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It's fake, it just does a good job making people believe it's real.  So does Landover, if you check its mailbag.

They're both good.

Everything Else / Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
« on: April 22, 2006, 07:11:57 pm »
I'm not in America by the way, but if you think Psycho Dave's arguement is wrong or flawed, you shouldn't take it up with me.  You can argue with him in any place where he made the post:

Weirdcraps' (his site) offical board is probably the best to post on, since he'll probably respond there first.   

Also, you forget how Bush is trying to have the women arrested for yelling at the chinese president.  That's the big point Psycho Dave is making.  But again, take it up with him.

Everything Else / Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
« on: April 22, 2006, 03:18:01 pm »
From:       Psycho Dave - view profile
Date:      Fri, Apr 21 2006 11:25 am
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Just to add insult to injury, here is the latest  from the Ap Newswire:

"Secret Service spokesman Jim Mackin said that she had been charged
with disorderly conduct and that a charge of intimidating or disrupting
foreign officials was also being considered."

Apparently, President Bush and the secret service want to show the
world how much they stand for free speech by charging Weilin Wang, the
protestor who stood up and shouted for Bush to "stop Hu Jintao from
killing Falun Gong", with disorderly conduct and "intimidating foreign

Let's hear it for democracy! Let's hear it for freedom of speech!

If Bush does not ask for the charges to be dropped before her hearing,

The charges against Weilin Wang will be thrown out by the first Judge
to see her. This will make Bush look like an even bigger bufoon.

What are we going to hear next, a lecture on how there is "a proper
time and place for free speech"? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

Like I said, Bush would have been better off by offering to have her
shot to make the Chinese President feel more at home.

Everything Else / Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
« on: April 22, 2006, 03:17:27 pm »
Sorry everyone.  Ok here's what happened with the chinese president.

Experted from

From:       Psycho Dave - view profile
Date:      Fri, Apr 21 2006 7:56 am
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Yesterday, after a Chinese woman was expelled by police and secret
service agents for shouting "Bush, Please make him stop killing!"
during Chinese Premier Hu Jintao's speech, Bush apologised to Hu,
calling it "unfortunate".

Wait a second! What the ****?

WHAT was unfortunate?

It's UNFORTUNATE that Bush wasn't able to CONTROL other people's FREE
SPEECH as well as he has at previous media events?

It's UNFORTUNATE that someone voiced their opinion in public, using
their free speech?

It's UNFORTUNATE that a person publicly voiced their concern, that the
government that Hu Jintao heads, regularly kills people for their

It's UNFORTUNATE that there was such a shameless display of FREE

Bush should not have apologised. He should have explained to Hu Jintao
that that woman represents one of the greatest aspects of America's
culture, constitution, and government -- the freedom to disagree with
the government and speak publicly in dissent of it without fear of
arrest or retaliation.

Bush should have told Hu Jintao that there is nothing dangerous about
free speech, and that China needs to embrace it, if it wants to be
accepted in the world economy and as an ally of America.

Bush Should have called for the Secret Service agents to carry the
woman protestor back, and sit her in a front row seat at the ceremony,
and offer to let her talk to him about her concerns.

But no. He blew it. He blew his chance to teach China what freedom and
democracy are, and why they need not fear it. He blew his chance for an
international public relations coup. He did not stand up for freedom.

He might just as well have offered to have her executed for the Chinese
leader, to make him feel more at home.

Everything Else / Re: Fahrenheit 9/11
« on: April 21, 2006, 04:42:04 pm »
I don't see a lot of bad in michael moores movies.  Bush is an idiot after all.  I mean look how he reacted to that incident with the chinese president?

PC Games / Re: C and C now old?
« on: April 08, 2006, 02:37:10 am »
I went and borrowed c and c tiberian dawn (c and c 1) from a friend a while ago and it seems to have aged perfectly.  Or maybe it's just me.

It was out in select theatres, but now it's on dvd.

Sorry if I was offending you guys, I thought you were all ganging up and attacking me just for saying this documentary was cool.  You were all calling freethinkers retards and such, so I assumed you were attacking me for just posting a link to a detailed review.  Sorry.

Actually the three people that posted a response are atheists (and I'm certainly not a retard thank you very much)

So someone who has a quote from James Randi is making fun of a website who's freethinking views are the same as James Randi isn't being some religious but?  Don't buy that...or maybe he just needs to read up on Randi.

Obviously you aren't mature enough to know that religious people aren't bad, evil, or retarded. I will agree that some can be, but definitely not all of them.

I never said all religious people are bad.  I simply linked to a movie argueing Jesus never existed and everyone had a fit about it.

10 bucks says his family raised him Christian and he just stopped being one and is still in the "Christians and religion are evil and for idiots" phase.

Nope.  No one in my family as far as I know practices christianity.  My family did try it for 2 years, and we all agreed it was nuts. 

I was for like that for about 20 minutes back in the day, and then I read everything I could about all world religions and figured out that you should respect people with religion just as much as you should those without.

So respect means don't criticize?  I'm not saying kill christians, I'm just criticizing things they claim which have no proof.

Dude, plenty of people here don't believe in anything, or even think about it at all.

Then what's the comotion about?

But think about this, since you are obviously so anti-faith. Not believing in a god is still a belief, and therefore is technically faith.

It is?  Faith is believing in something with no evidence, hence faith.  Not believing in things without evidence is not accepting them.  Evidence is on the burdon of those who make the claim.  Sorry, no faith here.

I didn't know posting a link to nobeliefs would incite responses from religious retards!

With such nasty language you've been using, I'm glad it's blocked.

PC Games / Re: Pathways into darkness mod for Doom 3.
« on: March 03, 2006, 08:17:15 pm »
Also anyone who has a Mac or a Mac Emulator really needs to play this game, so get it here:

PC Games / Pathways into darkness mod for Doom 3.
« on: March 03, 2006, 07:51:30 pm »
GamingSteve recently mentioned Pathways into darkness, so maybe he'll like this:

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