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Spore: General / Re: Secrets to defeating the grox...
« on: August 21, 2009, 06:05:52 pm »
To beat the Grox, just use a mixture of tools.

I'm pretty sure one's allies don't attack the Grox, but they will prevent the Grox from recolonizing planets, if they even do such a thing.

You will always start out of range of the Grox. This is also a tip that works for just reaching the middle. I've stayed within the 20 parsec range for all 10 promotions before leaving. I made several T3 colonies, getting the colonizing badge, the Terraforming Badge, the Zoologist Badge, making allies and enemies as I went. I unlocked most of the high-end tools, most importantly, the large cargo, all the energy-based terraforming tools, Bio protectors and stabilizers, spice storage, uber cannons, monoliths, you name it. I had all the upgrades for my ship. It was as powerful as it was going to get.

Before you leave home, pick up 1-3 of every plant and animal on your main. Move along the belt your are on, or cross them if you'll reach the middle sooner. As soon as you start seeing some Grox planets, drop a couple of colonies, upgrade them to T3 by terraforming and dropping plants and animals onto the planet, and picking them up right after. The game won't know the difference, and you won't have to fly to some other planet to get some more animals and plants. Place lots of defenses to repell the Grox more easily, and bio buildings to prevent biodisaters, so that you don't need to fly all over the place to zap a couple of sick animals. Once you have a decent economy going (aim for green, pink or purple spice colonies), rebuild your stockpiles, and buy some monoliths. Terraform some random planets to T3, but don't put colonies. Your allies are going to go here. All the animals you drop are immediately put into the creature stage. Place a monolith to evolve them to Tribal, Civ and then finally to Space stage. For uplifting them you will have +50 permanent relationship points, which will make them allies pretty much forever. Build 3 or 4 allies, make sure they have room to grow by taking out some Grox planets, stock up on animals, plants and colonization supplies, and move deeper towards the core. Make some safe stations as many times as you want on the way. I made the one on the outer rim of their territory, one halfway to the core, and then one AT the core. The allies are there to help fight the Grox on the off-chance they actually do something. Otherwise they are there to keep you company, keep your economy strong and to make a brick wall to prevent the Grox from recolonizing lost planets. You can also get more ships from them to increase your firepower. They also make safe places for you to hang out if you have too many Grox on your tail.

By now you've entered the core. You have 42 charges to the SoL. Use them as often as you can. It's very easy to make a T3 planet for yourself, your allies, or to build more allies on. Have a shield, and bomb the heck out of cities with immunity. Use terraforming tools to destroy grox on a planet. You don't even need to place a plant or an animal. Just move the dot into the first circle and the Grox are dead.

While some abilities are cooling down, use others, and if you're devoted enough, you will eventually break them into smaller chunks if not kill them entirely.

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