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Karian-Anali, in sector E5

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Karian-Anali
« on: March 02, 2009, 07:37:39 am »
Race name: Karian-Anali

Reason or meaning of name: The name is a combo of the red one's, The Karians, and the black one, The Anali

Nickname(s) given to the race by other races/groups: Undisclosed

Reason(s) or meanings of nickname(s): See above

Where does this race live?: On an Extragalactic planet named by the inhabitants "Tatatorous"

What is the environment around them like?: Barren, toxic, wastelands. The planet is surrounded by asteroids left over from their star's formation

How have they adapted to it?: Karian was made with genetic material before the planet went chaotic and Anali went to a new species the karian to live off off because they were not much more than a brain but they became permenatly atatched from auto adaptation

How does it affect them?: it made it harder to obtain food unlike thier last animals they eat meat and that is scarce in Tatatorous

How is their society organized?:well it varies each village has thier own different set of everything and there is a bunch off them

How do these people govern themselves?:they are democratic but there is so many villages and thier rules are diferent although the villages get along just fine and find wars as a waste of time and resorces

Do they live in an empire?:no

A leage of nations?:no

How are leaders chosen?:they are chossen through voting and chalenges better the top 3 people voted to be a learder

How large is the society?:the population huge but society small because it mostly is all scatered

Is this race the only intelligent species on their world?:that is unkown there is rumors the is a species living in the core of the planet it is also douted that something could live in something that hot and be devolped but we are still unsure but known yes the Karian-Anali are the only know intelligent species

If so, how do they feel about this? Proud? Lonely? Do they know/care?:they dont care but they are lonely because their level of inteligince varies betteween each Anali so it is hard to find a friend
===Biological Anatomy===

Is the race unicellular or multicellular?:multicellular

How does the race breathe?:  Anali converts the air of Tatatorous into his air

What is the circulatory system like?:to advanced to figure out

What/How does the race eat?:The race eats meat although the Anali absorbs raw energy from its species the Karian need to eat meat to survive
How does the race grow/mature?:the Anali part grows to scale with karian

How do they reproduce?:They lay eggs

Are they warm or cold-blooded?:warm blooded

Where are their sense organs located?:in the brain

How are bodily wastes eliminated?:they are absored by Anali

 From where are they eliminated?:
 What is the body cavity like? Are the organs specialized/highly developed?:they are higly devolped made perfectly for the enviorment

What kind of structural support does the race have?: 4 legs to balance on

How does your race move?:it walks

Does it move?:yes

How does it grip things?:it uses  its claws

Does it have opposable thumbs?:yes

Or prehensile tails or limbs like an elephant or octopus?:Anali has prehensile tails

From where did the race’s "hands" develop?:a bone that should not of developed

Could the hands have evolved from something other than the forefeet?:yes Anali came from the body itself because it had no forefeet
What is the nervous system like?:

Does the race have a central nervous system?:yes

Is the race intelligent?:Anali is

Do they operate on instinct alone?:Karian does although its brain is controlled by an inteligent species

Physical Appearance/Physiology: Anali is squidlike karian i wil just show a picture of

===General Anatomy===

Common eye color(s):black and white

Common hair color(s):there is none

Common skin (or scales, or etc…) color(s):blood red and black

Average Height (male/female):7 ft tall both male and female

Average Weight (male/female):120-140 pounds

Average type of body/build (male/female):muscular

Predominate features:  none

Distinguishing marks (head crests, spots, tails):

Number of Sexes (male, female, neuter, hermaphroditic, etc): 3

Means of locomotion:air ship

Average Lifespan (does it vary according to sex?):(no)

Means of reproduction (egg laying, live birth, budding, etc.):egg laying

Number of children/birth:3

Number of limbs (arms, legs, tendrils, tails, etc.):6 for Karian and 9 for Anali

Number of sense organs (eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc.):4

Most dominate sense (for humans, it tends to be sight):ecolocation

Other senses (telepathy, pyrokinesis, etc.):telepathy

Other abilities (flight, increased strength, etc.):increased strength

Looks like:seee above


Are there subraces/subcultures?:

What are the ‘rules’ of the society as far as gender is concerned?:they are treated equal as there is almos

How are children treated?:

Is there some kind of coming of age ceremony?:.

How does this society educate its children?:

Are children taught by their elders?:

Is there a state-supported system of public schools, open to all citizens or are there private institutions open only to certain classes/groups?:

If there are limits, how well are they enforced?:

What sorts of knowledge are unallowed?:

How severe are the penalties for breaking these laws for the teacher?:

For the student?:

Do certain professions require different schooling?:

What is considered the minimum level of education necessary to be a successful adult?:

How are pregnant females treated?:

How are the elderly treated?:

How does this affect the raising of children?:

The transmission of knowledge?:

The concept of lineage and family?:

How does this race view the physically/mentally/emotionally disabled?:

What is considered to be disabled?:

What are racial views on intoxication?:

Is there a stigma associated with being intoxicated or is it just part of life or is it viewed as part of a religious ceremony?:

What makes people intoxicated?:

What does this race consider to be deviant behavior?:

Why are these people considered deviant and is the label fair or not?:

What is considered criminal behavior?:

How is this crime detected and how is it punished?:

How is marriage arranged?:

What type of marriage is common?:

Where do married couples/groups live?:

What is a marriage ceremony like?:

What other ceremonies are important and why?:

How is death viewed?:

What is the funeral ritual?:

How is grieving handled?:

How long do they last?:

How is inheritance determined?:

How important is birth order?:

How is the family organized?:

Who is in charge?:

How are children named?:

Is there some kind of ritual to it?:

Does a person’s name change through time?:

Are names considered powerful?:

Does a person have a private name and a public name?:

How does this race relate to other sentient beings?:

Do they recognize other beings as sentient?:

How is this race perceived by its enemies and/or allies?:

Why are these groups enemies or allies?:

Have these alliances changed over the years?:

What does the race consider to be the ideals of their society?:

What is the worst thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What is the best/most noble thing you could do if you were a member of this race?:

What personality traits does this race admire?:

What personality traits does this race despise?:

Who or what does this race consider beautiful?:

What makes up that image of beauty?:

What is valuable to this race?:

Do they like pie?:

Spore: Creation Corner / The Karian-Anali
« on: February 16, 2009, 03:27:04 pm »

(credit to Kitkat for the pic)

Name: Karian-Anali
Homeworld: Elanka
Gravity Preferences: .85g
Temperature Preferences: 110f-140f
Lifestyle: Social
Preferred Habitat: Forest
Height: 8-9ft.
Average Weight: 120-150lb
Diet: Mainly fish and vegetation
Hunt/Forage Success Rate:
Natural Armor: Karians have a tough hide; the Anali has virtually no armor.
Defenses: Sharp claws on the Karian
Graspers: 4 hands
Methods of Locomotion: walking for the Karian, the Anali sort of slithers
Lifespan: 200 years
Reproductive Rate: 5 earth years
Gestation: 3 years
Number of Offspring: 3
Offspring Survival Rate(before maturity): 92%
Colors: Blood red on Karian, Anali is jet-black

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Bino
« on: February 16, 2009, 02:45:46 pm »
the bino is uniqe i am suprisied it was your first spore creature

Forum Games / Re: The Three-Word Game!
« on: February 16, 2009, 01:22:12 pm »
big ugly buthead

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