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Spore: General / Re: Deep as a puddle or deep as the ocean?
« on: September 15, 2008, 11:07:25 am »
the stages last a long time if you take your time playing threw them.
in other words, don't rush threw them :P

i spent a good few hours in each stage after the cell one simply because i wanted to explore every area of each stage and get all the upgrades i could find.  nothing FORCES you to evolve either.  you can stay in a stage as long as you want to and continue killing etc.

also, those 'giant monsters' aren't always there in the creature stage.
first game i played i had them, but i accidentally got stuck as an herbivore so i started a new game on a different planet and stayed as an omnivore.  i saw no giant monsters in the creature stage at all in this 2nd game.  so, maybe its planet based?  maybe its based on what your creature eats?  maybe its just random?

i'm using vista ultimate and it put the unpacked stuff right in the game folder where the file.

beautiful mod though.  going to test it right now.
can't stand those pirates and ecodisasters, especially when trying to terraform planets in a far off system.

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