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1.) Is these creatures your whole world/city creatures or by creatures do they mean like ones you can find in the wild while walking around

2.) Can we make big ass dudes that are very strong

3.) Can we make our own creature parts
4.) How dose the brain chip things work

5.) Like in black and white 2 kinda but can you send out hords or creatures and vehicles and have a big big big big warfare ? or can you blow the planet up if its to big ?

6.)can you have your planet blown up if your sleeping and people discover it while your sleeping ?

7.) Is it online?

8.) Can you have friends and have like what are they ... cord-nits to how to get to there planet and put your creatures on there planet  and have like  2 peple planet ?

9.) In inteligence can your city grow spart and get flying cars and such on

10.) Can you make your own buildings and vehicles

11.) Can you get of your saucer and play as 1st person creature and walk around as that only creature

12.) How would you buy things ?

13.) How do you get money and howdo you create vehicles and such and put them up for post to outher people

14.) When you buy the outher persons vehicle idea do they get the money ?

15.) How do you upgrade your saucer ?

16.) Do you buy body parts and brain stuff in the editor menu

17.) In the half hour ingame video Will showed like hang dog and outher creatures he made can you make to races and put them in the same citys

18.) If your allowed to make two races and put them on each planet is there a button to switch to each creature

19.) When is the release date

20.) When two players interact can they fight with there creatures or when in saucers can they battle in space ?

Spore: Creation Corner / Ideas & Drawings & News
« on: March 09, 2006, 08:58:27 pm »
This is a topic for Drawing Ideas and News.

I have alot of ideas and 10 creature drawings comeing up. News well theres nothing yet  >:(

Spore: General / I was wondering
« on: March 09, 2006, 04:38:38 am »
Hey people im new here but kno so much about this game.

Ok this would be kewl .... say you have a nice little city with a good defense ... but thená a like a ig ass horde of wild creatures all the sudden start to attack your city !

Can they do that ? ???

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