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Books / top 10 books
« on: January 12, 2006, 12:04:32 am »
figured i would do a top 10 book post since there is one for every other topic so.

1. Steven Erikson- A tale of the malazan book of the fallen (This series is easily the best high fantasy book out there)

2.George R R Martin- A song of ice and fire (Martin makes characters so real its scary)

3.R Scott Baker- Prince of nothing (these books are amazing and his series is now finished so woot)

4.Steven Pressfield-All of his historic books (his gates of fire series is awe-inspiring)

5.David Gemmel-All of his (DG has a place on my heart cause he is one of the big reasons i read so much now)

6.Robin Hobb-Any book with Fitz (her story isn't that good but her characters make you love em)

7.Bernard Cornwell-Excalibur (Great book)

8.James Clavell-Shogun (This book made me love the Asian setting so much)

9.China Mieville-The Scar(very new age these books buck the system alot)

10.Gene Wolfe-The Wizard-Knight(He has alot of other books but i got into this Series more so)

I try and avoid most Dnd setting books because they never add nothing new(same old formula every book)

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