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Welcome to Erops, the home planet of the Citanaphs.

For now, we know nothing about either the planet or the creature - that's up to the members. This is a project all the members can take part in.

But how, you ask me, can I contribute? Well, the answer is simple. First of all, you need to become a member. Then you go here, and knock yourself out.

We need the following:

1) A head.
2) A body/skeleton.
3) A texture.
4) A planet environment.
5) Got any ideas?

So, firstly submit what you think the head should look like. If you haven't got a sketch, describe your idea. Shape, number/placement of eyes/mouths/thingummyjigs etc.

Spore: General / Looking for Flash Coders to update Spore Flash
« on: April 16, 2006, 08:29:30 am » has finally got the source for Spore Flash so we are now looking for someone to continue updating it. If you have skills in Flash coding and are interested in updating it please reply here, in our forum, or email Michael, the Superadmin, at

Spore: General / Some place to find everything that's known.
« on: March 12, 2006, 11:36:30 am »
Does there exist a place where all we/you know is listed/explained? Someplace that's being updated as new inforation gets out, that we can go to while we're still longing for the game?

If not, can someone make a locked, sticky topic here with that? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd appreciate it ...

(All I know now is what I've seen in the hour long video and read in the interview/forums; there might be things I've missed...)

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