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Everything Else / Tim Tang Test
« on: October 17, 2007, 12:55:47 pm »
Has anyone on here ever taken it?  This thing's crazy.. .And really time consuming and addicting... Although, right now I'm stuck on question 28...

It'd be beneficial to start with the tutorial, although it's not required...

Gogogo!  See how far you can get without getting stuck!

Everything Else / Gaming Steve and its members' MySpace sites!
« on: December 26, 2006, 12:11:14 pm »
I'm assuming the title is rather self explanatory, but if not, then I'll put this tiny sentence long description:

"Put your MySpace URL here for all Gaming Steve members to find!"

Spore: Creation Corner / Fermi's Folly: Why did it fail?
« on: October 20, 2006, 12:52:20 pm »
I'm sure there are numerous, unforseen variables that played multiple parts in bringing down Fermi so quickly...  But I want to know the crowd's opinions.

My being in Beta Team, with the Hungry Fuzz and the Starflora, I felt the creatures a little too...  Well they weren't mine.  I didn't feel attached to them.  In fact, the whole project seemed too impersonal to me.  There were so many people on each team that it seemed to be that you could do nothing and it would continue.  Therefore: I did nothing.  And the WHOLE project died.  Is that because we ALL did nothing?

Anyway:  I'm starting a poll.  If you want to me to add options, tell me and I'll put them up, but fornow I'll describe the ones that are up.

1)Fermi is too impersonal.
Like I said, it felt like you weren't important to the projects continuation.  But, if everyone felt like this, then obviously the project died.

2)The beginning creatures were poor choices.
The creatures weren't vague enough; they were too specific.  It was difficult to evolve something already so advanced, especially in a world where there was nothing; hardly any competitions to push each evolution into a new niche.  One solution to this could have been starting from a simpler point... Maybe at the birth of multicellular organisms.  At this stage of advancement, there should be more than just 6 types of creatures in the world, and 6 types which are relatively hard to get to interact.  Sure, maybe that was part of the fun, but it's difficult to begin.  Perhaps this killed the project; stunting it from it's growth; breaking the tiny spine of the fledgling planet.  Not to mention that none of these creatures were our own... They were borne of someone else's ingenuity...  Too impersonal.

3)Individual personal reasons.
Slartibartfast has been deathly sick the past few weeks, and Hydro simply quit to go work on the creature editor.  I went on vacation and now I'm sick(plus, I only REALLY get a chance to work on things like this at work, and vacationing nor being sick[IE: staying home] helped this situation).  Was this the reason?  Everyone had other things to do?

4)Lack of Interest.
Planet Projects have been done before.  There's nothing new here to see, so why should I even participate?

Forum Games / Alphabet Game 2
« on: October 05, 2006, 02:30:24 pm »
This is really easy... a category is chosen, and then we take turns posting something from that category, such that the first letter of the object MUST the same as the last letter as the previous post.  If the category is Food, for example, the first poster can post any food they want, but say they put "Apple".  The next poster has to think of a post a food that starts with "E"... From "Apple"...  So they post "Eggplant"! "Turnip"!

And so on and so forth...  BTW, no posting any words in plural if they end with the letter "s"(EG: "Dice" is fine; it doesn't end in "s", but "Nuts" is a no-go... Just put "Nut")

Category: Movies

Andromeda Strain

I used to play this in the car all the time... Good fun!

Hullo!  And welcome to Burning Star 4Before you leave the thread, don't think "*Sigh!* Another freaking planet project?!"; this one's DIFFERENT!  This here is the MOST UNLUCKY PLANET... Possibly EVER.  Every few-hundred centuries, this planet suffers massive extinction events.  Your job in all of this chaos is to chronicle as many species as possible - from the beginning.  My job is to once every week or two, reduce said species to just a few remaining candidates, where all progress bottlenecks from.

Here's some words to further explain:
So... You take the first cell and everyone just draws away at it, mutating it.  Then the extinction comes, and just a couple of the mutations/adaptations remain.  You guys mutate whichever/both/all/none of the survivors in however many ways you want(Not too big of jumps, please).  Then the extinctions come again, and one or two of EACH OF THE ORIGINAL survivors... err... Survive again!

An example! 

Poster one draws a cell.
Posters 2 through 7 draw a mutation/evolution of said cell.
I destory mutations 2-5, and 7, leaving just one again.
Posters 8 through 21 mutate/evolve the remaining.
I destroy evolutions 8 through 15, 17, 19, and 21, leaving 3 species left to evolve.
Posters 22 through 26 evolve Species 1, while 27 evolves Species 2, and posters 28 through 30 evolve the third.
I destroy 24, 25, 26, 29, and 30... Leaving 22, 23, 27, and 28...
And SO ON!

NOTE:  This project is OPEN TO ALL!

There are but a few rules:
1) Make sure your post fits in the current evolutionary step(no cell-to-sapience-in-a-single-generation creatures, please!)  And even if it DOESN'T, I'll take care of it when extinctions come.
2)Please include the Generation number in a corner of the picture. Also, the size, diet, and method of reproduction of the creature, as well as a small description.  Again, if these aren't there, there's a better chance of the creature dying.  The best way to survive is to provide something that is extremely believable.

Speaking of which, I'll go over extinctions again:
  • When I feel fit, I'll host an extinction event.
  • Most of the creatures will die off.
  • Those that survive are free to be mutated.(I'll be posting which are still alive along with descriptions and pictures after each event.)
  • The extinctions will be based on various things, and until the first one, I don't really know what it entails.

Just for the sake of saying it: This is different from the other Planet Projects in the following ways:
1) It's open to all!
2) There are more extinctions.

Here's the Burning Star system:

(Sorry about the quality... :S  If anyone's willing to re-do it in a better style... I'd greatly appreciate it)

Anyway, it was discovered by a few of the first Xsiff to enter our mighty galaxy, and disregarded it as just a single star.  From millions of light years away, it just looks like a giant ball of red flame.

However, one fateful day, there was a large fleet of Xsiff explorers ripping through our galaxy using their highly sophisticated Quantum Consciousness drives when scanners detected a piece of technology that even surpassed that of the great Xsiff.  Pod 202, with a certain young Xsiff named Tjar'ta on it, was sent out to explore that region of space and report directly back to the home galaxy  What the pod discovered was baffling to their very souls.  Tjar'ta had been taught all of his existence that there were no Xsiff Reseeders outside of their own galaxy, and yet, here was that monstrous yet very familiar shape:  A giant white pyramid feeding off the energy generated by the gravity of the two stars, travelling backwards in time from a futurity so distant it's impossible to estimate back to mere moments after the creation of the galaxy.

Suddenly the alarms of the Pod started blaring, the computers diagnostics systems screaming in the pain of the loss of the communications systems, as well as the ships defensive mechanisms screaming confused messages of simultaneous jamming systems and ballistics missles headed for the ship.  In just a few short seconds there was a huge jolt of the floor beneath Tjar'ta, and all the ships systems were thrown offline.  He was sent hurling across the deck, while most of the Pod was torn to shreds and jerked from escaping atmosphere.

A few minutes later, he came to his senses to find a bright light filling the Pod.  He looked around, and all he could see were dead bodies.  Bodies of his friends, his family.  He swam through the thick IDADS-jelly towards the hatch of the 202.  He opened it and found a lifetime of solitude on a completely empty world, devoid completely of life, yet entirely capable of cradling it.

A few agonizingly slow years later, he created out of the guts of his ship(well, it's his now; no one else can have any claims to it, they're all dead!) a fully functional recording device, with storage enough of up to 2 billion years of data.  He also creted a small cloning device, which wasn't necessarily a cloner, it simply stimulated reproduction in cells.  This he would check every day, to see if he'd cloned the inert bacteria he'd been hoping for(to spark life on this desolate wasteland), or if he'd have a sheet of his own, useless tissues.

Ironically, this faithfulness to the device is what killed him.  After several hundred failures, and half-grown Xsiff-skin, he had a bacteria.  However, it was not inert like he'd planned.  It infested his body and killed him within days.  One or two cells in his body was fine, but an entire culture introduced that quickly proved deadly.

  • The white pyramid is a structure built by the Xsiff to transport them back in time.  It feeds off the gravity of the stars, and at the same time keeps them from falling into one another.
  • The first cell is a bacteria from Tjar'ta's body which is incredibly dangerous to the Xsiff.

Burning Star IV:

Current Geography: (Bear with me, it's a really rough sketch!)

Current Biosphere: (Again, REAL rough)

Gen 1 Creature(s):

Algalba by Flisch

Size: Microscopic
Diet: Photosynthesis
Reproduction: Mitosis

This cell conducts photosynthesis using the infrared range instead of light in the visible spectrum. Thus the cell will look white, since it reflects all the visible light.
Cytoclasmus Mangerus by Yannick

Size: Microscopic
Diet: Cytovore
Reproduction: Binary Fission

Cytoclasmus feeds on every cell it can find. It uses a flagellum to get to his prey and 2 probisci to feed on them. His sharp form gives him extra speed.
Volubilis Malegius by Snake

Size: Microscopic
Diet: Photosynthesis
Reproduction: Mitosis

The Malegius split off from Volubilis Mundus when it was faced with the fast predatory organism, Cytoclasmus Mangerus. It couldn't outrun the  C.M., so it developed a heavily armored membrane, so that the C.M. could not eat it.
Volubilis Spikerus by HelloWorld

Diet:Other Cells

This passive predator kills anything that touches its spikes, and ingests it using tiny pinhole mouths that coat its spikes.

Gen 0 Creature:

Volubilis Mundus

Current Creatures:


Spore: Creation Corner / The Isjud - Choose your own Flash Creature!
« on: September 22, 2006, 04:40:19 pm »
Hi there!

Please, don't think I created this idea, for I did not.  I merely STOLE it... From p-luke, and his Tobblers.

And if you know the drill, vote and discuss away.  And if not:

1) I ask a question.
2) You all vote for however long I deem fit.
3) I make a flash of whatever it is you guys voted on, and we start over.  Any other questions? Ask away!

First Poll Results:

2006-09-22 ~ 2006-09-26
Where should we start?

Cell Stage  13 (54.2%)
Creature Stage  8 (33.3%)
Civilization Stage  1 (4.2%)
City Stage  2 (8.3%)

Total Votes: 24

Current Poll:

2006-09-26 ~ 2006-10-1
What sort of energy consumption should our Cells have?

1) Photorophic  -  Sunlight  2 (10%)
2) Chemoorganotrophic  -  Organic Molecule consumption(Other organisms)  2 (10%)
3) Chemolithotrophic  -  Inorganic Molecule consumption  3 (15%)
4) Kineticotrophic  -  Energy generated by movement(Of an outside source)  7 (35%)
5) Hybrid - Photokineticotrophic (1 & 4)  2 (10%)
6) Hybrid - Chemoorganicokineticotrophic (2 & 4)  4 (20%)

Total Votes: 20

Books / Stephen Baxter
« on: September 19, 2006, 10:59:05 am »
So one day back in April...  I was coming home from Italy, and we were in Boston.  I walked into a bookstore at the airport...  And uhh, I went ahead and looked around for awhile.  To be honest, in my lifetime, I think I've only actually finished around 18 books, 15 or so of which being Animorphs from back when I was into that sort of thing.  And the remaining 3 were Harry Potter.  Oh, and I did read that Hobbit, so 19.  Anyway, around this time I was beginning to question my spiritual beliefs that were so fairly forced upon me in my upbringing.  In all honesty, I could have just settled for anything, I didn't care for religion much anyway, but being here onthe Gaming Steve site and reading and wishing for Spore and stuff really made my cogs spin, and the theory of evolution began to take hold in me.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I looked down the rack and saw a book entitled simply: "Evolution"

I knew, however, that if I were to purchase that book, that as soon as I returned home, my mother would've sh*t a brick, so to speak.  So instead, I bought "Vacuum Diagrams" by the same author, Stephen Baxter.  I think it was the right choice; it took me just a week and a half to finish it.  When I was finished, I slowly began to speak to my mom about the other book, and really hid the title of it, so she led me order it, oblivious to what it was called.  Of course, when it had arrived, she was Pretty pissed, but there was nothing she could do about it, and, in fact, to my joy, she has thusfar refused to believe that I believe anything else than what she does. Therefore, she leaves me alone about it.

Anyway, Evolution took me almost 4 months to finish.  But I should probably think that most of that wasn't my fault... My summer was HORRIBLY busy the whole time, so I never really had a chance to read it, no matter how much I wanted to.

Anyway(again), Evolution and Vacuum Diagrams were both VERY good books, and I suggest them to anyone who likes Hard SF...

Now... if anyone could suggest to me an author of similar style... I'd be most appreciative.

For those of you who don't want to read my whole post:
Here's the gist of it.

An alien race from a distant galaxy sent a message to our galaxy.  The message was this:

“We are the Xsiff, from galaxies far, far away.  We have sent this message in hopes to trade.  We have advanced in nearly all fields of study.  But our restrictive government has laws against cloning and genetic enhancement.  All attempts at anything like this have been stifled since it first became an option; we haven’t even a genetic map of our own.  What we need is for a race to genetically engineer for us a creature.  We have exactly what and how it needs to be done, but we need to negotiate before we can divulge any secret.  Please contact us by sending a message of any kind to the beacon that is before you.  But please, this is a secret, and any other race must not know about it”

In other words, I need someone who can draw a creature for me…  Please PM me!

For those of you who want to read my whole post(It's a good story!):

Against the deep dark nothingness of the edge of the galaxy, there began a pulse; a bright, white-lit pulse, emanating a signal in all frequencies across the whole of the EM spectrum in a long, quavering, pulse.  It looked much like a light-bulb flickering before its imminent demise.  After a long, agitated 2 minutes, the beacon fell to silence again.  Then, suddenly, there was a flash of light blue as the beacon ripped into hyper-space and re-entered conventional space, just a few light-minutes ahead of its own signal.

This time, however, the small orb-shaped beacon was glowing, a soft deep purple against the endless black.

When the signal reached its own source of generation, light merely stopped against the surface of the orb, and began to spin around it, at the speed of light.  As soon as the end of the signal had attached itself to the advanced light-trapping beacon, there was another instantaneous flash of blue.  A few moments later, the white signal burned through the void fast enough to reach the extreme opposite of the galaxy in just a few hundred light-years.

* * *

Life was quiet for Shruyiio.  Nothing really happened in his small burrow, except for the soothing suckling sounds of his brothers and sisters feeding from his mother.  He was busy cleaning himself, licking more of his family's fur from his body, and adding it to the mass that consisted of their floor.  Nothing really happened on this small, Triassic-like planet, not for him.

Above his burrow, there used be the ceaseless trembling and pounding of large reptilian animals that would have looked oddly similar to dinosaurs, except for the third leg and eyeball.  But, for Shruyiio’s colony, the noise had ended tens of millennia ago, their quiet, borer-feeding society had slipped unnoticed, unchanged, under a huge mountain range.

Or, rather, the mountain range had built itself above them.  It turns out this colony had started out just above a fault line.  These shifting plates had shoved them far into the crust, but still provided one exit just at the base of the mountain.

Like Earth, this planet evolved all of its creatures in just a limited number of ways.  There were always 3 eyes, and there were usually three legs and two arms, unless the third leg, sticking farther forward than the other two, had evolved into an arm of sorts.  But the insects were far different than the land-creatures.  The insects had no eyes, they had no use for them.  They were also well equipped for digging, boring, and more digging.  They were as fast underground as an Earthling ant was above.

Like the early pseudo-mammals, the insects had long ago learned that they would have a better chance to survive if they were underground; the mammals were much fewer in number than the tiny insect-hunting reptiles above.  Even the large retiles served as a threat, their gigantic feet were way larger than the Earth types, sometimes able to create craters the size of a small lake, and when the next rain came, it came to destroy entire micro ecologies with it.

Evolution was very rapid on this planet, but mainly for the reptiles; they constantly proved to kill each other out, each of their respective niches being very quickly replaced by a distant cousin.  However, the reptiles had never had any need for intelligence on this planet; it was a tropical planet, perfect for growing thick jungles all about.  This meant eons and eons of evolution possible for early insects to try their life in the air, on the ground, in the water, and in the treetops, but nowhere gave them any shelter from the reptilian hunters.  Eventually the water-species and ground-species learned that underground was the safest place to be, feeding on roots of small trees and ferns.

Where the insects went, the mammals followed, needing food; they couldn’t dig deep enough to simply dig the insects out.  So they made huge mazes and tunnels deep underground.  They would dig and dig and dig for hundreds of years, piling stones against the walls and floors, waiting for an insect to fall through a ceiling or the side of the wall.  Trapped, unable to go through the stones, the mammals would devour the insects.

The mammals were also trapped, like the insects.  Both of them were confined to the crust of the planet, even though the mammals had vast colonies, spreading through thousands of kilometers of dirt.  But they were not allowed above this earthy prison, not with the reptiles above.

But that was soon to change.

The mazes were staggeringly huge, large enough to put many Earth-sized populations of insects to extinction very swiftly.  But this world was immensely populated with trees and ferns, creating an almost endless supply of insects for the mammals feeding pleasure.

These massive super-colonies meant for an evolutionary split of the mammals, the first of significance in their long existence.  It started as one small colony, growing day by day, but eventually, tunnels would collapse from earthquakes or mighty crashes from the mighty reptiles above, sometimes severing families from families forever.

Collapses used to be very common for Shruyiio’s colony, but all that had changed when it started slipping beneath the solid foundation of the mountain.  The plate they existed in silently slipped down into the molten rock beneath, while the plate above them suffered horribly from quakes, a few hundred kilometers away from their colony, by random chance, very often.

* * *

   In the first second that the re-born signal existed, it passed a few old, dying, solar systems.  Its immense amounts of energy had not been dispersed enough yet, and many planets were simply incinerated by the code.

   As it passed through its first minute of existence, one planet it passed in its ever-growing 3 dimensional path was Shruyiio’s.  This planet was circling a very old star.  The star had been refueled by random large coffins of gas trapped in rock from super-novas many galaxies away.

This was probably the galaxy’s luckiest star.

As the determined message sailed past the system, the planet singed and writhed in pain.  Immediately, forests caught on fire and oceans boiled.  The thick skin of the reptiles instantly was cooked by the array of microwaves, gamma rays, X rays, and light waves.  Even the top layers of ground were shaken violently by the slaughtering, speedy pulse of energy.  The particles of the tightly compacted dirt began to rub against one another, shooting thousands of tons of dirt into the air in a fraction of a second; a dust storm was everywhere.

Shruyiio felt the pulse; it shook the very planet.  He pressed himself against the ground and looked frantically around; instincts told him a large predator was near.  He waited in silence, while his family, and indeed, the whole colony did the same.  As they waited, the heat from the pulse penetrated deep into the earth, it was something Shruyiio had never felt his life.  He was near the surface of the crust, relatively, only about 300 meters deep.

Like his star, and his planet, he was lucky.  Any closer to the surface, and he would have cooked in an instant.  He nearly did; the heat was unbearable.  It immediately made him sweat, and his bare feet and hands burned from the air.  His fur was singeing, and he could smell it in the air.  It was the scent of his own family, which was almost reassuring, except for the fact that his family was burning.  He was smart enough to understand this, and it repulsed him.  He vomited from the strength of the smell.  But it didn’t help; he vomited again.

This time, he moved away from the smell and towards the entrance to his house.  From his tunnel, he could see a bright light. Light was something he hadn’t seen since the last time he’d been outside, like his parents instructed him not to.

His father went to find him on that day, and was eaten by a small three-legged cat-like reptile in order to save his son.

Shruyiio went into the shaft of burning light, trying to escape the heat.  He felt a cool breeze coming from below, and immediately shot down the tunnel.  This was no easy feat, for hundreds of other Colonists were doing the same.  There he stayed in the damp, cool, crowded companionship of the Colonists for a few hours.

Shruyiio finally decided that it was cool enough to return home.  He began to climb again.  When he reached his house, the light above him intrigued him so much, that he couldn’t even keep his painful memories from stopping him to go up.

With easy success- all the other Colonists stayed in their homes, licking their fur to try to cure it; Shruyiio never liked his fur anyway, as odd as it sounds.

When he reached the surface, his eyes failed him as they did so many years ago(The Colonists had surprisingly long life-spans, despite their being underground mammals).  After a few long minutes, they finally adjusted to the bright star above, and what he saw is not what he remembered at all.  The hole he had exited was at least 5 times bigger than what he had remembered, and there were to lush trees or ferns to speak of.  It was at least 20 degrees(Fahrenheit) too hot, and he could hear no sounds of the rumbling reptiles.  He ventured further, abandoning caution.  He came to a large corpse; a humungous, larger-than-brontosaurus, delicious-smelling, perfectly cooked corpse.  He did not hesitate to dig in.  His jaw hurt from ripping at the thick flesh, but eventually they tore enough of it away for him to expertly dig into it.

Being completely satisfied, he sauntered back home, where he proceeded to tell his family about the mountain of food.  The word spread, and once again, the Colonists emerged from the ground.

The insects would soon be forced to follow; there were very few roots left.

The world, over the years plunged into a darkness from the few meters of soil flying loose, causing a general cooling of the planet, eerily Earth-like. All the while, the white, now weaker, signal plowed through the galaxy.

Near certain systems, it would slow down and generate a hologram of the beacon, a deep purple beacon, with the superlight waves coursing around it.  There it would generate the original signal over again, pulsing for 2 minute intervals, once every year.  The message read as follows:

“We are the Xsiff, from galaxies far, far away.  We have sent this message in hopes to trade.  We have advanced in nearly all fields of study.  But our restrictive government has laws against cloning and genetic enhancement.  All attempts at anything like this have been stifled since it first became an option; we haven’t even a genetic map of our own.  What we need is for a race to genetically engineer for us a creature.  We have exactly what and how it needs to be done, but we need to negotiate before we can divulge any secret.  Please contact us by sending a message of any kind to the beacon that is before you.  But please, this is a secret, and any other race must not know about it”

(In other words, I need someone who can draw a creature for me…)

Forum Games / The Psychic Ban Chain Game
« on: May 23, 2006, 11:39:58 am »
I randomly was playing the Ban Chain game and Psychic game today where I got the two confused in my own head and mixed them together, thinking that I had to tie in why the person before was banned into my own post.  And I decided to make a Forum Game of it.

Here's how it works: A poster will say "You will be banned for..." and then go on to include a reason as to why the next person will be banned.  The second poster goes on to include the reason they were banned into their post, along with banning the next person for some other reason.

It's like going to the Ban Chain forum and reading it completely backwards, last post to first.


Poster X: You will be banned for grammatical errors!
Poster Y: Yull B band 4 of usin to big wurds
Poster Z: You, sire, shall be excommicated from this proceeding of textual peculiarity for neglecting to release the caps-lock function key.

And so on and so forth.  So I might as well be unoriginal, again, and use this one as the beginning post!

You will be banned for grammatical errors!

Mmkay.  So I noticed that all the races in these Spore-Forums happen to exist all at once... That kinda baffles me.  So what I did is made a calendar based on the age of Galaxy, which is roughly 13.6 billion Earth-Years.  The Sun "rotates"(It travels in a Spiral, but still) around the center of the Galaxy roughly once every 220,000,000 years.  Meaning that one Galaxian Year is somewhere around 220,000,000 years also.  Thus, based on the fact that the galaxy is exactly 13,601,635,006(random past 13.6) Earth-years old(Coincidence that AD Earth-years line up with the Galaxy's age), it is said that the Galaxy is 61.825 613 6636 Gyrs(Galaxian Years) old, as of the beginning of 2006.  The beginning of humans was somewhere around 61.814 000 0000

The Gyrs work rather simply; each whole number is 220,000,000 Earth-years, and number past that is just like a normal decimal place, the spaces don't mean anything... They're simply for ease of the eyes.  So, if anyone and everyone would please post when the "birth" of their creature was(Let's say just coming to Sapience) and it'd be nice to use a uniform Calendar.

NOTE: Creatures will be bold

  0                                                 The birth of the Milky Way Galaxy
  41.100                                         The birth of the Sun
  41.145                                         The birth of Earth
61.798                                          Sapience of Caarnth.
61.812                                          Sapience of ViS
61.817                                          Sapience of Auyuelcliads
61.824                                          Sapience of Humans (~250,000 Earthyears ago)
61.825                                          Sapience of Ichthians
  61.825 613 4591                           First Human into space

sgore's events timline:

Everything Else / OH TEH NOEZ! Computer trouble.
« on: May 10, 2006, 10:35:15 pm »
So the other week i was playing on my compy, and I started smelling burnt rubber... I didn't think too much of it, and then I kept smelling it and yeah... My computer shut off after while, and it wouldn't come back on.  I opened the case, took out the power supply and sure enough, a capacitor had melted out... And the circuit board was pretty much black at a certain spot.  So I replaced it(650W) with another PS, the one that came with the tower.  It's a 450W...  Today, I was playing my comp and it suddenly shut off again.  This time, without the smell of burnt rubber.  The first thing I thought of was the power supply, so I opened it and it had slightly browned soldered areas. 

My computer has the usual amount of stuff running in it, except with dual video cards, and a dual-core processor...  What I want to know, is did this second one burn out because of a lack of wattage?  If not, could there be something else causing it?  It never had this problem before, and it's been a long while since I've had my computer...

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