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Forum Games / School of Maddness
« on: April 21, 2006, 10:03:22 am »
Ok the deal is it's a school for different characters, like dbz, one piece and other cartoon, video game and comic book characters, to have a made-up or an existing character Guest star PM me, ok here it is, but it's mostly about my made-up bionicle characters


Chapter One: Pilot

*School bell rings* Silvaren: Hey Bro, how'd it go in class?

Sillen:Fine....Hey where are the others?

Silvaren: Donno maybe at the gymnasium?

Sillen: then let's go!

*Transision to Gymnasium*

Vector: Hey Pookren why do you love Gym class?

Pookren: Donno just gotta move!

Galea: Uh Oh Terra and Terreak are at it again!

Oogarak: So.

Galea: There probable fighting over wich one of them is going to the prom with me so Chance will have to decide.

Chance: Ruff Ruff!

Silvaren: Were Here!

*Bell Rings*Sillen: Oh that's Right Its' a Thursday We Get out early

Terra: So let's go to the arcade!


The End

Ok Silvaren and Sillen are brothers and Terra and Galea are going steady, Terreak is jealous, Oogarak is evil, but hangs out with them cause there are no other bad guys and Pookren Loves gym class, Chance is a WolFang(Rahi(Animal Bionicle)Dog) and Vector is mellow and stuff.After I get 6 Guest Stars I will Hold A Comptition for best fan story and the winner will have there characters as Permenint Guest Star also I'll do Chapter 2 tommorow.

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