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Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Your first creature?
« on: March 22, 2005, 12:36:04 pm »
mines gonna have its head on its tail with 2 giant horns on its head with 4 legs. it'll be able to give its head the force to impale the enemy. it has 2 arms coming off it's neck, these are small so there only used for holding weapons etc.

Spore: General / Re: Building other things?
« on: March 22, 2005, 12:30:26 pm »
Too complex. Will's aiming for simplicity.

There might be something that lets you customize your tribal belongings... but it won't be that complex, if it exists at all.


well, i just hope that there will be a game that lets you do this in the future. that would own

Spore: General / Re: Building other things?
« on: March 22, 2005, 12:21:23 pm »
Yeah, me too. Just backing it up, some people may have fogotten that the AI is supposed to figure out how to make anything work.

It should be able to figure it out, i mean they couldnt just adapt to it, but if you gave a brief description of what it is and what it does, and also how to work it, it should be able to search it own little dictionary of words and compile the information to figure out what to do, then you could asign interactions.

Spore: General / Re: Building other things?
« on: March 18, 2005, 10:56:44 am »
But do you think that you might be able to build anything, not in building mode, but in a sandbox mode, so if you did build a chair, they'd adapt to sit on it. You wouldn't be able to build a playground as it'd be too complexed, but if they can adapt to walk on three legs or to play some drums, why not sit on a chair? This would also depend on the type of creature, as the chair would have to be around the same scale. What do you guys think?

Spore: General / Building other things?
« on: March 18, 2005, 10:32:10 am »
Hey guys, i'm new to the forums and was wondering a question. Do you think you'll be able to build different things, like lets say chairs, bins or anything else they might use. As most of the pictures i've seen have symbols at the side. Like the pic where he's building a building, it has a window and door icon at the left hand side,  is this so that it knows whats a window and which is a door? I really do hope you can build ANYTHING that your little (or big) creatures will adapt too. You could make playgrounds and park benches or just anything, even plants maybe. Anyway i was just wondering if it anyone knows that you can.

Thanks, Chris

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