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PC Games / Re: Dwarf Fortress - A Roguelike and much, much more
« on: March 13, 2009, 10:25:59 am »
The mouse will probably be used more in the future but I hope the keys remain as shortcuts.

Art / Re: An "art" game
« on: October 05, 2008, 08:08:42 am »
Does the music currently in the game have a name?

Another thing to fix is how the ship can zoom off, but the camera won't follow it.

It sounds like a MIDI version of crush

And I agree with the camera thing.

Everything Else / Re: Ikariam
« on: October 02, 2008, 08:37:15 am »
They are working on it according to the forums.
I've lost some resources I had up for sale, all my warships and a few spies that were on missions.
What I'm mostly worried about is running out of wine if they can't fix this soon.

Edit: also all my cultural treaties have been deleted though I still get the bonus from them.

Edit2: And now everything is back to normal.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: New Dwarf fortress succesion game (40d)
« on: September 17, 2008, 07:30:16 am »
Too slow or too awesome?

PC Games / Re: Help me find a game :D
« on: August 19, 2008, 03:14:47 am »
I never played evolva myself, just remember reading about it. Glad I could help.

Should I send it to Krakow Sam instead?

PC Games / Re: Help me find a game :D
« on: August 18, 2008, 05:50:01 am »

The marksdwarfs were already standing in the towers when the siege began and they killed almost everyone before the champion squad could get outside.

I have now sent the file to samog.

Alright the conclusion follows.

8th Timber

The brewers have been working so hard in the still that we've ran out of barrels. And the carpenters don't have any lumber to make new ones with. I spoke to the lumberjacks and they told me they were waiting for me to tell them which trees they could cut down. It seems I can't trust anyone to do their job around here. Anyway our current booze stockpile will last us for years,so I'm letting the brewers take a break so the farmers and carpenters can catch up.

15th Timber

After long and hard training we finally have our first marksdwarf. I'm digging out a new archery range to encourage their practicing. But first I'll have something to eat.

The new archery range.

24th Timber

The graveyard is almost full, sadly enough. So I'm digging out another, all by myself. Perhaps I should start training an apprentice to help me.

1st Moonstone

Winter is upon us. Altough I haven't noticed much change in the weather.

13th Moonstone

I heard some dwarfs complaining about the lack of chairs and tables in the dining hall. They should have told me about this instead of just complaining. New ones are being installed as I write this.

16th Moonstone

A vile force of darkness has arrived. Goblin wrestlers and crossbowmen from Spumnodngokang "the pointy curses" are trying to invade us. Our marksdwarfs stand ready with their crossbows in the two towers I have been secretly building at the entrance.

And Lurkette our most skilled siege operator stand ready by the catapult.

The rest of the military waits at the end of our trap filled entrance way if any of them were to survive. I am confident in our victory.

20th Moonstone

Victory! The goblins were easily defeated. Our marksdwarfs were well protected inside the towers I had designed, and rained arrows down on the approaching goblins.

Our squads of wrestlers took care of those that were still alive.

Only one casualty has been reported, an axedwarf in training named Inod Ardesaban. He will be missed.

Tekkud the mechanic is organising a party at the well to celebrate.

4th Opal

Glacies have been elected as the new mayor in Lobsterfiend.
I have started to train a peasant by the name Deduk Dedukthikut, in the art of mining. He works slowly but shows some promise.
Bembul, the dwarf who failed to achieve his dreams, died from thirst today.

1st Obsidian

My time as leader of this fortress is nearing its end. I don't know who will replace me but I hope he will make a good leader for Lobsterfiend.
This is the current state of the fortress.

And some 3d dwarf shots.

The entrance

The whole map

Your carelessness will be punished. Make no mistake D:<

I can't keep track of every secret door former rulers put in :P

Extra long update to make up for not posting anything yesterday.

9th Hematite

Summer is here and I just got the word that a human caravan has been spotted on the other side of the brook. Lets hope they have something of more value to trade with than the elves did.

12th Hematite

Another child claimed a craftshop today, he quickly gathered some wood, iron bars and rope reed cloth and began his mysterious construction.

Fikod Eraleddud Eshondan Dobar has become a legendary champion! Hail Fikod Eraleddud Eshondan Dobar!

14th Hematite

Apparently some of the caravan guards thought they were strong enough to defeat the bronze colossus by themselves. When the dwarfs saw their corpses lying in the hills they immediately rushed to loot them, as is customary among us dwarfs. However most of them came to their senses and ran back to the safety of the fortress when they saw the colossus.
Only Urvad Sibrekmebzuth the cheese maker was foolish enough to continue. The colossus chased him down the hills, along the brook and up the hills again. Urvad almost managed to get away from him but eventually he got tired and was killed.
I ordered everyone inside to avoid further bloodshed.

Whats worse is that the bronze colossus has now taken up residence almost directly above our main entrance just outside one of the backdoors.

20th Hematite

Our only axedwarf Feb Åblelnil foolishly rushed towards the colossus despite my orders. he was quickly killed.

The child Aban Urdimmozib finished his construction today.

13th Malachite

The bronze colossus is inside the fortress, our stone-fall traps did little to stop it. The smiths of rubbing are trying to stop it.

15th Malachite

Great Success! After a long and hard fight the bronze colossus has been defeated, Thob Savotrith Samammosos a champion swordsdwarf landed the killing blow with his obsidian short sword. Three dwarfs lost their lives in the battle, one recruit, one wrestler and a baby.

16th Malachite

I have drawn up plans for a commemorate statue garden that will celebrate our great victory.

27th Malachite

The digging is complete, Little, the Wizard and I has begun smoothing the walls and floors.

17th Galena

I saw a cave swallowman today, I named him Inod Likotthabost.

20th Galena

Whoever planned this entryway made a mistake, it is not wide enough to allow a wagon inside to the trade depot. It will have to be rebuilt.

12th Limestone

I was walking through the corridors to get a drink when Bembul Estunstakud rushed past me, carrying some old fishbones. he left them in a  craftshop and began drawing pictures of various items.

14th Limestone

A caravan from the mountain homes arrived today, luckily the widening of the halls was done just in time.

26th Limestone

The last week was filled with tragedy. The cursed goblins ambushed the caravan and killed the traders and our liaison. soon after two goblin snatchers tried to sneak in through a back door but was killed by traps. After that another group of ambushers killed Feb Gebshem a furnace operator who was dumping junk in the volcano crater.
His corpse blocked the door and the goblins managed to get inside and kill our mayor Krakow Sam. A sad day in Lobsterfiend.

4th Sandstone

We found the planter Medtob Urvadinal ripped to pieces in a pool of water, soon after a giant cave swallow began chasing dwarfs around. It was soon killed by our military.

20th Sandstone

Bembul has been in that craftshop an awfully long time now, I fear he wont survive much longer.
Our farmers can barely keep up with the brewers so I am closing one of the stills for now. Our stock of 848 drinks should last some time though.

1st Timber

Lurkette has given birth to another daughter.

Bembul couldn't finish his construction and vent insane, he now wanders the halls with a sad look on his face.

The new statue garden is completed.

Oh fresh blood.

24th Obsidian

Lurkette informed me today that it was my turn to lead the fortress for a year.
I don't know what exactly they expect from me, sure I did carve these halls all by myself with my trusty Iron pick. And I did create that artifact hatch cover. And I defend the fortress from certain doom when the goblins attacked.

Perhaps I am the best dwarf for the job after all.

25th Obsidian

I have decided to construct another still to speed up the production of alcohol .

While watching the brewers work I noticed they had to run halfway across the fortress to get a single barrel. Thats a waste of time so I designated a new barrel stockpile nearby to further speed up the production.

2nd Granite

One of the wrestlers gave birth to a boy today during a sparring session, I admire their spirit.

9th Granite

An elven caravan arrived today

The farmer Geshud Mosusetost, who had been occupying a craftshop for two months refusing to eat and even drink, went berserk today. I ordered the door locked until the guards could get there and take care of him.
Unfortunately the room had a backdoor which he escaped through. But before he could hurt anyone Fikod the Hammerlord showed up and hammered his body into pieces.

I just hope the traders don't mind all the blood in the trade depot.
On the plus side his possesions made fine trading items.

13th Granite

The elven traders didn't have much of value with them, but Glacies traded some berries and cloth for some old clothes.

19th Granite

To make the fortress even more efficient i ordered the carpenters workshop to be moved closer to the wood stockpile. I also built another masons workshop to speed up the furniture production.
I took upon myself to make the fortress a better place to live in by smoothing some floors and walls.

25th Granite

All bedrooms now have a door and several rooms stand ready for future immigrants.

The job distribution of previous rulers confuse me. We have metalsmiths and gem setters who cut down trees, and animal dissectors making mechanisms. I think I will have to do something about this.

3rd Slate

Apart from those of the nobles we have no burial chambers at all, which means the bodies of our departed friends lay rotting in the hallways to the disgust of all. I'm converting the old mineshaft to a tomb area.

25th Slate

I'm constructing a hospital with a well, were injured dwarfs will hopefully recover faster.

2nd Felsite

Some migrants arrived today, among them an axedwarf. The Fortress population is now at 85.
Mayor Krakow Sam mandated we make more doors, which was a good idea since we only had one left.

16th Felsite

Some miscalculations on my side led to the flooding of the newly built hospital, I have sealed of all entrances. Hopefully this unfortunate event will soon be forgotten.

Some happier news is that the booze stocks are steadily rising, gone are the days of sober dwarfs in lobsterfiend.

This took a lot more time than I thought it would, expect another update tomorrow.

I got the file and will probably post something tomorrow.

But you know what you are doing. Lead on!

I sure hope so.

Everyone has plans and I have none, this will not end well.

PC Games / Re: Dwarf Fortress - A Roguelike and much, much more
« on: August 01, 2008, 03:21:10 am »
I give you the tragic tale of the legendary grower Deduk Alåthtusung.
After working on the farms for most of his life he became possessed and claimed a leather works. Unfortunately he couldn't find the items he wanted and he went insane. After wandering around the halls for a few months babbling to himself, he decided to end it all by drowning himself in the decorative pool in the statue garden. It turns out Deduk had a talent for swimming which prevented him from drowning. Unfortunately he could not leave his watery tomb and after a few months he died from thirst.

It seems Deduk's ghost haunts the fortress as another planter just became possessed and claimed the same workshop.

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