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Spore: General / Activation
« on: September 17, 2008, 01:24:51 pm »
Has anyone managed to install above 3 times? How's the activation process like? I'm worried because I tend to replay my games over and over again over the years, so most of them are installed several times. Knowing EA's track record of ****ty tech support, I'm worried that I won't be able to re-activate my Spore installation after a few years

Why are you not going to open it?

I think he's one of those typical geeky collectors who don't open stuff they buy like keeping Action Figures in the box.

No lol, I'm selling it because it's an extra copy that I have, which I got cheaper from ebay. I have a potential buyer who's interested in picking it up at the original price that I got it for, so tearing up the plastic seal would probably lower the price that I'd have to sell at

My main concern is that the 4 sided plastic cover doesn't mention the Natgeo DVD, so I'm trying to find out if anyone else whose copy contains the Natgeo DVD has the 4 sided cover mention it amongst the contents

Trying to verify with the guy who sold me the game where he imported it from. He also has no clue whether the copy has the DVD or not

Hey all,

Just wondering, for those of you with the National Geographic DVD in it, does the 4 sided plastic cover claim that the package includes the Natgeo DVD? I ordered my copy from ebay, and haven't opened it yet (don't plan to either...), but I'm mighty curious if my package does contain the DVD, since the 4 sided plastic cover doesn't mention anything about the Natgeo DVD. Thanks!

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