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Spore: General / Game crippling animation issue.
« on: September 06, 2008, 06:34:16 am »
OK, so I'm playing my way through the game slowly, trying a load of stuff out.

I'm at triabl stage, I've taken a couple of other tribes down, but I decide I want to befriend one or two to get my stats back into the middle zone.

So I grab a bunch of instruments and give some tribes some free food, and I've gotten them to nutural.
I go to play them a tune but my chief gets stage fright.

The chief kind of turns left-to-right, as if looking for the band to play, and they all just stand there for ages - doing nothing.
I can't play songs, so I can't get back into the green, and unless I go evil for tribal stage, I'm not going to be able to continue with the game.

Any help / support staff?

I know it's pointless, but I need to keep my creativity warm when I'm too bored to write my script...
So, a simple idea;

When a part is selected, you can bring up a little menu of sliders and toggleboxes;

1) Slider: Power -vs- Price:
Automatically set just over half way (leaning towards 'power').
Full 'power' makes the part very expensive to place, and only gives minor additions to the peice. For example; it's stats may go up, in total, by 0.9. This means 0.9 spread over all of the stats it affects.
However, some parts may gain other enhancements from this (for example, call/roar distance, spit distance/speed[thus making it more accurate], grip for feet, recharge time for attacks)

Conversly, putting it down to the minimum (i.e. Price) will make the part very cheep to place, at the expence of most - or all - of the part's functionality. (For example; putting it to mimimum on a detail-only part will completly strip away it's one stat, on a mouth it might take away spit attacks, on a foot it might take away charge attacks)
An algorithm would have to be made to make sure the system can't be abused to get high-stats cheeply (or else, just make it so that the price is effected less than the stats when going down, but more when going up)

2) Sliders: Stat modification:
Only available if the part has been on the creature for several generations - 5 generations minimum, and then another slider added for each generation after this.
Through this, you may change stat Bias slightly. You choose the stats on either end of the slider - the stats can only be from the peice in question - and the slider represents 50% of the remaining 'stat power'.
The sliders work in order from first to last, so if I had a foot and had
Charge >50%> Speed
Charge >50%> Sprint
The speed would be getting 50% of the original 'charge' number, wheras sprint would get 50% of the 50% left, so 25%

3) Toggles: part specific:

For parts which spit, aiming should be togglable (seing how it seems to be on now). This means you can have spitters which aim (useful for predators), or you could cover a creature in spitters, and have them fire in every direction when pressed (useful for creatures with pack enemies)

4) Slider: Attack direction:

For weapon parts - slider (from 0 to 180 - front to back)  indicating the direction the parts should attack towards. This means that when the attack is signalled, the parts would only swipe/spit/bite if the target is in that general direction, and the animation is modified accordingly.
Damage is the dealt depending on which weapons 'fire', instead of having an overall attack strength, and means more thought needs to be put into protective weaponry.

5) Toggles: Attack creation:

After spending a long time in the creature phase (i.e. 75 evolutions or more), these toggle boxes are unlocked. They basically grant you 5 new attacks, and you can specifiy which weapons are used in each.

The toggles are in rows and columns; the Rows are attack number (1-5) and the columns are the skills available on each part. You can only choose one skill per part. Skills that require whole body movement (sprint, stealth, dance and charge) are universal tick boxes - coloured white, whereas those which only require one part (bite, sing, mating call, strike, spit, etc) can be individual to each part.
Toggles can be unique to symetrical parts.

The 5 attacks have very long cooldowns, and also send the parts and/or universal skills into cooldown.
If, for example, I had 2 individual mouths, and my attack only used one to bite, then until the the first mouth had 'cooled down', my bite attack would rely on the other mouth, and the attack stats would fall accordingly.

For balance, there is a cap on the ammount of stat power you can use in each attack, which would stop me using too many over-powered attacks at once, Mouths can only do one thing at a time, you can only do one full-body activity per attack, and you can only use each skill twice per part (so I can't have my carnivore's single mouth bite in all five attacks)

OK, there's going to be a lot of articles the next few weeks/months, as there already have been.
This thread is not for discussing them (that can be done in their own thread if need be) but merely to catalogue them.

Article link
Useful tags (separated by comers)
Thread to discuss in

July '08

Civ, Vehicles, Resources, Fighting, Pre-made content

Creature, Evolution, Teabagging

Pics, Tribal, Space

Civ, Vehicle editor, Economy, War

Evolution, Cell, Upgrades, Creature, Tribal, Clothing, Videos

Evolution, Gameplay

Cell, Creature

If another article is posted, or I have missed one here, please reply to this thread using this format;

Code: [Select]
[code][b](Name of site/mag’ that did the review)[/b]
[url=http://(Article's Url)]Article[/url]
[tt]Tags (e.g. Cell, Creature, Tribal, Images - separated by comers)[/tt]
[url=(Thread's Url)][i]Thread[/i]

(Just copy-paste the content above and it should work)

Also, feel free to suggest good tags for the articles already up here (I have yet to read all of them properly myself)
or suggest new items of category to add to the list (I was thinking of putting a 'length of article in pages' item, so you could opt for a short read if you have nothing else to do)
or ways to improve the layout of the list (it looks a bit ugly to me...)
Moderators and Admins; feel free to help me update this!

Sporepedia Profile
-check it out!

Help me out!
Go to my 'Legendary beasts' collection and help me out by giving me honest thoughts and feelings. I can take it!

Days after everyone else 'cause of exams but meh;
I've made about 15 so far (XD) but most of them are 'filler' creatures (i.e. prey and predators to fill worlds with)
I'l post some more random creatures up here later, for now, enjoy these;


I've made a new Corvala; much better stats and truer to the originals.

Old version:

New version (video only so far)
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Killer Rabbit

Ferociously strong and cuddle-worthishly small, based off the monty python film, Holy Grail.

Books / The "Please help me find this book" thread
« on: February 21, 2008, 12:51:49 pm »
Please read:
    If you are searching for a book, make a new post about it and contact me or a moderator in order to have it added up here.
    If not, check here every now and then to see any new additions to the list and help where possible.
    If you have found the book you're looking for, contact me or the moderator you originally asked so that you name can be moved to the found list.
       Thankyou -

Books found so far:
With thanks to all that helped
  • GCool
  • Gungnir

Books yet to be found:
Click the name to view description of book

------------------Original post starts here------------------
[Mods/Admins: Feel free to edit above this line as appropriate]

Long story short; it turns out me and my g/f both remember this one book from when we were young, and I want to suprise her with a copy of it =]

OK, basically, it's something like 'the last dodo', where there's a family of dodos on Mauritius or some similar island, and it's the first arrival of the humans that ended up killing them. I think that the book had points of view from both the dodos and the humans eating them, I think there was a parrot that talked to the dodos at one point, and at the back of the book were diary extracts from the actual people who settled there...
I also vaguely remember there being a second one in the series, that wasn't quite as good.

Anyway, if anyone can remember it and tell me the name of it it'd be a massive help. Unsurprisingly, I've found it almost impossible to find it through google, since the term 'last dodo' is used alot in the English language... Once I have the name of it and the writers I can probably track down a copy...

Movies / U23D?
« on: February 16, 2008, 05:24:10 pm »
Just heared about this. Can't find any solid information. Aparently it's a film shot intirely in 3D, and it's of the band U2? Would explain the title, I suppose...

Anyone read any reviews, does it look any good?

Everything Else / Task Bar troubles...
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:14:02 am »
OK, I have no clue how, but since a window connecting my PC to my school's account crashed, my task bar has become useless.
Basicly, everything's still there, but it dosn't show what windows I have open. Now, I know my way around shortcuts (I use the school computers that don't have mice more than often enough) so I can flick through windows with Alt-Tab and can close them with Ctrl-Alt-Del, but it's just alot easier to have the taskbar working.

I've tried googling, and can only find those easier problems such as 'my task bar keeps hiding' or 'my task bar has too many rows on it', but I really am stumped with this one.

The only thing I can think of is taking the computer back a day in the system settings, but if there's an easier way, please tell me.

Forum Games / Slow answer game
« on: June 24, 2007, 05:22:38 pm »
Ok, kind of like wrong answer, but you answer the question before the last one, rather than any answer.


Q: what colour is the sky?
A: dinosaurs
Q: which animal do you love the most?
A: Blue
Q: who is your ideal partner?
A: A rhino
Q: who was the last president of the USA?

And so on.

Bonus points;
- if you can make your answer make sense with the 2 previouse questions.
- if your answer is funny
- if you set up a joke/trap with your question
- if you spot a trap and avoid it, or spot potential for a punchline and make it work

Still don't get it? Watch this: 2 ronnies

So, first question ((next poster answers this)):

When was the great fire of london?

Second question ((third poster answers this)):

When was your partner born?

Spore: Creation Corner / The rhinotoufeki
« on: June 06, 2007, 03:06:31 pm »
The rhinotoufeki (translated as gun nose - that's right, a creature with a gun, don't kill me) is a very rare creature on it's home planet.
It's an omnivore, living in grasslands, usually near water holes. No more intelegent than the Rhinoceros on earth, they tend not to live in heards and are usually seen as quite an easy target. The creatures' bones often include stronger metal than calcium.

OK, the gun is'nt just a gun.

The gun is part of a deformed crest system, which was once much like the corvala or torpal's, which was designed to get rid of waste gasses. It would effectivly fart through it's nose, creating a loud, echoing sound, as most farts do. This was supplied by a gas sack in what appears to be the head (the amasingly thick, strong carapace along the back of the 'gun' and top of the 'head' covers the skull which covers the sack, as a safty measure).
This gas is ignited by a small, flint like pair of bones in the tube when needed, and there are thick valves which prevent the back-flow of fire or pressure. The skull, being made of strong metal and being extra thick prevents the explosion doing any lasting damage. Inside the pipe, infront of the 'flints', there are small vessels that secrete chemicals that go rock-hard very quickly when exposed to heat or force, but also allowed for the bones not to be harmed by the gasses before the 'gun' mechanism evolved.
When an explosion occours, the slime is turned rock hard, and dries in an aerodynamic way, forming a sharp bullet shape.

The gas is created from rotting food (stored in the stomache basicly where you would expect it to be) which is taken there by the digestive system, which starts at the retractable mouth (the hand-like thing, it's a four jointed mouth that recoils into the sac beneith it)

The creature has no eyes, but it can sense (as well as gain or loose) heat with it's 'fin' type thing on it's back, much like the Dimetrodon (except it sin't directly from every vertebra), has exceptional hearing and heat vision embedded in it's 'head' (there are no visible eyes, the whole lot senses light) although both are thrown off by 'shooting'. It has a small sense of electric activity in it's trunk, however, and all of it's skin is light sensitive, so it can tell any dramatic shifts that there shouldn't be, and can feal any activity on the ground for miles around it. Their sense of smell is strong, and it can hunt down food from any distance.

They tend to be rather solitary creatures, as their panicked shooting reaction extends to just about anything. Also, it has spikes. Because, well, name a creature of mine that dosn't...

I've though of more of their biology but that's about all I need to say. It's just to show that creatures can be amasingly un-generic if you put some thought into it and that the gun is possible without seeming noobish. Done in about... oh... 2 hours, maybe?

Console Games / super mario strikers charged
« on: June 05, 2007, 09:27:28 am »
I got it a few days ago, and i'm wondering if anyone on this forum has it too. That way, we can poke fun at everyone else share codes and set up some kind of tourney...

Everything Else / Creation Museum (discuss, don't just post)
« on: May 27, 2007, 03:13:06 pm »
Warning; this post or thread may offend. Skip to the disclaimer if you are overly religiouse to scientific, or if you can't take a joke. Alot of this I don't acctually meen =] Regardless, I want you to argue with / against me!Ahthankyou.

See, I heard about this aaaaages ago and thought it was a stupid, possibly harmfull idea. Only recently (as in, minuets) have I been brought to the realisation the plans acctually went ahead, and the 'museum' will be opening tomorrow (thankyou, new scientist)

For those ignorant* of the project, check it out here;

Theres been a bit of controversy about it. I meen, it's a museum that talks about the bible in a scientific way, using scientific mediums and ideas that could only have come about with science, whilst denouncing science as being totaly incorrect (the guy who made it, Ham, belives that genesis is 100% correct, anything that dosn't fit with it is wrong, and science dosn't fit with almost any of genesis**). There is obviously no harm in it, unless you belive children may be given a tainted view of science.
Such debate also circled over schools in the bible belt being forced by parents to offer creationism as an alternative to 'evolutionism'. Of course, the fact that creationism has no acctuall scientific evidence behind it dosn't come into question when you disregard science as wrong regardless.

An early picture of one of the attractions.
This is proof that dinosaurs and man once lived together.
For further information on this subject, visit this site.

Now, i'm not saying anyone is wrong in their belifes, but I belive people should only be offered what we definatly know about the world, and then to go further from that if they so choose. At the moment, evolution, relitivity and mathamatics are all the best understood princibles of how the universe works, and their are alternatives (some which make more sense and work better, others that fail miserably) but none of the alternatives offers a more practical view for the average human.
And then there are hybrids, like me, I belive in evolution whole-heartedly, as we are even now seing signs of it, but I belive in God and creation to an extent, because nothing else has offered me a better idea of how life became (the explination is rather circular and slightly redundant, though, granted).

The program aims to answer the question "why is there death and suffering".
Obviously, all animals must suffer because adam and eve disobeyed God.
In a perfect world, the above lion would starve for eternity without being put out of it's misery.
Oh, adam...     

So what do you think? Are you planning on visiting it? Do you belive this 'museum' should truly be called a museum? Are you planning on taking a match to the place (seriously, if so, it may help the cops out in a few months time).

*possibly more ignorant than people who denounce science - the one with proof and evidence - as wrong because someone wrote a story says differently, in a time where people only really had their imaginations to understand anything, in a book that says children who misbehave should be stoned and talks of a snake that is banished to crawl on it's belly for the rest of it's life for enticing eve to eat an apple, yet in all the pictures shows the same snake in the process of inticing her whilst hanging from a tree with no legs? Or more ignorant than people who belive noone should have an outlet for their own views and belifes, and write page-long columns for new sceintist?You decide...

** my mum, during education, did bibliogical archeology, which I am also interested in as it is amasingly interesting and an amasing subject. I took RE in GCSE for the same reason. If you don't know, the idea is finding archeological evidence that links to the bible. Links. Not proves. There are things that appear in several different religions and we can prove many events that may have given people inspiration to write their religiouse stories and morals, which were appropriate for the time. Of course, starwars was also based off stories and events that really happend. You don't see people going and making a religion out of that.... Well, you do, but that's besides the point... Everyone knows their crazy...

((disclaimer; this post is not ment to annoy/degrade/attack/harm/or otherwise degrade anyone. Any views in this post are not nessersarily that of the forum or poster, but mostly in making the post humorous))

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The 6th solar system
« on: May 21, 2007, 04:10:02 pm »
((I was going to expand on the corvala's choice to leave their planet in my thread, I figured i'd start a new RP off to explain some stuff and incase I get involentarily drafted in another war O.o))

One of many of the cloaked corvalean cargo ships dispatched from their home planet eventually came into orbit around a planet deemed 'suitable' by the ansestors and the computers.

It was several hundered years since the journey had begun, but this was one of the most important. The local bunch of solar systems is rather close knitt in the corvalean area, but the one they were now visiting was part of a tri-solar system, allowing the habitable planets in the area to travel emmense distances through space. This would allow the corvala to create a new society on the planet and gather resorces, whilst still being propelled far from their home system. They had arrived just as the planet was at it's closest, and would have a long wait (one that would not seem so long to creatures artifically enhanced to live 200 earth years, and who could remember almost a thousand years into their families past)

The idealoligy of the corvala is to spread silently throughout the universe and become an unseen force. They knew of other life from their own solar system and had no desire to controll pre-existing inteligence, but had the desire to create it. Infact, on solarsystems 2 and 4 the uplifting process had allready begun, and hopes were high for solar system 6. Several thousands of ships lay unseen accross vast distances, equipped with fighters and peacemakers, and as far as they were conserned they were ready for anything.

Checking through the computer's logs soon after touchdown, the research team soon discovered strange signals eminating from near space for the last few years. Against his orders, one of the younger cadets decided to respond, using 12 observed languages.

"//We have landed at [coordinates]//" - this included directions to the other side of the planet to the landing site, where several corvala would travel later - "//we are 25 in number. We mean no harm and do not wish to fight, but are armed to destroy several planets if it will ensure the saftey of our people. We have come in search of new species and have no intentions of destroying what we have just begun to learn about.//"

Spore: General / If the game was leaked...
« on: April 30, 2007, 09:58:27 am »
Just wondering, since there's been quite a few instances of leaks on other games i've waited for (primarily HL2, TF2 and SF2... see a connection?), how would the community react to a leak of an early alpha or beta version of the game?

I meen, hypertheticly, would you attempt to download it, or would you discouragethe downloading, would you bitch about it on the forums, listen to people's opinions of an unfinnished game or what?

Spore: General / An evolving world
« on: April 29, 2007, 02:35:32 pm »
OK, I thought of this whilst reading a few topics here and thinking back to the sagen4thing. It's one of those things you kind of take for granted but thinking about it, I havn't seen any evidence of it in-game.

What am I talking about? Having the creatures that live around you on your world evolving with, or against, you...

I meen, I assume it'd happen... Like, as you evolve, the other creatures evolve. Or else they evolve inbetween your evolutions.
It'd be sweet, right? a predator of yours evolves faster feet and longer claws, so you choose to step up your evolution and get faster feet and stronger armour, but then whilst your playing the game, you're prey realises you're faster and, before you have chance to evolve much, they become stronger to attack you, but then you'r old predator becomes the other creature's predator since you're harder to catch, and you can concentrate on other prey, only to find several generations later the other creatures are now more favourable to hunt, and so on.

But in the videos and stuff, I never see this happen. It'd be a pain in the arse for the intergrated sporewiki, too...


Spore: General / Looking for the cell model...
« on: April 22, 2007, 12:56:55 pm »
MKay, i'm bored; i've played through flow twice and i've had my fill of all the different minigames that've been made so far.
I remember vividly (it was either in GDC05 or that speech will did to the group of programming students, 'cause I know there was a video of that with the screen, and both make sence - having skimmed over the 05 vid, i'm pretty sure it's the latter [but I can't find that video since I forget it's nameXD]) a video where will was showing a program - a model of life, at cellular stage. You have these different parts that are programmed (such as pushers, eaters, etc) and he could link them together to make small organisms.

At the moment, this looks FAR more interesting to me than spore itself - because I know it's available, but I can't get to it.
Does anyone have any clue where I may be able to find this program?

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