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Spore: Creation Corner / My Creature Drawing
« on: March 17, 2006, 11:39:31 am »
Well here is my Creature:

only problem is I have no info on the beast (lol)....

No name, no nothing... all I know is that it's a carnivore. :)

Anybody able to think of some info to come up with?

Will you and your creatures be joining up with other creatures from creators on this forum?

If that is possible I know who I wouold like to join up with: Hydromancerx and Areku, then we would build the most hidden and safest city in the galaxy... there would be rivers for Hydro's River Tribe Nauceans and Glacial Areas for Areku's Quillaran and tropical jungles for my Anthanus.

I will get a picture of my Anthanus later....

Who would you like to join up with and make a huge city?

(that's if we can)

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