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Console Games / Re: The new Xbox 360 thread!
« on: August 21, 2005, 03:00:55 pm »
   My apologies for this being my first post, but there seems to be a fair amount of misinformation regarding the 360's hard drive. Not that I'm an authority, but I figured I might as well offer several sources which might alleviate some concerns

   First off is a game informer article ( which deals with Bethesda's response to the two sku announcement. As one can see they neither have a concern toward the 360 core and still intend to use the hard drive "extensively." This doesn't dismiss Mr. Glicker's lowest common denominator but it does indeed prove that at least some developers will be using the hard drive, and not just for saving.

   As of several hours ago a live chat with J. Allard was concluded in which several questions were answered. Most of it is just regular PR ranting but there is some insight on the sku and hard drive debates.  It can be found here:

   Mr. Allard points out that the hard drive will be used for both game saving and caching, much like the original Xbox's hard drive. Unfortunately, those who are fooled by marketing devices and buy the core will be screwed if Mr. Allard is correct, as they'll need to shell out another hundred or more dollars to fully optimize the box. Supposedly the decision was made to further expand the gaming market by touching different groups but I think it's clear that Microsoft has a less moral ulterior objective in mind.
   Also unfortunate is the fact that the usb drive will be in a read only format, so one can transfer one's music, pictures, etc. but not use an external storage device. It should be noted Allard said it may change if they get enough feedback, but more than likely it's just a PR response.

   In the end it seems as though use of the hard drive beyond saving will be up to the developer, with a strong urge of ingenuity from Microsoft. This means that those of us who plan on purchasing the premium bundle will indeed benefit, albeit less than if the hard drive was standard. I'm not too worried about it myself. There are certainly going to be lazy developers but that doesn't mean that everyone will just ignore the hard drive such as Mr. Glicker is implying.

   As I was writing this a thought occurred to be about the developers aiming for the lowest common denominator. At launch is rumored that there will be an 85/15 split between the 360 and the 360 core. If that is the case wouldn't memory cards be much rarer than hard drives? If so, that would make the hard drive the most abundant storage source in the early market. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

   Again, my apologies for this being my first post and thank you for your time.

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