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Spore: Creation Corner / The Kreelx
« on: March 25, 2006, 11:01:26 pm »
An arthropod about 5 feet high, 7 feet from head to tail, the Kreelx is very ugly. It has 3 segments, Head, Thorax and Abdomen, it has 2 pairs of limbs on the abdomen, the hind ones having larger feet, it has a pair of feet on the thorax, similar to the abdomen's forelimbs, and on the head, there is a limb with a pincer, and one with a mutalisk, on it's really ugly head, it has a lamprey mouth, and 2 pairs of eyes,

Features: Dark in color with a bumpy exoskeleton
Other features: Red stripes on its abdomen.

Look at my ugly concept art drawn in 5 minutes using paint.

I'd be overjoyed if a good artist can help me draw a better-looking version of it

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