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The Graspargh are a small race of humanoids from a natural satellite orbiting the planet Jurm. When first contact was made with the Graspargh, they quickly earned their name, as they leapt upon their visitors and gripped on with their oversized hands and began sinking their numerous teeth into their thighs. Although grudgingly labeled as "sapient" by most galactic governments, the only evidence of this appears to be the Graspargh's tendency of stealing bits of metal to fashion into crude knives or ripping bits of skin off other species and wearing it as a crude loin cloth. Scientists were sent to observe the Graspargh in their native habitat to observe perhaps why the Graspargh developed such sociopathic and homicidal tendencies,(stealthily, so they would not have bits of their skin ripped off) and found the most of the day, Grasparghs sit around, occasionally grunting or wheezing, untill their prey walks by, a rather common grub-like creature. They then reach out with their lanky, oversized arms, grab on, and eat the small worm. Any attempts at uplifting the Graspargh have failed, as any attempts to culture them usually end in them biting their teacher, or using the tool he is attempting to teach them to use as a weapon. Genetic modification has also failed, for the most part, as the Graspargh are quite resistant to most forms of sedative, and often escape from their cages before testing can even commence.

However, the Graspargh have entered a niche in galactic society. Even with their violent tendencies, occasionally a Graspargh will seemingly bond to a sapient being, if following him around without attempting to kill him counts. On this level, the Graspargh can seemingly be taught simple commands by his master, and as such, Graspargh are often seen in Pit Fights or as the pet of races that find it's violent, murderous behavior as "cute." It is common to see feral Graspargh swinging from street lamps in the Scion complex, perhaps the child of a famed pit fighter, or simply a violent little bastard that killed the idiot who tried to teach him tricks.

The Nilhes system. A small system in a corner of the galaxy riddled with asteroid belts and a few minor planets. Considered by most to be a boring, useless system.

That is, untill a strange signal is broadcasted from the largest planet in the system. Most of the signal is static, although about halfway through the film, a strange rasping sound can be heard. It appears to be some form of speech, low and uttered quickly. Although riddled with static, some few words, not in any known language, can be picked up. "'chik....nehiu......Imteros..."

The Ghulos is based off my favorite mythological creature, I hope it's unique enough for you elitist bastards ;)

The Ghulos is a mammalian primate living on the planet Nihelios, a planet whose unique orbit leads to long nights and shorter day periods.
Basic Physiology
The Ghulos follows a humanoid bodyplan, however, their bodies are very lean, with an emaciated appearance being the norm. Males, on average, stand about 7 feet tall. They have broad chests and shoulders, narrow waists, and long, powerful arms, much longer than their legs. Their hands and large, and four fingers, with sharp black claws. Their skin comes in a variety of colors, ranging from paper white, to grayish, to a cobalt blue color. Their ears are pointed and forward facing. Their mouths are wide, with thin lips, and full of dagger like teeth. Their noses are often small, however, their sense of smell is highly developed. Their hair is almost always black. They have large, highly developed eyes, which reflect like, giving them a yellow, luminous quality. Their gait is often hunched, as they switch between bipedal movement for walking and run on all fours.

LifestyleThe Ghulos is a social creature, and most often lives underground in caves during the day. The caves they inhabit have bioluminescent fungi, which the Ghulos have cultivated for years to light their homes. The Ghulos also cultivate edible fungi, which they suppliment their carnivorous diet. Although the Ghulos feed on prey that lives in the caves, at night, they often go out and hunt larger beasts, in swift moving packs. The Ghulos's long arms and sharp claws allow it to climb, and they often climb up trees to pounce on prey, or clamber to the ceilings of caves to pick fungi. The Ghulos mate for life, and give birth to a single child at a time, although rarely twins are born.

I'll be adding more later. COMMENTS APPRECIATED. Drawings would be appreciated too, for you ARTSY-PANTS types.

Spore: Creation Corner / A question.
« on: May 17, 2006, 04:00:38 pm »
Alright, well, I have an idea for a second race. It's humanoid. And a mammal. And it's blue. If I post about it will you guys hate me and shun me and call me unoriginal?

Spore: Creation Corner / Neutral Races?
« on: April 21, 2006, 03:15:50 pm »
Is it okay if my race remains neutral?

Spore: Creation Corner / A New Creature: The Squillisk: New Art!
« on: March 13, 2006, 07:25:20 pm »
Hello! This is a creature I have designed way before I heard of spore, but this is the first time I am putting it down. Although I have drawn it, my art is terrible and I have no way of uploading it to a computer. I would greatly appreciate if someone could draw it for me =).

Physical:    The Squillisk are an interesting creature. The squillisk have elongated, pointy, slightly curved head, with a beak at the end. the beak is surrounded by Six colorful tentacles, used to hold their food while the beak bits off pieces. They have six large, black eyes, three on each side in a triangular pattern. Their upper torsos are relatively humanoid, although they have a third arm growing from their chest. The hand on this arm has two fingers and an opposable thumb. The other two arms, however, do not end in hands, but end in large scythe-like bones, used for hunting, defense, and to support their body when tired. Past the torso, the body ends in a long, serpentine tail, which they use to propel themselves by slithering. Their skin is moist, and pale. They range in length from 10-14 feet, with twelve being the average among males. Often, they elevate their upper bodies to at least 5 or 7 feet. There is not much different in length between Males and Females, however, females are often heavier and thicker in girth.

Diet: The Squillisk is a predator, evolved from a swift moving eel-like aquatic creature. It is amphibious, and hunts in different ways depending upon it's habitat. On land, it is a stealthy ambush predator, staying still for hours at a time until unwitting prey comes close enough to snatch. However, in water, although it occasionally ambushes it's prey, it can also propel itself through the water using it's tail, allowing it to chase after small prey and maybe escape from a larger predator.

Society: When the Squillisk evolved sentience, the solitary predator slowly adapted to pack hunting with it's brethren. A curious, intelligent creature, the Squillisk quickly learned how to protect it's soft skin with the skin of more armored beasts, and increase it's reach with crude spears. However, although they came together to live in small tribal groups, they were still rather divided, with fear and suspicion dictating their tribal interactions.

This is all I think I can write right now. I'm tired. I'll try to right some more later, a'ight?!

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