-Enerva-01-2.

Teaz, a S’etskarp Wexxian, served in the Wexxian Navy in the Barrier War and was because of his achievements, put in charge of the 47’Th Rapid-Response-Fleet, which he gave the nickname; ‘The Knights of Vengeance.’ Among his enemies, Teaz quickly earned the title ‘The Lord of Vengeance’ for his prowess in battle.
Having retired from active duty after the original cease-fire. Teaz was brought into the war again, when his wife Lanetia was kidnapped  by the Queen Empress of the Targ S’etskarp Empire.

Infuriated, Teaz infiltrated the Targ Capital to save his wife. Confronting the Queen Empress, he learned that the ruler was in fact a “THEM” who had kept the Meridian Galaxy under control for millions of years by pitting the Targ and Soahc against each other. Switching sides every time one side seemed to be close to winning.

Teaz was only able to save his wife through the intervention of Moriadne, the Terran-Ixian ruler, who transported them the Wexxian Capital of Void. Fatally wounded in his brief fight with the dark being, Teaz’s organic body died within an hour of arriving.

In an attempt to save him, the Synthetic Wexxians transferred his mind, to a nanite replicate of his old body.

In the moments while his consciousness connected with the Wexxian coding. Teaz discovered that each Wexxian leaves behind an imprint in the coding of their offspring, a residual image of the Wexxians who came before. In a vision, the image of Axon the Avenger told Teaz to reclaim his old blade and use it to kill the Dark Entity.

Reborn as a Synthetic Wexxian, Teaz claimed the Blade and title of the Avenger and led a massive attack against the Targ S’etskarp Capital in order to defeat ‘The Dark One’ (As the being has been dubbed by the wide population since then) During the ensuing fight, Teaz was struck down by the Dark One.
Recognizing that he was unable to defeat The Dark One by himself, he merged his mind with the imprints of the ancestral Wexxians in his programming and became a semi-ascended being with all the knowledge and skills of all Wexxians who came before him. History records this as the first appearance of an ‘Omega Wexxian.’

With his newfound power, Teaz destroyed The Dark One. But the stress of being an Omega Wexxian was too much for his unprepared physical form and Teaz life ended after his victory.

With the truth of the Infinite War revealed to the galaxy, it finally came to an end. Within a year, the Targ S’etskarp Empire had collapsed onto itself and the Soahc Legions had relinquished its conquered territories.

The Wexxian Empire had emerged victories in its first struggle against an enemy unlike any they had ever faced before, but they knew that they now where at war with the full might of THEM! The Infinite War was over, but the Wexxian Empire had stepped onto the larger stage. Intergalactic War was a reality.

Thirty years after the Wexxian arrival, a confederacy of the old S’etskarp worlds, as well as many of the Soahc clans, joined the Wexxians in the preparations for war against THEM. With the signing of the Emergency Imperial Charter of Enerva, on Void the Tri-Wexxian Empire was born.  

Full Name:
The Federal Coalition of the Democratic Tri-Wexxian Empire and its Nations.

Short Name:
The Wexxian Empire.

The End of the Infinite War.

Successor State to:
The Federal Democratic Wexxian Empire.

Political Affiliation:
The Terran Resistance.


State Motto:
"Protection of Life and Freedom”

Military Motto:
“For the memory of those who have fallen and for the hopes of those who will follow!”

Arcos Tagan-Enerva-71.

  • Jerar Teaz-Enerva-02-01.
    Prime Minister of the S’etskarp Wexxian Nation.
  • Bargarr Arazz.
    High Chief of the Soahc Wexxian Legions.
  • Abrax Deon-Indus-01-45.
    Overseer of the Synthetic Wexxian High Council.

Government Type:
Monarchic Federal Coalition of Nations.

Head of Military:

Supreme Commander:
Nomis Secrys-Enerva-02-1

The Fortress World; Void.

Imperial Credit.

Military Spending:
70% of economic income.

State Religion:

Directly Administering 64% of the Meridian Galaxy.
974 Inhabited Systems.

Protectorate Nations and Territories:
Too many to list.

  • 37% Soahc Wexxian.
  • 28% S’etskarp Wexxian.
  • 24% Synthetic Wexxian.
  • 11% Other Wexxian Species.

Technological Level:

I’m spent! :P This was hard to write in one go… any question, requests?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / By Order of the Emperor
« on: June 11, 2010, 04:46:46 pm »

The Knight of Vengeance

In the empty void between the stars, the fabric of space time tore a hole in itself. For a micro second, the middle of the tear bridged reality with itself… one place existing two places at once!

Reality itself cried out against this violation of its order and lashed out against this blasphemy with all its might. Lightning streaked in all directions as fiery flares of plasma roared in righteous fury.

And as quickly as it had begun; so it ended. The tear closed and the hellish energy dissipated into the cold space, leaving only a ship with flaring shields.

Inside, sitting quite calmly, sat the being that had just violated the order of the universe, surveying the unfamiliar stars, with a cold gaze from his photonic receptor.

‘So this is home? I wonder… how many people will I have to kill here?’ He mused morbidly to himself, as he always did when arriving in a new place.

‘As many as I have to!’

This is the Imperial Wexxian Battleship VINDICATOR, Captain Verys Speaking…

As of this moment, this Galaxy is considered a Protectorate of the Tri-Wexxian Empire.

Any trespasses, or attacks on this territory will be regarded as direct attacks upon the Wexxian Nation and will be responded to as such!

I repeat; as of this moment, this Galaxy is considered a Protectorate of the Tri-Wexxian Empire.

This is the will of the Emperor!

Verification Code: #7365527-252:
T.W.E. Rapid-Response-Fleet: 0047; “The Knights of Vengeance
1’st Knight. Commander Verys Deleros-Enerva-02-3.

Verys looked around the lonely bridge of his ship, stretched himself lazily before deciding to report his arrival to fleet command back on Void.

Void… His home was now so very far away. Infinity separated him from his people and his family, his wife and daughter.

But a wretched sinner as him could not afford to hope for a happier life.
What he had done and what he would do, made him what he was… A Demon; for that was what the Empire needed him to be!

“Protect Life and Freedom!” Verys told himself as he read his orders.

“And destroy those who get in the way!”

(OOC: Well, there it is… My “Sorta return of the Wexxians, but not completely” RP!
A little dark perhaps? Oh yes!
What’s going to happen next? I haven’t the slightest clue…  :D well I have plenty But that would be telling!  ;) )

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Wexxians; The Exodus Expedition.
« on: November 20, 2007, 11:24:01 am »
(OOC: Yes people , its time for the Wexxians to be officially withdrawed from the RP universe the essential RP part will first come later, but for now some background story!)

The Parting of the Wexxians

Chapter 1; The Discovery, Part 1; Shadows of the Past.

Time: Wexxian age of Fortitude, many years after the REDSTAR Rebellion.

Location: Precursor Ruins on planet Xefasto in the Vaas System: "Wild Space".

“Its true then?”

“Yep… this is definitely Targ S’etskarp architecture… and in better shape than any of our other findings from them since the Licentia.”

The Wexxian archaeologists looked into the room they had been trying to unseal for the last four hours… finally their efforts had born fruit and the ancient door had slid to the side, revealing what might once have been a conference room when the Creators where still alive.

Planet Xefasto was a barren wasteland. For all that the Wexxian excavation expedition, on the Champion Cruiser; Lord of the Infinite, had been able to gather… the planet was glassed in the end of the Great War that destroyed the Creators. Only by searching deeply beneath the planets scorched surface with their powerful scanners, had the expedition located the remains of a sub-level bunker that had not been completely destroyed. It had taken a few hours to dig the few miles down to the structure and another four to finally gain access to the only intact room left.

The room was sparsely decorated but the building style was unmistakably that of the Pranksters. Fluent design and strong purple colours where visible where the light beams from the Wexxians fell. In the middle of the room was a round table with several dust covered corpses seated.

Some of the younger members of the expedition team visibly flinched when the expedition leader walked over and started examining the remains of the alien in the biggest chair. The insectoid creature was almost perfectly preserved. He was small of stature with four arms, four legs a pair of wings and a head with two large eyes, now all dried up. He was dressed in a ceremoniously looking robe with Karpo symbols embroided on. His upper right arm was lying across the table with the grasper clenched tightly except one finger… it looked as if the last thing this being had done before dying was to point across the table.

“Death by suffocation! These died after the planet was glassed… get a medical team down here so they can examine the bodies.” The expedition leader exclaimed after scanning the body.

The Wexxians began searching the room; there was not much of interest, but they found a small console at the table where the high ranking alien corpse rested. With little effort the team interfaced with the small computer and powered it up.

The room brightened as a holo-projector in the table activated and began replaying a message recorded millions of years ago. The air shimmered with static and the image of the Targ S’etskarp in the large chair appeared, floating over the table. The being opened its mouth and began to speak… all understood its words as they all learned Karpo in school.

[“I am Elder Father Cxs R´te, of the Targ S’etskarp Paternal Council. And I record this in our darkest hour… we have failed.”]

The alien looked down and it took him a moment to regain enough strength to continue.

[“Our enemies have decimated the planet, we are all that’s left and we cannot escape. We failed to evacuate the planet and relocate to the city-station before our enemies found us… we never reached Station-03 and we heard news before the attack, that Station-01 was destroyed and that the refugees where killed. Our only comfort is that Station-02 apparently was able to escape the galaxy with their refugees. At least some of our children have escaped genocide.”

“All that hate, just because THEY don’t have a sense of humour! Their home world honestly looked better as a phallus than it did before… they should thank us… It was SO hilarious!”]

The alien took a few seconds to recover from a small fit of giggles and being out of breath.

["The air will soon be gone… I don’t know if anyone ever will find this message… but if you do… please…”]

The being gasped for air.

["Please… please, pull my finger!”]

With those last words the visage of the alien faded and the recording ended with the being extending its grasper and falling backwards into the chair… clearly dead.

The expedition leader looked at the remains of the Creator… its arm still extended in its last joke.

With a shake of the head the Wexxian gently grasped the extended finger of the ancient corpse and pulled ever so slightly. The rest of the team gathered around the bodies and one placed a metal hand on the head of a corpse with a quiet; “Rest now fathers, Rest now!”

The interlink connection between the Wexxians in the system was on fire from that moment on… all agreed that this was one of the most important archaeological discoveries the Wexxians had ever made… not only had they found a group of well preserved precursor bodies, but also possible proof that the Licentia wasn’t the only City Station the Targ S’etskarp built before they disappeared… it was now in fact possible that some of the Great Pranksters had fled the galaxy and survived.

All where already celebrating the discovery when the scanner data from the expedition team had been analysed and indicated another intact room further down… with a faint energy signal…

This was a day full of surprises!


(OOC: As I said, the first part of this will just be story… the RP will come later. I hope no one takes offence of the Creators bad humour!)

Look forward to "The Discovery, Part 2; The Prodigal Son."

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / First Contact with the Miali
« on: July 22, 2007, 03:44:30 pm »
Location: The Yuvia System; home system of the Miali.

The Wexxian Guardian; Eloquent Scholar, Jumped into system.

On board the ship, the crew indifferently began collecting data… it was a routine exploration mission like hundreds they had done before. Sensors had indicated faint life signs in the system and the fleet had sent them to investigate. This was a typical mission without any hope of excitement. The life signs where most likely sensor distortions caused by radiation… their previous mission had been like that… as well as the twenty ones before that.

Understandable, the mood aboard the ship changed rapidly when the sensors confirmed that there was life on one of the planets… barely as though it might be.

Within minutes, the entire crew was at their posts… the Eloquent Scholar had not been so awake since the Union War… excitement rose further as it was discovered that the planet was inhabited by Sapient life.

The captain was quick to report the finding to the High Council. The planet and its inhabitants would have to be categorized and studied. As well, there would have to be placed some undercover operatives from the Shadow Station.

Because that the Miali where entering their space age, the captain received a green light command for a First Contact Scenario.

A small probe was sent to the planet, if the Miali would accept it, then the Wexxians would extend an arm of friendship and support.

The small probe went into orbit around Yuva, emitting a small signal to attract the attention of the Miali. While the Eloquent Scholar kept out of sight. 

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Burial of Axon
« on: June 08, 2007, 10:32:13 am »
The Burial of Axon

Time: 11 years after the end of the Age of Reclamation; one year after the end of the REDSTAR Rebellion; Shortly after the funeral of King Cortan Tesilia of the Auyuelcliads:

Location: Independent Territory; Thishen System; Planet Azuron:

In the western hills, from where the gleaming crystal spires of Indigo City where visible in the distance, a great collection of people where gathered in remembrance of the greatest Wexxian who had ever lived.

Everywhere one looked, there were people; mostly Wexxians, gathered in camps where they socialised, sang or told stories to each other. The people of the Crystal city had also come out to watch as all of the Wexxian people where gathered in one place.

The Wexxians invited anyone into their tents for drinks and food, the mood as if they where having a party, but there was a serious reason for this occasion, something sorrowful that the Wexxians where either hiding or ignoring to make room for their party spirit.

When Thishen began to sink into the horizon, the sky turned deep purple and the Tcils began singly softly in the evening breeze; the laughter and noise silenced and the attention focused to the middle of the gathered people.

In the middle of the gathered masses, on top of one of the hills; the Wexxians had erected a monument consisting of six circles of stone monoliths. In the middle there was a great platform where there was placed a podium.

While the great mass of people kept a respectful distance to the monument, there was a gathering of Axons family, his old friends as well as a great deal of foreign dignitaries who had come to pay their last respects to Axon; who where standing between the large ebony stones.

A Tcil landed on one of the monoliths and sang a low tune while cleaning its golden and red feathers. In the sky; the Wexxian Royal fleet was just visible in orbit.

Axons sons; Elixe and Zelato walked around among the visitors, greeting them and conversing with old friends.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Alliance of the Protectors
« on: January 15, 2007, 02:27:04 pm »
The Alliance of the Protectors

In the age of Reclamation, the Wexxians felt that the Galaxy had become a cold and unforgiving place, full of greed, betrayal and corruption.
To combat such evils, they sought to create an alliance between other civilizations with similar goals, in order to promote peace, justice and freedom.

Leadership: Equal representative Senate from each species in the alliance. Each representative has a vote and each vote has the same value for each species. A representative can claim a veto, if he feels the decision being voted on is against the founding codes.

The Founding Code:
1. All members of the Protectors are required to help protect life and freedom.

2. All members of the alliance are obligated to help other members of the Protectors. Also in war if the member in question did not seek the conflict for his own goals.

3. All members are obligated to help other species, who are not in the Alliance. Also in war if they feel that doing so, is protecting life and freedom.

4. In war, lethal force is only acceptable if; it is defensive or, any alternative option will result in a more severe threat to life and freedom.

(This list is open for change if the members of the Alliance belives is right!)

Headquarters and Senate is on the Licentia Station.

Current Head of the Senate: King Zkek of the Zakraa

Benefits for joining:
Free trade between all members and free use of the Wexxians R.I.T. generators. 

This alliance is for all who will do their part in protecting life and freedom.


After the destruction of the Licentia, the Protectors Alliances Senate has been evacuated to an unknown location.


The Wexxians
The Omic
The Snout
The Squillisk
The Zakraa
The Tiki

Prior Members:

The Zythers Believed to be destroyed.

Allies of the Protector Alliance (Non members):

CEntauri - Trade relations.

The Alliance of the Protectors’ site!

I hope this alliance will open up for a lot of opportunities for friendly RP'ing.

Spore: Creation Corner / OMYL discussion thread
« on: July 23, 2006, 04:45:02 am »
Uhhh I had an idea like this!

Oh Id love to write about the future but unfortunately we are not yet done with The Necrid discord or the Arcadia thread... I wont reveal too much of the story before all is finished!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Robotic Wexxians
« on: April 21, 2006, 10:18:03 am »
Here is my species: The Robotic Wexxians

C.A.S. Classification:


Locamotion Classification

Intelligence Classification

•   Industrious
•   Organized
•   Charismatic
•   Creative
•   Honorable
•   Trustworthy
•   Philosophical
•   Trusting
•   Meddling
•   Democratic
•   Hippies


Sentient Artificial Beings.


The Wexxians can survive almost anywhere but is mostly found in asteroid fields, planetary rings and the upper atmospheres of gas giants.


Social mineral gatherer.


Varying. Young Wexxians have a default robotic “body”. However older Wexxians may chose to design a new one to fit its occupation, surroundings or any other thing that may make a Wexxian want to be distinct. 

Most Wexxians have a central computer core located in the centre of the body protected by a strong alloy to protect against damage and radiation ,
in the event of impending danger the Wexxian may chose to transmit its software out of the shell to a hopefully safely receiver.

A Wexxian Young.


Around 40. Earth years: Every Wexxian´s software has an inbuilt virus that starts degrading and destroying specific systems at the age of 20. Please note that this is not a mistake or a flaw, but simply the Wexxians way of growing old and die. It is also something that makes the Wexxians enjoy the time they are alive in more. Their life span is not set; the virus starts degrading their programming but Wexxians fight it as long as they can, the virus however is also semi-intelligent and gets harder fighting of and eventually it wins, but depending on the intelligence of the individual Wexxian it may take more time.

When nearing our demise
We gaze upon our descendants
And our systems are filled with joy
They will go on and prosper

We give on our legacy
And our eternal love
We recall a life of joy
And we expire in peace.

Wexxian; Death Poem.

The Wexxians begin their life in the Young form, they spend about a month in an infantile state where they learn how to use their manovering. After the month the Young Wexxian follows their parent everywhere and learns by observing them, imitating them and improvising.

physically they do not change appearance, though they sometime paint their shells in bright colours (not always a pretty sight). at the age of five they usually are mature and they design a adult shell. they do not start aging before they are 20.


A Wexxian merge programming with one or more other Wexxians (the Wexxians has no genders) and the best from all “parents” along with a small positive mutation is transferred into a prototype robotic body. It is also worth knowing that Wexxians sometimes transfer memories accidentally to their offspring. The offspring’s youth last about 7 years.


The Wexxians originated as mining droids left over from a little known precursor civilization known only from ancient data as “The Great Pranksters”
How the droids developed sentience is unclear but at some point a mining droid decided that “smarter is better” after a few generations the droids became sentient and named themselves Wexxians (wexxian means servant in their old masters language).  The Wexxians soon colonized the Thishen star system from the precursor space station they evolved on; The Originator.

The golden age:

The Wexxians first contact was with the Oifan-Umtag whose hormone system they copied ad assimilated into their programming in order to become more like the other “biological” species of the galaxy.
Shortly after, the Wexxians joined the Oifan-Umtags young alliance; the Coadunation of Autonomous Beings C.A.B. as the third species to join.


The Wexxians remained steadfast members of the CAB. And they where one of the leading civilisations against the Halcyon threat:

The LAH: League Against Halcyon -

The Halcyon war ended with the long remembered battle in the Wexxian home system:

The Battle of Thishen -

After the war, the Wexxians assisted in rebuilding the galactic infrastructure and even terraformed the third planet in the Thishen system and named it Azuron. The planet became home for many species from all over the galaxy, most of them settled in the biggest city on the planet; Indigo city.

During the time from the Halcyon war till The Necrid Discord War, the Wexxians strengthened their political position in the galaxy and their programming ensured that they always where the first to risk their own lives in order to save the lives of anyone in danger or trouble, giving them a reputation for heroics among such races as the xx.
Also in the field of engineering the Wexxians shined with their fast and advanced star ships.

The Downfall:

The times changed however and after only a few decades after the beginning of the golden age a terrible treachery unfolded when the traitor Nemesis allied himself with the Necromonicon and captured the Originator station for its technology and power.
The Wexxians where devastated by this and decided to divert all their recourses to capture Nemesis and end the Necromonicon threat.

The events of the war are murky and it is uncertain what really happened but the war was long lasting and scarred much of the galaxy. The brave soldiers of the alliances lead by the fierce and noble Torpals, fought the Necromonicon menace until the final battle where the Wexxians detonated the Originator, annihilating half of the Necrid armada leaving the rest at the hands of the Allied forces.

After the battle; the galaxy was safe. The Wexxians however, had lost all… their navy had been devastated during the war, they had lost their home and Nemesis’s betrayal sent the Wexxians into a deep depression that influenced their ability to keep their inbuilt virus at bay.
In the following time 95% of the Wexxian population died of this effect, later named “The Wexxian Plague!”
Some Wexxians De-evolved into work droids in order to save themselves from death, while the rest of the Wexxian remnant scattered across the galaxy, fleeing from the bad memories of the war.

200 years went by. The Wexxians lived as a nomadic people, travelling in convoys from system to system, scraping together a living from what they could find.
Their base code degenerated and their “Protection of life and freedom” behaviour was forgotten and they lost their lovable “Hippie” personalities… they became the New-Wexxians!

The Age of Restoration:

The Restoration came with the discovery of another precursor station after following a map salvaged from the remains of the old Originator.
The station was named; the Licentia Station, by Lord “Axon” leader of the new unified Wexxian species.


Due to the Wexxians form of reproduction, every Wexxian has a unique personality; this has given the Wexxians a broad culture that they are eager to build on by observing the good sides of every culture they come across.
Although atypical for a robotic species; the Wexxians do In fact have feelings, this was developed by studying the biology of the first other sentient species they met; the Oifan-Umtag, based on their nerve and hormone systems, the Wexxians where able to generate a wide range of feelings; Joy, hope, fear and all the rest, they even experience love (although not sexual attraction).  :P

As a constant characteristic before the downfall, all Wexxians had a deep respect and love for all life. This was because their where originally programmed to; quote: “Protect life at all cost”, by their creators. This has unfortunately given them a light minority complex since they think that natural evolved life is better than their kind.  :-\

After the Restoration the Wexxians are still not there old selves but one day they may again be the AI hippies of the universe.

Updated with more history

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