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The storyline would have been something along the lines of me not having any character like other players would have, and just sticking to the role of basically being dungeon master and only using very high and up characters to direct the story. The empire wouldn't control the entire galaxy, not at this point, it would be after the final Grox wars that all different empires unite and become one, which well, duh, then they would control a vast majority of the galaxy. Besides the point...

Yes you are. You're being dicks and badgering the guy. It's the same proud tradition that the Spore RP section has practiced since its inception. Except now there's a skeleton crew left trying to leech moisture out of the desert wasteland that remains. If you want to play a game, play a game. Canon be damned. It's more fun that pulling rank and protocol on someone.

Are all the threads and stories in this board connected together as part of singular universe/galaxy/whatever and ultimately apart of the same story?

That's what they try to do, yes.

I think I'm beginning to understand... I've seen something similar before

Could I get a blunt, direct, straight answer to this question...

Are all the threads and stories in this board connected together as part of singular universe/galaxy/whatever and ultimately apart of the same story?

His ability to PM isn't working because he doesn't have a high enough post count.

Panthean, please read the rules of the Spore RP & Creation Corner. Read up on other peoples' races and RPs. Make your own race before joining any RPs, ok? And remember, this all takes place OUTSIDE of the Spore game universe. This is something completely different. There are no Sporebucks, Grox, T-Scores, space captains, or Maxis-made creatures.

Thanks for the PM info. very helpful.

You missed the beginning of this discussion though, where this thread was moved from some-where else, so of course it was not made to go along with this boards story-line... I'm going to look into this story though, I may join.

Omega is right on both points, both about the PMs and our cannon.

The fact that it is contained under the name of Spore RPs is really just a throwback to it's origons.  Our RP universe has been developing for just about 5 years now, and while it was origonally inspired by Spore, it already had very little to do with Spore by the time the game eventually came out.

For all intents and purposes, this is an origonal sci-fi setting, with no ties to the game.

Really?.. I'm like 5x as interested now.

Yeah, try developing your race first before doing something like this and maybe do a first contact RP (Though from what I heard, its been debated whether or not first contact RPs are needed...). And try to be original when it comes to making your race.

Well... did you actually look at the links? If even you just clicked them you would see a ridiculously huge amount of development, so please do not try and tell me my ideas are under-developed. Unless that's not what you're getting at, in which case, disregard that statement, I took you wrong.

Don't worry, when I actually make a thread that is MEANT to go here, I will be sure to have looked more into this board's development.

just FYI, I am going to remove this thread due to its displacement. (I don't know if I can even remove my own threads, if I can't it obviously will not be removed)

If you wish to continue these unrelated discussions feel free to email me at

I'll wait a bit so anyone who might want to continue discussion can get that address.

Okay, I think I understand better now. I was confused a bit by the non-cannon part considering that there is no... actual spore cannon, because it's an opened ended game. It's all really fanficition in some form or another so that was confusing.

Tell me if I'm getting this right, the cannon that you are referring to is this story here. Please tell me if I got that wrong.

I would go to, but I dislike that site, so I'm constantly looking for alternatives to this kind of thing.

Since you're so insistent on me joining this ongoing rp, I'll take a look at it. But I wouldn't want to integrate the GHD into it, because as you may see, I've given a ton of effort into developing the GHD story/plot, solely for my own enjoyment without the intention of making it into rp.

As far as the pm's go, I'm serious... I go to the link to send a new message and it says I can't do it.

Okay, I'm definitely not changing my story, this kind of thing is not what I'm interested, I want to develop my own story more... so, just to be certain, is there no place for a separate storyline from your guys' universe on this site?

I do trust that 90% of that is going to fall apart, mainly because the Grox don't exist in this universe. That and your statement here that the Great Horned Dragon Empire (Which is really probably not going to fly either, given it's quite literally a DRAGON, of all things.) cannot just pop in as one of the great galactic superpowers. You need to start small. And, mind you, that takes a while (my Photos have two real life  years here under their belt, and their status as a superpower is debated!)
That or this is a different universe and you're asking people to come up with entire races on the spot, without a dedicated subsection for logging said races.
So, yeah. You're probably gonna have to either A: Re-work this so it fits in with our universe here, B: Make an another galaxy in the CC subsection, not recommended, C: Go find some free web hosting forum thing and make your own forum for this, or D: Make it non-cannon, not recommended either.
Your timing is pretty bad for a major RP like this, given we have a war going on right now almost as big if not worse than the Communicant War.
So yeah.....
And I believe this is in the wrong section, this belongs in the Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games sub-category.
But anyway, Welcome to the forums, and I hope you enjoy your stay! I'm sorry if I came off as rude, but we have would I put it kindly....standards for the creatures, one of the largest of which, and this is more of a rule of thumb, from experience, it's independent from Spore, ironically. Just send me a Private Message if you want the full details.

Well damn, don't blame me... some-one moved this from the other rp section, this story is meant to go on its own


I can't pm?! Lame... okay, so how do I get this thing back where it belongs?

First off, click here for a general look at the plot-lines!
More specifically though, read up the stuff HERE, and HERE!

As you can tell at less than a glance, I have quite the developed storyline. It's not enough for me though... I'm ambitious like that. I want even more of a story to go with my story; I want more heroes than just the leaders I came up with; I want an epic tale of insane battles in a time of epic war. The first war I want to focus on is the first major war against the Grox, started by Grand Admiral Adria Jestico. I already have the basic outline down which I believe will make this story fairly entertaining to play through. Where the players come in is simple: military, or other important inflectional people from not only the GHD Empire, but from other empires, doing their thing in this war to help fight, or in some cases, even defend, the Grox.

In the future, I would like to go on to some other points in my timeline, and do an rp for the final GGO, the Galactic Civil War, and even on into the eighth and ninth ages through the rise of the GIA, and the huge battle against the infected.

This rp should begin some time directly after Adria Jestico initiates the operation, and orders preparations for the assault on the Alpha Cluster. The speed at which this rp moves could vary from time to time, depending on what the players (you!) want to focus more on. As the GM, I will of course direct the plot movement of the rp, and play as the key leaders such as Adria Jestico.

If you want to play, please fill out an informational sheet, as follows...

Name: (Keep them shorter, and easily to pronounce and spell, or have a nickname or something)
Age/Gender: (Translate it to years on Earth for simplicity's sake)
Weight/Height: (Keep in mind, you don't necessarily want to be too large to go through say... the door on a spaceship)
Species/Empire: (The more details and development, the easier it is for me to integrate you into the story)
Rank/Position/Titles: (These may be a vast array of military ranks, social figureheads, political authorities, etc.)
Affiliations: (For example, a battlefield company, or a part of the crew of a particular ship, please include details of these things.)
Skills: (Be creative, but not too outrageous)
Personal Goals: (Can be anything...)
Character Bio: (You may develop this as the story goes, but if you do decide on a part of your history and want to change it later, keep in mind that your character's actions in the story may no longer fit your bio.)
National History: (Give me a brief overview of what your character's empire's history looks like; it absolutely may not contradict anything in my storyline)
Anything else: (There's a ton of other information that you all may be more or less interested in, so don't hesitate to add extra categories to get your character across)

It goes without saying, or at least, it should, but unfortunately people can be quite... well... ignorant... ignorant of the fact that the things they want to do with the story might totally contradict my story. I am the GM, this IS my story, if you want to write your own story, please go elsewhere.

I'll go ahead and fill out a character sheet to use as an example as well. This is the character bio. for a character from a different point in time that will not be a part of this story, and is just an example.

Name: Nera Jade Arckas
Age/Gender: 30, Female
Weight/Height: 228 lbs. 7'2" tall
Species/Empire: Great Horned Dragon, Galactic Imperial Alliance
Rank/Position/Titles: Supreme Commander and Grand Admiral of the Galactic Imperial Alliance, Chosen by the One God
Affiliations: Galactic Imperial Alliance, "The Fall of Kahn" Jestico Class warship (Captain)
Skills: Tactical and Strategic Mastery, Melee Combat Mastery, Exceptional Leadership
Personal Goals: Save the GIA from the threat of the Infected
Character Bio: This
National History: (See the GHD Empire)

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